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Tingle's Set,[1] also known as Tingle's Outfit,[2] is an Armor Set in Breath of the Wild.

Location and Uses

Tingle's Set can be found by using Magnesis to pull three DLC Treasure Chests from the ground in various spots in Hyrule Field. Tingle's Hood can be found in the Exchange Ruins, Tingle's Shirt can be found on the large island next to Hyrule Castle, and Tingle's Tights can be found in the Mabe Village Ruins. This set can only be found if "The Master Trials" DLC is active. Like the Dark Series, Phantom Ganon Set, Phantom Equipment, and Radiant Set it humorously scares other characters when worn.


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  2. "You found the treasure that was hidden at Exchange Ruins, Castle Town Prison, and Mabe Village Ruins. You obtained Tingle's Outfit!" — Adventure Log (Breath of the Wild)