This article is about the items from The Wind Waker. For the item from The Minish Cap, see Tingle Trophy.

Tingle Statue Sprite

The Tingle Statues are quest items from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Five in all, the Tingle Statues display Tingle in various poses. Each of the statues is named after the dungeon from which they are collected.

In order to collect a Tingle statue, Link has to venture to each dungeon with the Tingle Tuner turned on and active. After Link gets to the place where the statue lies, he can use the Tingle Bombs to uncover it. A chest will appear after Tingle bombs hit the designated spot. In the HD remake Link has to put a Bomb where a Tingle Bomb would normally go. After Link gets it out of the chest, the statue will automatically be sent to Tingle Island. When Link speaks to Tingle after collecting a statue, he receives 50 Rupees for each new statue that he has found. Link can also pick up the statues from where they stand and move them as he pleases, but they will return to their original positions when he leaves the area and later returns. Additionally, upon getting all five statues, Link obtains an extra 500 Rupees.

Non-Canon Appearances

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Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors Tingle Tingle Statue Combo WVW69iRd3A8clPYyo8

Tingle Statue Combo from Hyrule Warriors

A Tingle Statue is used by Tingle in one of his combos as part of his Balloon moveset.

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