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Tingle Statues are recurring Objects in The Legend of Zelda series.[name reference needed] Tingle Statues go unnamed in Hyrule Warriors.

Tingle Statue
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Location and Uses

The Wind Waker

Tingle Statues are hand-crafted gold statues made by Tingle's brother, Knuckle. Link can find five of these Statues by Bombing specific spots in Dungeons.[note 1]

After being found, the Statues will automatically appear at a cluster of stone pedestals on Tingle Island. Link is paid 50 Rupees for each one found, and an additional 500 Rupees if all five of them are found. The Tingle Statues can be struck and tossed into the Great Sea at anytime.[note 2]

The Tingle Statues serve another purpose, as each contains a hint to the location of a renewable source of 100 Rupees.

Tingle Statues
Statue Stance Location Treasure Clue
Dragon Tingle Statue[1] Courage Stance Dragon Roost Cavern Outset Island
Forbidden Tingle Statue[2] Delight Pose Forbidden Woods Similar Place
Goddess Tingle Statue[3] Playful Pose Tower of the Gods Hidden Pot
Earth Tingle Statue[4] Winning Pose Earth Temple (The Wind Waker) Leaf Flight
Wind Tingle Statue[5] Kooloo Pose Wind Temple Western Edge

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors


  Names in Other Regions  
Language Name
Tingle Statue Dragon Tingle Statue Forbidden Tingle Statue Goddess Tingle Statue Earth Tingle Statue Wind Tingle Statue
  Japanese チンクル像 竜のチンクル像 禁断のチンクル像 神のチンクル像 大地のチンクル像 風のチンクル像
  French Statue Tingle Statue Tingle du Dragon Statue Tingle Défendue Statue Tingle Divine Statue Tingle Terrestre Statue Tingle du Vent
  German Tingle-Statue Drakonia-Tingle-Statue Verbotene Tingle-Statue Göttliche Tingle-Statue Terra-Tingle-Statue Zephir-Tingle-Statue
  Italian Statua di Tingle Tingle dragone Tingle proibito Tingle degli Spiriti Tingle terrestre Tingle eolico
  Spanish Estatua de Tingle Tingle draconiano Tingle prohibido Tingle divino Tingle terrestre Tingle eólico


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  1. In The Wind Waker, Tingle Statues could only be found by connecting a Game Boy Advance to the Nintendo GameCube and deploying a Tingle Bomb with the Tingle Tuner. They can be located by using the Game Boy Advance's screen. When a Statue is detected, Link must pay Tingle to use a Tingle Bomb to expose the Treasure Chests in-game. There is no indication for these Statues in The Wind Waker HD, as the Tingle Tuner was replaced with Tingle Bottle. Regular Bombs cannot be used in any versions of The Wind Waker prior to The Wind Waker HD.
  2. In The Wind Waker, nobody will suspect Link as the vandal if he attacks the Tingle Statues unless the Tingle Tuner is in use. In this event, Tingle will tell Link to stop. If Link continues, Tingle will eventually hit Link with a Tingle Bomb. Throwing a Tingle Statue into the Great Sea will cause Tingle to immediately use a Tingle Bomb on Link, whether or not he has hit one of them already.


  1. "You got the Dragon Tingle Statue! It bubbles over with warmth. It will be waiting for you on Tingle Island." — N/A (The Wind Waker)
  2. "You got the Forbidden Tingle Statue! It's covered in sticky sap. It will be waiting for you on Tingle Island." — N/A (The Wind Waker)
  3. "You got the Goddess Tingle Statue! Its salty seawater coating is kind of gross. It will be waiting for you on Tingle Island." — N/A (The Wind Waker)
  4. "You got the Earth Tingle Statue! It's cool and damp and smells like mold. It will be waiting for you on Tingle Island." — N/A (The Wind Waker)
  5. "You got the Wind Tingle Statue! It's sandy and kind of rough. It feels weird. It will be waiting for you on Tingle Island." — N/A (The Wind Waker)