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The Road to Respect
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Quest Giver Fugo
Location Goron City

"The Road to Respect" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Link is given this Quest by Fugo at Goron City. Fugo explains that his master, the skilled blacksmith Rohan, gave him the task to defeat every Igneo Talus around Goron City to complete his training.[2] However, he cannot get to the Igneo Talus at Darunia Lake.[3] He openly wishes that someone else could go in his place.[4]

Following his suggestion, Link finds the Igneo Talus in the western shore of Darunia Lake and defeats it. Upon returning to Fugo, he is surprised to learn that Link had defeated the Igneo Talus. Fugo then decides to strike a deal with Link, offering to pay him 100 Rupees in exchange for the achievement.[5] Accepting the deal rewards Link with a Silver Rupee and completes the Quest.


Stage Description
1 Fugo needs to defeat the Igneo Talus at Darunia Lake to win his master Rohan's respect.

But he's not sure about his ability to reach the place to begin with, so he's looking for someone to fight the Igneo Talus in his stead.
2 You defeated the Igneo Talus at Darunia Lake! Go and tell Fugo!
Complete You defeated the Igneo Talus at Darunia Lake and reported back to Fugo. In return, he gave you 100 rupees.


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