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The Undefeated Champ
BotW Sand-Seal Race 2.jpg
Link stretching before the Sand-Seal Race
Quest Giver Tali
Location Sand-Seal Rally
Reward Raqa Zunzo Shrine
Previous Quest
"Divine Beast Vah Naboris"

"The Undefeated Champ" is a Shrine Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


At the Sand-Seal Rally in the Gerudo Desert, Link will find a Ancient Orb displayed in front of a Concave Slot. However, when he tries to take the Ancient Orb, Shabonne will stop him and say only champions of the Sand-Seal Race can touch it.[2]

After calming Divine Beast Vah Naboris, Link will discover Shabonne and Tali speaking to one another at the Sand-Seal Rally.[3] Though Tali does not say anything,[4] Shabonne takes offense at being interrupted.[5] Now that the Divine Beast is gone, they are able to make use of their race course again.[6] Therefore, Tali must focus on preparing for the Sand-Seal Race.[7] Sensing an opportunity, though, Shabonne asks Link if he would like to challenge Tali's record.[8]

Link can ask Shabonne several questions. If he asks about the Sand-Seal Race, Shabonne is shocked to hear that not everyone knows about it.[9] She explains that the goal of Sand-Seal Racing is to surf with a Sand Seal through all of the arches before reaching the finish line.[10] In addition, he can be disqualified by getting off his shield or leaving the boundaries of the course.[11] If Link can beat Tali's record of 1 minute and 30 seconds, he will be able to claim the Grand Trophy,[12] which is the Ancient Orb that has been passed down by Sand-Seal Racing champions for 10,000 years.[13] She then asks Link once again if he wants to challenge Tali's record.[14] If Link agrees to race, the Shrine Quest will begin.

Shabonne informs Link that there is an entry fee of 50 Rupees per race.[15] When Link pays her, she will be excited about the money and begin the race.[16] Shabonne announces to the rest of the Gerudo that a new challenger has appeared to challenge Tali's record.[17] With his Sand Seal ready,[18] Shabonne wonders whether Link will be able to reach the goal in under 1 minute and 30 seconds.[19] With this, she begins the countdown for the race.[20]

The race course will take Link from the Sand-Seal Rally through the Palu Wasteland and into the East Barrens. When Link successfully completes the course in less than 1 minute and 30 seconds, Shabonne will be shocked that he has beaten the record.[21] The spectators will gather around the Grand Trophy with Link and Tali, who is impressed by Link's accomplishment.[22] She allows him to take the Grand Trophy, as it now belongs to him.[23]

Tali says that the Grand Trophy is special, as a legend concerning it has been passed down by Sand-Seal Racing champions for 10,000 years.[24] It states that, when the chosen one offers the "holy jewel" to the pedestal, they will be granted a new power.[25] While no one has been able to obtain this power,[26] Tali senses a great power from Link and encourages him to try.[27] Tali declares Link the new champion of the Sand-Seal Race,[28] and the crowd cheers for him.

After the ceremony, Link can pick up the Grand Trophy and place it in the Concave Slot. It will disappear as the Socket activates, causing Raqa Zunzo Shrine to emerge from the sand.[29] With this, the Shrine Quest will be completed.


Stage Description
1 You've decided to challenge the sand-seal racing world champion, Tali!

It seems that, if you can beat the race record, the way to a shrine will open up for you.

The champion's current record stands at 1 minute and 30 seconds.

This won't be easy.
2 You've decided to challenge the sand-seal racing world champion, Tali, but beating her current record of 1 minute and 30 seconds won't be easy.

However, it's the only way to open the shrine, so you should keep trying!
3 You beat Tali's sand-seal-racing record!

As proof of your victory, you've received a jewel! What happens when you place this jewel on the pedestal?
Complete When you placed the jewel on the pedestal, a shrine appeared!

You're now able to enter a sand-seal race any time you want, too. Aim to set a new record!


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapanese無敗の女王 (Muhai no joō) 
ChinaChineseSI不败的女王 (Bù bài de nǚwáng) 
Taiwan, Hong Kong, MacaoChineseTR不敗的女王 (Bùbài de nǚwáng) 
NetherlandsDutchDe onbetwiste kampioen 
FranceFrenchEULa reine de la piste 
GermanyGermanDer Champion 
ItalyItalianLa regina incontrastataThe uncontested queen
South KoreaKorean무패의 여왕 (Mupaeui yeowang) 
RussiaRussian«Чемпионка мира» («Chempionka mira») 
Latin AmericaSpanishLALa campeona invicta 
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