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The Search for Barta
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Liana speaking to Link
Quest Giver Liana
Location Gerudo Town
Reward Silver Rupee

"The Search for Barta" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


This Side Quest is one of four Quests needed to complete in order to help the people of Gerudo Town and receive the Thunder Helm from Riju in the Side Quest, "The Thunder Helm". Link can begin this Quest by speaking to Liana, the Gerudo soldier in the barracks in Gerudo Town. Liana mentions that one of the Gerudo soldiers, Barta, has gone missing again and Link will be given the Quest.[2] Link will find out tips about where Barta has gone from the nearby Gerudo soldiers.[citation needed] Link will find Barta on the brink of death, kneeling on the ground in the Gerudo Desert near the Gerudo Great Skeleton.[3] Barta mutters about how she wishes she could have eaten a Hearty Durian one last time.[4] After Link gives her a Hearty Durian, Barta will stand up and thank Link for saving her life.[5] If Link has spoken to Barta before, she will recognize him and mention that he seemed muscular for a Hylian woman.[6] Barta promises to keep it a secret, especially because Link saved her life.[7] Upon returning to the barracks, Liana has heard that Link saved Barta.[8] Liana will thank her with 100 Rupees and the Quest will be complete.[9]


Stage Description
1 Barta has disappeared again. She headed south in search of leviathan bones but never came back. Not only is the area home to Molduga, but it's also known for extreme heat. You'll need special gear, or you'll be in danger. Use your map to search for Barta.
2 You found Barta collapsed in the desert.

She just keeps muttering, "A hearty durian, a hearty durian," over and over again, deliriously.

...Seems like she really wants to eat a hearty durian.

3 You fed Barta a hearty durian after finding her collapsed in the desert.

She seemed much better, but once you told her of Liana's anger, she dashed off back to Gerudo Town. Just in case, you should let Liana know that Barta is OK.
Complete Barta seems to have made it back to Gerudo Town in one piece.

But it sounds like Liana really chewed Barta out for making her worry. Maybe she'll lay low for a little while.


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