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The Priceless Maracas
BotW The Priceless Maracas.png
Quest Giver Hestu
Location West Necluda

"The Priceless Maracas" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


After talking to Hestu near Kakariko Village, he will explain that some Bokoblins have stolen his Maracas. To complete the Quest, Link must defeat all the Bokoblins found near Hestu to activate the Treasure Chest containing the Maracas. After returning them to Hestu, he will ask for Korok Seeds to fill them again.


Stage Description
1 The forest spirit Hestu has asked you to retrieve the maracas that were stolen from him by a group of monsters camping nearby.

Hestu claims that he is unable to use his vast powers without the maracas.
2 You've safely returned the maracas, but now Hestu is asking you to find the Korok seeds that were once inside.

The more Korok seeds you find, the more power will return to Hestu's maracas, which he can use to allow you to carry more things.
Complete You returned Hestu's maracas after getting them back from the monsters.

When you returned the Korok seeds that you found, he allowed you to carry more things.


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NetherlandsDutchKostbare maracas
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