"The Sacred Flames are three in number. To obtain them, you must also earn relics known as the three sacred gifts. For each trial you overcome, you shall be blessed with one of the gifts... Make use of the power of these gifts, and you will find your way to the purifying sacred flames."

The Three Sacred Gifts are items from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.


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The three sacred gifts are items necessary to reach the Dungeons that contain the three Sacred Flames needed to upgrade the Goddess Sword. Each of the three items is obtained by completing Silent Realms in Faron Woods, Eldin Volcano, and Lanayru Desert.

Sacred Gift of Faron Woods

The first sacred gift is the Water Dragon's Scale obtained in the Silent Realm for Faron Woods. It allows Link to access the Ancient Cistern which contains Farore's Flame. It is later revealed that the Water Dragon's Scale is actually one of Faron's scales thus explaining it grants Link the ability to dive and perform a powerful spin maneuver underwater as well as greatly improving Link's swimming ability.

Sacred Gift of Lanayru Desert

The second sacred gift is the Clawshots obtained in the Silent Realm for Lanayru Desert. They allow Link to access the Sandship which contains Nayru's Flame. The Clawshots allow Link to latch on to vines and special targets, enabling him to access and explore new areas such as the Lanayru Caves and Lanayru Sand Sea.

Sacred Gift of Eldin Volcano

The third sacred gift is the Fireshield Earrings obtained in the Silent Realm for Eldin Volcano. They allow Link to access the Fire Sanctuary which contains Din's Flame. As their name implies, the Fireshield Earrings protect Link from heat damage, allowing him to explore areas of extreme heat found on Eldin Volcano.

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Given that the Water Dragon's Scale originally came from the Water Dragon Faron, it is possible that the other Sacred Gifts originated from the other two dragons as well. The Clawshots could have been created by Lanayru given the advanced technology that existed in Lanayru Desert. Given his status as the Fire Dragon that oversees Eldin Volcano, it is likely that Eldin created the Fireshield Earrings.

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