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600 Rupees
Making the Cacto Clothes[1]

Thornberries are items in Tri Force Heroes.[1]

Location and Uses

Thornberries are one of the rare Materials used to make the Cacto Clothes.[1] Unlike most Materials, they cannot be obtained from Levels in the Drablands, purchased from the Street Merchant, or won in Daily Riches. Instead, Link can receive one as a reward from King Tuft for completing all Drablands Challenges in the Riverside,[citation needed] or as one of the random prizes for winning a Coliseum battle in the Riverside-based arena.[citation needed]

Following the Ver. 2.1.0 update, Link can also receive a Thornberry by speaking to the Street Merchant, who, for every ten Hero Points collected, will grant the young hero a Material of the lowest value required to craft an Outfit. The odds of winning one in the Coliseum have also been increased.[citation needed]

Thornberries can also be sold to the Street Merchant for 600 Rupees apiece.


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