This article is about the The Wind Waker location. For the location in Four Swords Adventures, see Tingle's Tower.
"Goodbye, Mr. Fairy! Please come visit me here at Tingle Tower again, where wonderful fairy magic makes the place spin and spin!"

Tingle Tower is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Located on Tingle Island, it is a spinning totem pole-like tower that is used as a lookout for Tingle.

Hand carved, Tingle Tower was completed by Knuckle at the age of ten. It is the only structure, aside from a postbox, on Tingle Island and is impossible to miss. When Link arrives on the island, he finds Tingle standing at the top of the tower, provided Link saved Tingle from the Town Jail, along with Ankle and David Jr., who turn the crank. Tingle claims that "wonderful fairy magic makes the place spin and spin." If Link possesses the Hand-Me-Down Tingle Tuner, Knuckle will appear on the island, situated near five pedestals that can each be filled with a Tingle Statue.

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