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The Stolen Heirloom
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Quest Giver Paya
Prerequisite(s)The "Find the Fairy Fountain", "Flown the Coop", and "By Firefly's Light" Side Quests.
Location Kakariko Village
Reward Access to the Lakna Rokee Shrine

"The Stolen Heirloom" is a Shrine Quest in Breath of the Wild.[name reference needed]


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In order to begin this Shrine Quest, Link must first complete the prerequisite Side Quests, "Flown the Coop", and "By Firefly's Light", as well as the Main Quest "Find the Fairy Fountain". Once all three of the Quests are completed, the guards outside Impa's house will be on alert and mention that something was stolen. Upon entering the building, Paya can be seen on her knees crying in front of where the Sheikah Heirloom typically rests. Paya will give Link the Shrine Quest.[clarification needed] Paya warns Link that if he sees anyone acting suspiciously, he should not approach. The guards outside will inform Link that the only visitors to the house were Mellie and Lasli. Approaching Mellie at night, Link will catch her sneaking off to a nearby small stable, after which she will eat one of Steen's Swift Carrot, for she secretly loves them. If Mellie notices, she will assume that Link has a thing for older ladies, but reveals she's married and to give it up, after which she will them return to watching over her plum Trees, only to repeat the process later on. The only heirloom that Mellie can recall is her Plum Garden; she asks Link to not reveal this to her husband Olkin, as he can't stand Swift Carrots, nor Steen. During the day, Lasli will think Link is hitting on her, but reveals she just got out of a toxic relationship. If Link is persistent, she will accuse him of stalking her. Should Link follow Lasli from her post at Enchanted at night, he will end up at Kakariko Graveyard. On the way, if Link is too loud or close, Lasli will notice him and accuse her once-lover Jarod of following her, after which she will run back to Enchanted temporarily. When Lasli reaches the graves, she will kneel in respect. Talking to her will reveal that her boyfriend was actually killed by a monster, and that the breakup story was a façade. She reveals she is also not the thief and to be more respectful. At ten in the evening, Dorian will stroll by his house up past the Ta'loh Naeg Shrine where he can be followed from a distance. By the Ancient Shrine is Olkin, who is looking at the swirling Calamity Ganon. Olkin admits that he secretly finds it beautiful, but to not reveal that. It is for this reason that he doesn't notice his wife's absence, as he goes here every night after work while the Shrine Quest is active. Olkin admits that Dorian also walked past him, but seemed to be in a rush. Following Dorian further will lead Link to an Orb Pedestal. There, Dorian will draw out an officer of the Yiga Clan who is the thief of the heirloom. He warns Dorian that all that has happened is the price for leaving the Yiga Clan, but before killing Dorian he notices and challenges Link. Defeating the Yiga Blademaster allows Link to take back the Sheikah Heirloom. Dorian apologizes and admits he is an ex-clansman, and to unlock the Ancient Shrine, which turns out to be the Lakna Rokee Shrine.


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