"What do you think about this mask? Kind of creepy, isn't it? Everyone in the village is wearing one of these. I swiped mine from an abandoned house. Well, it was probably abandoned. No one was there, OK?"
— Thief Girl

The Thief Girl is a character from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. She is a resident of Thieves' Town and is the Lorule version of the Shady Guy.


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Link meets the imprisoned Thief Girl on a basement floor of the Thieves' Hideout. As a requirement for completing this dungeon, Link must free her in order to have her help him with several multi-person floor switch puzzles throughout the area. After Link defeats Stalblind, the Thief Girl leads Link to a locked shed where a Heart Container and the portrait of Osfala are kept.

The Thief Girl later relocates to a cave in Lorule's southern swamp area. Having decided to leave Thieves' Town on account of her growing distaste for the villagers' growing fanaticism, she now wears a mask she took from the Vacant House. As a reward for saving her earlier, she gives Link a chest with 100 Rupees inside. She also asks him to keep her current location a "secret from everybody."

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