Thorned Fairy Island

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Thorned Fairy Island
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Thorned Fairy Island is a location in The Wind Waker.[1]

Features and Overview

Fishman's Comment

Hoy! Small fry!

Thorned Fairy Island

Tell me, small fry, do you have any of them Golden Feathers? I hear those things are the rage with Rito ladies on Dragon Roost Island these days. They just go ga-ga over them! But the thing is, the only way to get a Golden Feather is to defeat one of those bird-monsters... or so they say. Yup! Rito men who have girlfriends sure have tough lots in life, I tell you!

Tingle's Comment


Thorned Fairy Island

Somewhere in the world, there should be a mysterious item that uses magic as a shield. If we had it, we'd be safe even if our ship got shot with a cannon! The peddler who gave us the sail would know about rare items...

Thorned Fairy Island is one of the islands located on the Great Sea. The entrance to the fairy shell is blocked by vines that will only disappear by hitting the three switches with the Skull Hammer. Once inside, Link can receive a Quiver upgrade from the Great Fairy.

A Piece of Heart can be pulled from the bottom of the sea once Link finds and opens a Treasure Chart from the Wind Temple.


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