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The Three Heart Challenge in Oracle of Seasons

The Three Heart Challenge, known as a Six Heart Challenge in the case of Skyward Sword, is an optional challenge where a game in The Legend of Zelda series is completed without obtaining or forming a Heart Container, keeping only the starting Heart Containers throughout the game.

Restrictions and Variations

It is possible to perform the Three Heart Challenge in most Zelda games, with only a few exceptions:

In such cases, players can still pretend that they died the moment 3 hearts got depleted.

In Hyrule Warriors, avoiding a certain amount of damage is necessary to obtain A-ranks in Adventure Mode.

Tri Force Heroes has no Heart Containers to be gained, but the closest equivalent is having all three Links wear Bear Minimum, leaving them with 6 hearts and double damage taken.

An expansion on the Three Heart Challenge is the Low% challenge, where optional items must be avoided, including upgrades, and collecting Potions, Fairies, and any other health recovering items. There is also the No Damage challenge, where the player avoids taking any damage whatsoever.

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