Timeshift Stones are objects from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. They are purple, crystalline stones found in various areas of the Lanayru Desert; when struck, Timeshift Stones cause a temporal shift within an enclosed, circular area, allowing everything to appear as it did in that same exact spot hundreds of years prior. This allows objects such as Ancient Robots and Technoblins to appear, allows Mine Carts to be interacted with once again, causes sand-covered areas to appear the way they used to be before being buried under layers of sand, and allows Ancient Flowers to be found once again. Timeshift Stones located within temporal shifts glow with a clear blue color instead. Only one Timeshift Stone may be activated at a time; when a new stone is struck, the previous one will automatically become dormant.

Some Timeshift Stones, such as the ones found loaded onto Mine Carts in the Lanayru Mining Facility, allows these temporal fields to move alongside the Mine Carts themselves. Skipper's Motorboat also utilizes Timeshift Stones in this fashion in order to cross the Lanayru Sand Sea.

Timeshift Stones are found in three forms; the unrefined crystals which have a clump of rock around their base, refined Timeshift Stones which are larger and more rounded in shape, as well as having a larger area of effect, and Timeshift Orbs which are small, portable Timeshift Stones that Link can pick up, throw, roll and carry with him, allowing the normally stationary effect to be moved around at will.

Refined Timeshift Stones (such as the first one encountered) appear similar to Gossip Stones, as they are a similar size and have a similar design on them. However, these stones are only special in that they have a larger area of effect than smaller stones.


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