The Three Giant Brothers

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The Three Giant Brothers
BotW The Three Giant Brothers.png
Quest Giver Stone Tablet
Location Mount Taran

"The Three Giant Brothers" is a Shrine Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Link can obtain the Quest after reading the Stone Tablet, which instructs Link to collect the three Ancient Orbs that are guarded by the three Hinox brothers atop Mount Taran.[2] The Ancient Orbs can be found attached to each Hinox's necklace, requiring Link to either kill the Hinox or to carefully steal it without waking the Hinox. Each Ancient Orb must be placed in its corresponding pedestal, as they will not activate any other pedestal than their respective one.

The first Ancient Orb is found with the Hinox (Youngest Kin), a normal Hinox in Hanu Pond. The second Ancient Orb is found with the Hinox (Middle Kin), a Blue Hinox in Uten Marsh. The final Ancient Orb rests with the Hinox (Oldest Kin), a Black Hinox in the Rabella Wetlands. Returning all three Ancient Orbs to their pedestals will cause the Tawa Jinn Shrine to rise from the ground between the three pedestals, completing the Quest.


Stage Description
1 The ancient spheres guarded by the Mount Taran sentinels shall lead you to the hero's trial.

Could the giants who inhabit the area hold the key to unlocking the trial?
Complete The three Hinox brothers living on Mount Taran each had an orb hanging from their neck.

Offering these orbs to the matching pedestals caused an ancient shrine to appear.


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