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The Sheep Rustlers
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Quest Giver Koyin
Location Hateno Village
Reward Fresh Milk ×10

"The Sheep Rustlers" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


The Side Quest begins when Link first speaks to Koyin, who is standing at the ready to protect her herd. According to her, a group of monsters from Hateno Beach have been harassing and stealing her sheep.[2] Link must venture south to the area where the seven monsters reside,[3] along with a pair of Highland Sheep in a makeshift pen. The group includes six Bokoblins and a single Moblin. Once they have been defeated, an extra reward is waiting in the form of a Ruby in a sealed Treasure Chest.

Link returns to Koyin to report the disposal of the monsters. He is given the gift of ten Fresh Milks to thank him for his help.[4][5]


Stage Description
1 A shepherd in Hateno Village named Koyin is worried that monsters will make off with her flock of sheep.

According to her, the monsters in question congregate at Hateno Beach. She won't breathe easy until every last monster there is defeated.
2 You defeated every last monster lurking on Hateno Beach! The village is safe for sheep at last.

Go tell Koyin in Hateno Village that the monsters will trouble her flock no more.
Complete You told Koyin that you cleared out the monsters living on Hateno Beach. In return, she gave you a handsome reward.

You feel like you're getting along quite well with Koyin now! Maybe?


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