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The Sorceress of the Woods
Stage Faron Woods
Playable Character(s) Link
Boss Gohma
Main Item Bow
Ocarina (HWL)
Completion Reward(s) Lana
Spirit's Tome
Previous ScenarioNext Scenario
"The Sheikah Tribesman""The Sorceress of the Valley"
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"The Sorceress of the Woods" is the third Scenario of the Prologue arc of Legend Mode in Hyrule Warriors.[name reference needed] It takes place in Faron Woods.


After exiting the Eldin Caves, Link and Impa, joined by their new ally Sheik, emerge into the Faron Woods and find a hidden village being overrun by Dark Forces led by Wizzro. Although they wanted to continue their search for Princess Zelda, they quickly jump into the villagers' aid.[1]

When the Hyrulean Forces arrive to the Village, they find a young girl leading a group of Hyrulean soldiers against an attack by the Dark Forces. She introduces herself as Lana, a sorceress from the same clan as Cia. Intrigued, Impa asks her of Cia’s plans against Hyrule, and Lana offers to tell them after they help her defend the forest.[2]

Wizzro tries to thwart the advancement of the Hyrulean Forces by summoning Deku Babas to the battlefield, but Link easily dispatches them from afar using the Bow obtained from deep within the forest.[3][4] With the Hyrulean Forces growing tired from the battle, Lana suggests that they retreat to the Great Deku Tree and use it as their base.[5] However, Wizzro quickly summons a group of Gibdos to advance toward the Deku Tree and attack it.[6][7] Link, with the help of the rest of the Hyrulean Forces, are able to quickly dispatch of the Gibdos and secure their base, but before they are able to catch their breath, the wizard sets the Deku Tree on fire.[8] Thinking of a way to quench the flames, Proxi senses a Great Fairy in the northeast and suggests that she might be able to help them. Summoning the Great Fairy with the Magic Circle causes her to summon rain above the Deku Tree, extinguishing the fire. The Hyrulean Forces chase after Wizzro, but he vanishes as soon as they reach him and instead summons Gohma to defeat them instead.[9] Although Gohma begins to viciously attack the Deku Tree, the giant arachnid is defeated before it can do any grave damage, thus saving the village from destruction.[10]

With the threat gone from the forest, Impa laments the fact that Princess Zelda was nowhere to be found in the woods and wishes for the goddesses to protect her as they continue their search.[11]

After the Scenario finishes, Lana becomes a playable character and her weapon, the Book of Sorcery, becomes available for use.


Hyrulean Forces Dark Forces Rogue Forces
HWDE Hylian Captain Mini Map Icon.png
Hylian Captains
Bulblins HWDE Cucco Mini Map Icon.png
Cucco Triforce piece.png
HWDE Hylian Soldier Mini Map Icon.png
Hylian Soldiers
HWDE Bulblin Captain Mini Map Icon.png
Bulblin Captains
HWDE Cucco Mini Map Icon.png
Cuccos Triforce piece.png
HWDE Deku Baba Mini Map Icon.png
Deku Babas
HWDE Gibdo Mini Map Icon.png
HWDE Lana Mini Map Icon.png
HWDE Wizzro Mini Map Icon.png
HWDE Link Mini Map Icon.png
HWDE Gold Cucco Mini Map Icon.png
Gold Cucco Triforce piece.png
HWDE Impa Mini Map Icon.png
HWDE Gohma Mini Map Icon.png
HWDE Sheik Mini Map Icon.png


Item Location Condition
HW Gold Skulltula Icon.png
Gold Skulltula
Under a boulder at the end of a branch on the western portion of the Stage Defeat 1000 enemies
HW Gold Skulltula Icon.png
Gold Skulltula
(Hard Mode)
On top of a ledge on the northeast path that wraps behind a tree directly west of the Fairy Fountain, requires Hookshot Using Link equipped with the Magic Rod, reduce Gohma's health to half before it transports to the Deku Tree while keeping Impa and Sheik safe
Accomplish the previous conditions and defeat the Keep Saboteurs (HWL | HWDE)
HW Piece of Heart Icon.png
Piece of Heart
North Square Play as Impa
HW Heart Container Icon.png
Heart Container
Beneath a boulder at the end of path south of the Southeast Tree Play as Sheik


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
GermanyGermanDie Zauberin der WälderThe Sorceress of the Woods
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