"They... They come at night... every year when the carnival approaches... They come riding in a bright, shining ball. A whole lot of them come down... And then... They come to the barn..."

"Them" is the given name for enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. They are never specifically named; however, Romani refers to them interchangeably as "They" or "Them". They are presumed to be creatures from another planet; however, Pamela's Father seems to imply that "They" may in fact be Garos, due to the fact that Garos have been known to appear near Romani Ranch, (however he might be talking about the Gorman Brothers who are seen wearing Garo Masks when they attack Cremia's milk wagon). Every year on Romani Ranch, they come down on the same date to take the cows away from the ranch. Their exact nature is unknown; while in the game they are referred to as ghosts by both Cremia and the Bombers' Notebook, their appearance and behavior is closer to that of stereotypical aliens and the original soundtrack refers to them as such. They bear a resemblance to the Flatwoods Monster and have glowing eyes.

They arrive at the ranch on the night of the First Day at 2:30 a.m. in waves from a shining ball, possibly a spacecraft. Link must fend them off by shooting them with arrows from his Hero's Bow (no other weapon works against them) and keep them away from the barn until dawn at all costs; should they reach it, they will abduct the cows and Romani. If this happens, Romani shows up on the ranch on the final day with her memories erased. It appears as if their weakness is sunlight; at the break of the Dawn of the Second Day, they all disintegrate into smoke as they are hit by the sun, and shining light ball in which they arrive retreats back to whence it came. The speed of Them is relative to the speed time flows at. If time is slowed down using the "Inverted Song of Time", their movement will be slowed as well, making the battle somewhat easier; however, as the passage of time is also slowed, the battle will last longer, as it will take longer for dawn to arrive. An easy way to know where "they" are is simply listen for the dog; it will run to the spot where "they" are the closest and bark loudly.

In the end credits, Romani is seen practicing for future attacks, with her sister Cremia looking on.

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