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The Undefeated Champ
BotW Sand-Seal Race 2.jpg
Link stretching before the Sand-Seal Race
Quest Giver Tali
Location Sand-Seal Rally
Reward Access to the Raqa Zunzo Shrine

The Undefeated Champ is a Shrine Quest in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


Link can begin this quest by going to the Sand-Seal Rally after finishing the "Divine Beast Vah Naboris" Main Quest. The Sand-Seal Race course is available after Divine Beast Vah Naboris is no longer in Gerudo Desert.[1] Here Link will find two Gerudo, Shabonne and Tali. If Link talks to them, the Shrine Quest will begin and Shabonne informs Link that she raised Tali to become the Sand-Seal Racing champion.[2][3] Tali chooses not to speak at all during Link and Shabonne's conversation.[4] Shabonne tells Link that if he can beat Tali's record of 1:30, he can have a trophy.[5] The trophy that Shabonne refers to is the nearby sphere needed to reveal the Shrine and the grand trophy that has been passed down by ten thousand years of Sand-Seal Racing champions.[6] Shabonne charges Link 50 Rupees to race Tali.[7] When Link beats Tali's record, Tali will finally speak and congratulate Link by presenting him with the grand trophy.[8] Tali explains the legend behind the trophy to Link, which tells that the chosen one will be granted a new power when the trophy is offered unto the pedestal.[9] After encouraging Link to place the sphere into the pedestal, the Raqa Zunzo Shrine rises from the ground and the Shrine Quest is completed.[10]


Stage Description
1 You've decided to challenge the sand-seal racing world champion, Tali!

It seems that, if you can beat the race record, the way to a shrine will open up for you.

The champion's current record stands at 1 minute and 30 seconds.

This won't be easy.
2 You've decided to challenge the sand-seal racing world champion, Tali, but beating her current record of 1 minute and 30 seconds won't be easy.

However, it's the only way to open the shrine, so you should keep trying!
3 You beat Tali's sand-seal-racing record!

As proof of your victory, you've received a jewel! What happens when you place this jewel on the pedestal?
Complete When you placed the jewel on the pedestal, a shrine appeared!

You're now able to enter a sand-seal race any time you want, too. Aim to set a new record!


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