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A Thunder Gleeok is an overworld boss first seen in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.


Once the fight begins, the Gleeok generates a thunderstorm in its vicinity and forms whirlwinds around itself periodically. It is recommended Link has the Thunder Helm to not worry about the lightning strikes coming down. It shoots beams of lightning from each of its three heads, sometimes flying to do this attack, and it fires flurries of balls of lightning from the air. Then, when it has gotten to 25% health, it will fly high into the sky, causing frequent lightning strikes and firing large balls of lightning. Its lightning strikes create updrafts which Link can use to get in range for bow attacks.

Link must deal enough ranged damage to each of its three heads, which will ground it and briefly incapacitate it, allowing a window for link to strike its heads with a melee weapon for more damage.

When defeated, it drops Gleeok Wings and Thunder Gleeok Horns.


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