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Thunder Magnet
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Quest Giver Cima
Location Lakeside Stable
Reward Rubber Helm

"Thunder Magnet" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


To begin this Side Quest, Link must travel to Lakeside Stable in the Faron region and speak to Cima. She will explain that the stable has been experiencing an unusually high frequency of thunderstorms, and will ask Link to find out why this is happening.[2]

A Woodcutter's Axe sticking out the top of the stable attracts the lightning. Link must remove the axe and speak to Cima, who will express her thanks and reward Link with the Rubber Helm,[3] ending the Quest.


Stage Description
1 Cima is feeling really gloomy, likely because of all the lightning.

Lakeside Stable seems to attract lightning strikes constantly, and Cima has asked you to figure out why.
2 It turns out the lightning was drawn to Lakeside Stable because of a metal weapon stuck on top of the building!

Head back to Cima, and let her know what was going on.
Complete Cima seems relieved to hear the news, though it sounds like she still hates all the noise a thunderstorm makes.


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