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"The ancient orbs guarded by the giants of Mount Taran lead to the shrine."
— Stone Tablet

The Three Giant Brothers is a Shrine quest in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is obtained once Link reads an inscription on near three ancient dias platforms on Mount Taran over looking Taran Pass in the East Necluda region of Hyrule. There are three ancient orbs in the surrounding area, each guarded by three special variants of Hinox. Once all three of the orbs are placed in the pedestals, the quest is completed and the Tawa Jinn Shrine emerges from the ground in between them.

The Three Giants

"The ancient spheres guarded by the Mount Taran sentinels shall lead you to the hero's trial. Could the giants who inhabit the area hold the key to unlocking the trial?"
— Adventure Log description

The three Hinox variants are an eponymous Red Hinox called Hinox (Youngest Kin), a Blue Hinox called Hinox (Middle Kin), and a Black Hinox called Hinox (Oldest Kin). Each Hinox has Mount Taran listed as its location above its health meter though the Youngest Kin lives in Hanu Pond, the Middle Kin lives in Uten Marsh, and the Oldest Kin lives in Rabella Wetlands though these areas are all apparently considered part of Mount Taran. Link only has to acquire each sphere and place them in one of the three dias platforms. Link can steal the spheres to avoid combating the brothers altogether if he prefers a stealthy approach or fight them for them if he prefers a more aggressive direct approach. As long as he places the sphere in a platform he will no longer need to collect it though the brothers revive after being slain on a Blood Moon. Beyond their names, the ancient spheres, weapons worn on their necklaces they are no different than the specific Hinox tier they represent. Bokoblins near Hanu Pond and Rabella Wetlands can make fleeing with the spheres difficult though its really only an issue in Rabella Wetlands as the Bokoblins near Hanu Pond far enough away from the Youngest Kin. Link can tackle the brothers in any order though its best to start with the Oldest Kin as he's the closet and strongest, then the Middle Kin as it removes it from Uten Marsh making travelling through the area with the Youngest Kin's sphere much easier. Its based to save the Youngest Kin for last as its the weakest and Link can simply steal its sphere if necessary after eliminating the other two. The brothers drop food which Link can use to restore his health. There is also a Cooking Pot near a small pond on nearby Firly Plateau where Link can cook food to prepare to confront the brothers.

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