The Swamp is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. It is the second stage of Near the Fields, the fourth level of the game. An issue of Tingle Times can be found here. It provides advice on crossing the swamp by using Lily Pads attached to River Zora.


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As Link enters The Swamp, Kaepora Gaebora informs him that Vaati has cursed the land. Consequently, the area is devoid of life and full of poisonous swamps and enemies. Almost immediately, Shadow Link appears, dropping Giant Bombs.

After avoiding Shadow Link's attacks, Link must navigate The Swamp by means of floating Lily Pads. Further on, Link must face a Chief Soldier accompanied by Hyrule Guards.

North of The Swamp stands a graveyard on a cliff. Inside are many Ghini and a ghost of a young girl. A Bow can be found in one of the nearby graves. By exploring one of the graves in the eastern section of the graveyard, Link will find a Moon Pearl. It can be used north of the graveyard entrance to give Link access to the far north area.

Inside the house is Dampé. He tells link that the Forest of Light has been consumed by darkness. After equipping the Power Bracelet from the Treasure Chest, Link can enter the nearby forest by picking up the tree to the far east.

Inside the forest, two search lights, presumably from Hyrule Castle, patrol the dark area. If Link is spotted by one of the lights, a circle of Ghini attack him. Aside from the search lights, the area is completely dark. This can be remedied, however, by picking up a Lantern in the southwestern corner of the woods.

After Link navigates the woods and defeats the four Giant Ghinis, Jalhalla appears. After its defeat, Link can carry out the Infiltration of Hyrule Castle.

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