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The Statue's Bargain
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Quest Giver Horned Statue
Location Hateno Village
Reward The ability to trade Heart Containers and Stamina Vessels for the other

"The Statue's Bargain" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


The Statue's Bargain takes place in Hateno Village along the path to Firly Pond. Along the path, Link can find the Horned Statue. Link can either find him himself, or he can talk to Teebo who will say that he found something and will take Link to him.[2] Upon praying to the Horned Statue, he will start to speak, surprising Link.[3] The Horned Statue will realize that Link can hear him and begins to talk.[4] The Horned Statue will explain that it once would allow people to trade their life for money.[5] He explains that Hylia didn't like what the Horned Statue was doing, and she trapped him in a stone statue.[6] The Horned Statue was then discarded by the Hylians and very few would pay attention to him anymore.[7] Despite the years of ignorance, the Horned Statue is still willing to deal in life and money.[8] He asks Link if he would like to strike a bargain.[9] However, before Link can agree or decline, the Horned Statue takes away a Heart Container from Link.[10]

Link demands that he gives him the Heart Container back, but he laughs and states that he was only joking.[11] The Horned Statue then explains that Link can take the Heart Container back or that he can trade it for a Stamina Vessel.[12] Link asks for one back, and the Horned Statue returns it, thus completing the Side Quest. From that point on, Link can visit the Horned Statue to trade his Heart Containers and Stamina Vessels for the opposite. Giving a Heart Container or Stamina Vessel to the Horned Statue will net Link 100 Rupees, but buying them back will cost 120 Rupees.


Stage Description
1 The horned statue in Hateno Village took one of your containers!

The only thing to do is talk to him and try to convince him to give it back.
Complete You persuaded the horned statue to return your container. Now you can exchange containers for a small cost.

The horned statue will buy a Heart Container or Stamina Vessel for 100 rupees and sell your choice afterward for 120 rupees.


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