"What's your name, young man? Link? Well here's your album, Link. Give it a look before you leave!"

The Travels of Link is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. This photo album is found in the Photographer's Camera Shop and contains all the photographs taken of Link during his adventures on Koholint Island.


While some of these photographs can be taken at anytime once available, some are situational and cannot be taken if missed.

  1. Regular photograph of Link. Taken when Link first visits the Camera Shop. (An alternative to photograph 2)
  2. After multiple rejections to have his photograph taken, the Photographer lunges at Link, knocking him backwards into the wall. The Photographer snaps the shot of a dazed Link. (Taken instead of photograph 1)
  3. Link and Marin on the Toronbo Shores, taken when Marin accompanies Link.
  4. Marin landing on top of Link. Taken if Link enters the well in Mabe Village while Marin is accompanying him and Link goes in the well and allows Marin to fall on him.
  5. Link, Marin and Tarin in front of the Weathercock. Taken when Link approaches the statue while Marin is accompanying him.
  6. Ulrira on the phone. Taken when Link approaches the window of Ulrira's house, rather than calling him from a Phone Booth.
  7. Link being attacked by Bow-Wow. Taken when he gets close enough to Bow-Wow.
  8. Link's first theft from the Mabe Village Shop. Taken if Link succeeds in stealing anything from the shop.
  9. The Fisherman found beneath the bridge near Animal Village after falling into the water.
  10. Link and a River Zora. Taken if Link enters a particular house in Animal Village after having obtained the Magnifying Lens.
  11. Link and Richard in front of the gates of Kanalet Castle, must be done before the gates are raised.
  12. Link and Nakura by the ghost's gravestone. Taken after the ghost has stopped haunting Link and Link revisits the stone afterwards.
  13. When the Photographer falls down from a bridge in the Tal Tal Heights, the Photographer snaps a shot of Link as he falls.


It is possible that the photo album is named after Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, since they share somewhat similar titles.


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