The Tingle Times is a newsletter available on several signs throughout Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. They provide advice to travelers that the author Tingle discovers while traveling through Hyrule. There are a total of seven volumes found at Tingle's Tower, Hyrule Castle, Village of the Blue Maiden, The Field, The Swamp, Lost Woods, and Kakariko Village.


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Volume 0

Tingle's a tad upset about all the monsters appearing hereabouts!

If you're going to kick the beasts around a bit, you'd best have Force Fairies!

And no whining!


Volume 1

Tingle had an encounter with a charming lady fairy! It was fate! Destiny!

I was sneaking along behind her when she went into a castle...and never came out!

Surely she's been captured, because she's too adorable for her own good!

If you happen to see Miss Fairy, gaze upon her lovingly for me.

Oh...and save her, too!


Volume 2

Strange days have arrived in the village as one child after another disappears.

Tingle bets that they're all ditching school, no doubt playing some charming game.

Oooh! Tingle wants to play, too!

If you discover the kids' whereabouts, play awhile for Tingle's sake!

Search 'til your eyes are bloodshot and weary!


Volume 3

Tingle hears that little boys and girls who behave get to meet a fairy here.

Perhaps if Tingle does his best to be kind, he may meet this fairy face to face!

Here's a good deed! I'll put up road signs!

↑...Someone's Storeroom

← then ↑...Strange Cave

←...Someone's House

Praise my kindness!


Volume 4

Tingle got stuck in icky sludge! It was so...slimy!

Tingle must write this all down so that the same thing doesn't happen next time.

I will gracefully flit from leaf to handy leaf, jumping with such joy.

Almost like skipping from Zora to Zora!


Volume 5

Ooh, everywhere I go, woods, woods, and more woods! Lost Woods everywhere!

Here's a solitary road sign just for you!

↑ Woods
← → Woods
↓ Woods



Volume 6

WAAAAAAAAHHHHH! Tingle's been had!

Someone's stolen his precious Force Gems!

This village is filled to the brim with thieves! It's not fair...

If you see the culprit, please catch him for Tingle!

Show no mercy!


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