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|summary= [[Young Link]] holding the [[Fairy Slingshot]].
{{Dungeons| name = Thieves' Town
|source= Nintendo Press Site
|image = [[File:Thieves'_Town.png]]
|game= OOT3D
|location = [[Village of Outcasts]]
|licensing= Copyright
|game = ''[[The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past|A Link to the Past]]''
|item = [[Titan's Mitt]]
|mini-boss =
|boss = [[Blind the Thief]]
'''Thieves' Town''' is the location of the fourth crystal in ''[[The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past|A Link to the Past]]''. The dungeon is located in the center of the [[Village of Outcasts]].
== Overview ==
The entrance to Theives' Town is the same place where the bird weathervane is in [[Kakariko Village]], and is protected by iron bars which can be pulled off from the entrance. Within the dungeon, the early portions of Thieves' Town is a maze filled with enemies and treasure. Once [[Link]] makes it through the maze he will find the boss room straight ahead. Link must continue to the lower levels where he will find both the [[Titan's Mitt]] and a girl trapped in a cell. She asks to be rescued, but refuses to go outside into the light or to the top floor. Instead, Link takes her to the boss room (which will have light shining into it after some clever [[bomb]] throwing on the cracked floor of the room right above it). Once in the light, she is revealed to be [[Blind the Thief]].

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SummaryYoung Link holding the Fairy Slingshot.
SourceNintendo Press Site
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