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This is a page about the Side Quest, "The Thunder Helm". For the item, see Thunder Helm.
The Thunder Helm
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Quest Giver Riju
Location Gerudo Town
Reward Thunder Helm

"The Thunder Helm" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


After Link regains control of the Divine Beast Vah Naboris from Calamity Ganon, the legendary Thunder Helm can be found resting on a small pedestal beside Riju while she sits on her throne in the palace in Gerudo Town. When Link interacts with the Thunder Helm, Riju will offer to lend it to Link.[2] However, she then says that Link must earn it by gaining the trust of her people.[3] Riju agrees to lend Link the Thunder Helm in exchange for resolving the Gerudo Town people's problems,[4] thus beginning the quest. In order to satisfy Riju's terms, Link complete the four Side Quests in Gerudo Town that pertain to helping the people that live there. This includes "Tools of the Trade", "The Mystery Polluter", "Medicinal Molduga" and "The Search for Barta." Link does not need to complete "The Secret Club's Secret" in order to complete this quest.

Once Link has done all four Side Quests and returns to Riju, she tells Link that she has heard of his actions in delivering happiness to her people.[5] Riju thanks Link, stating that he will always be a true friend of the Gerudo.[6] As a reward, Riju keeps her promise and lends Link the Thunder Helm.[7] Riju assures Link that he will be able to use the Thunder Helm to its fullest potential and unlock the power of Urbosa that lies within.[8] While wearing the Thunder Helm, Link will not take any damage from lightning strikes.


Stage Description
1 The Thunder Helm has been passed down as a prized treasure of the Gerudo since Urbosa's time. It doesn't seem like they'll just give it to you, but if you're able to solve all the town's problems, they'll at least lend it to you.
Complete You solved the problems of everyone in town!

Riju gave you the Gerudo's symbol of friendship, and you got the Thunder Helm!


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