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Bachelor Super Express: Tinliner is a train which Tingle and his friends use in Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love.


Powered by vegetable oil, and not consider a good looking train, the Tinliner first appears on Page 5, when Tingle and friends found it abandoned in a train station. Tingle must find several missing parts to make it run. After the missing parts have been returned, and placed in the correct order, the locomotive transforms into a more modern-looking train, resembling Tingle's face. The group then ride the train until it runs out of oil at Page 6, where it remains until the end of Page 8, when they depart, continuing in the direction of Emerald City.

On Page 9, Segāre places a ramp on the tracks, which causes the train to jump the rails, and end up in an abandoned mining facility. After completing a series of puzzles involving train tracks and switches, they are able to get back on the correct track, and continue.

On Page 10, the tracks start leading the group to a harbor, and from there, they will need to continue by ferry. However, Tingle and friends have some trouble getting past the border guards, and the party is forced to obtain work licenses. Once they do so, they are allowed to depart the port.

After the Tinliner arrives on Page 11, Tingle will have to get tickets in order to continue the railway line, but, as he is going to, Segāre kidnaps Kakashi, and runs off to the Usotami Village. Once the page is finished, Tingle and his friends are finally able to enter the Emerald City on Page 12, and from that point, the Tinliner is not see again until the credits, where it appears with Azusa, having been transformed to match her face instead.


  • "751-VL1096" is the answer to one of the trivia questions asked by a train part on Page 5, in which Tingle is asked what the train's license number is.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 独身超特急 チンライナー (Dokushin Chōtokkyū Chinrainā) Bachelor Super Express: Tinliner