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The Secret Club's Secret
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Quest Giver Greta
Location Gerudo Town
Reward Access to the Gerudo Secret Club

"The Secret Club's Secret" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


On the side of the Fashion Passion Armor Shop in Gerudo Town, Link will find a closed, wooden door. If he attempts to open it, he will receive the Side Quest and hear the Gerudo Greta speaking, who requires a password for entry. If Link guesses the password wrong, he will not be able to try again until the next day.[2] Greta will then tell Link to go drink milk in the bar as a way to tell him to go away.[3] This serves as a hint for where Link can find the password. If Link goes into Gerudo Town's bar, The Noble Canteen, he will find three Gerudo named Pyra, Sumati and Yaido who are talking about a password for a secret place.[4][5][6][7] They stop talking about it as soon as they notice that Link is listening and Sumati tells him to go away.[8][9] Link must eavesdrop on them by going onto the opposite side of the nearby window in Rotana's house.

If Link eavesdrops on them here before ever speaking to them while in The Noble Canteen, he will hear Yaido asking the others if they have heard the rumor about Fashion Passion.[10] Sumati replies that she has heard the rumor and Yaido responds by saying that she had asked Saula about it,[11] but Saula would not tell her anything.[12] Pyra then mentions how suspicious it is that Saula will not give away any information.[13]

Once Link is eavesdropping on the Gerudo women after speaking to them directly, he will overhear Sumati referring to him as a little Hylian girl.[14] Pyra then says to forget about the girl and urges Yaido to tell them the password.[15] Yaido reveals that she overheard Saula say that the password is "GSC♦."[16] Sumati quickly realizes that it must stand for "Gerudo Secret Club" before the conversation ends.[17] Once Link returns to the wooden door and tells Greta the password, he is allowed entry to the Gerudo Secret Club.[18] Upon entering and speaking to Greta, she notices that she has not seen Link before.[19] Greta comments that Link is a rare visitor and promises not to ask any questions if he does the same.[20][21] Greta then accepts Link as a member to the Club and the Side Quest is completed.[22] Link does not have to eavesdrop on the Gerudo women in The Noble Canteen to enter the Gerudo Secret Club. He can guess the password, but there are 256 possible answers.

Through the doorway behind Fashion Passion is a curtain that conceals an entrance to the Gerudo Secret Club. If Link attempts to enter, Saula stops him, telling him that the doorway is not for customers.[23] Saula then whispers to Link and tells him to use the door on the side of the building if he is a member.[24]


Stage Description
1 The clothes shop Fashion Passion has a secret entrance where only members can get in. To gain entrance, you need a secret password known only to members. It seems that once you give the wrong password, you won't be able to try again for an entire day.
Complete You discovered the secret password.

The password is "GSC♦."

Now you can go in whenever you want.


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