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This article is a work in progress.
This article is a work in progress.

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The following page is a list of the names of every miscellaneous topic appearing in The Wind Waker in every release of the game. The Wind Waker has been released in the following languages:

  • Japanese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian

Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular topic in that language.



Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
Baba Bud.png
Baba Bud Buibaba Plantahumpa bui babas Nefentia
TWW Crab Figurine Model.png
カニ (Kani) Crab Crabe Krabbe Cangrejo Granchio
TWW Wandering Merchant Figurine Model.png
ゴロン (Goron) Goron Goron Gorone Goron
TWW The Joyful Teacher, Mrs. Marie Figurine Model.png
人間 (Ningen) Human Humains Mensch Humanos Umani
TWW Fado Figurine Model.png
コキリ (Kokiri) Kokiri Kokiri Kokiri Kokiri Kokiri
TWW Makar Figurine Model.png
コログ (Korogu) Korok Korogu Krog Kolog Korogu
TWW Quill the Postman Figurine Model.png
リト (Rito) Rito Piaf Orni Orni Falchi
TWW Seagull Figurine Model.png
カモメ (Kamome) Seagulls Goéland Möwe Gaviota Gabbiano
TWW Wild Pig Figurine Model.png
野ブタ (Yabuta) Wild Pig Cochons Sauvages Wildschwein Cerdo salvaje Maiale selvatico
TWW Laruto Figurine Model.png
ゾーラ (Zōra) Zora Zora Zora Zora Zora

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Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
風の唄 (Kaze no Uta) Wind's Requiem Mélodie du Vent Lied des Windes Melodía del Viento Canzone del Vento
操りの唄 (Ayatsuri no Uta) Command Melody Air du Marionnettiste Sonate des Puppenspielers Melodía de la Voluntad Canto del Burattino
疾風の唄 (Shippuu no Uta) Ballad of Gales Requiem de la Tornade Kanon des Sturmes Melodía del Tornado Melodia del Tifone
昼夜の唄 (Chūya no Uta) Song of Passing Chant du Soleil Kleine Tag- und Nachtmusik Melodía del Transcurrir Sonata in Dì Notturno
地神の唄 (Chijin no Uta) Earth God's Lyric Hymne du Dieu de la Terre Hymne des Terragottes Melodía del Espíritu de la Tierra Inno della Terra
風神の唄 (Fuujin no Uta) Wind God's Aria Hymne du Dieu du Vent Hymne des Zephirgottes Melodía del Espíritu del Viento Inno del Vento

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Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
TWW Barrel Model.png
Barrel Tonneaux Fass Barriles Hundidos Barili
Big Pot Grand Vase Riesen-Topf Gran Cántaro Grande Giara
高級品クタニ焼きのツボ (Koukyūhin Kutaniyaki no Tsubo) Extremely High-Class Bone-China Vase Vases Einzelstücke aus Fleissner Porzellan jarrones de porcelana de Nimoges Vasi Mink
Jar Vases Krug Cántaro Giara
TWW Swim Meter.png
Swim Timer Chronomètre Ausdauer-Meter Medidor de Resistencia Cronometro del Nuoto
Gossip Stones Triforce piece.png Pierre à Potins Mythen-Steine Piedras Cotillas Pietra del Pettegolezzo
Rainbow Stone Triforce piece.png sylvalite Buntgestein cromalita Pietra Colorata
Valley of Demise Triforce piece.png Vallée de la Mort Todestal Valle de la Muerte Valle della Morte

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