The Perfect Drink

The Perfect Drink
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Pokki at the beginning of the Quest
Quest Giver Pokki
Location East Barrens
Reward Misae Suma Shrine

"The Perfect Drink" is a Shrine Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


On an outcropping in the East Barrens, Link will find Pokki collapsed on the terminal outside of Misae Suma Shrine.[2] She is dehydrated and unable to move.[3] Believing that this is the end of her life, Pokki wishes she could have one last Noble Pursuit.[4] With this wish, the Shrine Quest will begin.

At The Noble Canteen in Gerudo Town, Link can ask Furosa for a Noble Pursuit.[5] Since she is out of Ice, though, she is unable to make one.[6] Due to how strong the drink is, Furosa refuses to sell one to Link.[7] When Link informs her that the drink is actually for Pokki,[8] While she wishes she could help, Furosa is unable to make a Noble Pursuit for Pokki without Ice,[9] and she is unable to retrieve any from the Northern Icehouse.[10]

Link offers to retrieve the Ice on Furosa's behalf.[11] Furosa is grateful for this, as Pokki is her best customer.[12] She informs Link that the Icehouse is north of Gerudo Town,[13] and if he explains the situation to Anche, she will allow him to take some.[14] However, Anche goes to bed early, so Link will have to visit during the day.[15] Furosa decides it would be too much to make Link carry the Ice all the way to Gerudo Town,[16] so she plans on taking the Ice from him at the ruins entrance.[17]

When Link goes to the Northern Icehouse, Anche will allow him to retrieve Ice for Furosa.[18] She reminds Link that if he moves too slowly, the Ice will melt into Water, which Furosa has no use for.[19] Link will then be given a block of Ice, which he must carry through the ruins. Keeping the Ice in the shadows will prevent any melting. If it does melt, Anche will be disappointed,[20] though she will comfort Link and allow him to take another block.[21]

Furosa will be waiting for Link at the end of the ruins.[22][note 1] She is grateful that Link was able to bring her the Ice in such good condition.[24][25] With it, Furosa believes she can make the best Noble Pursuit ever.[26][27] She asks Link to inform Pokki that it is waiting for her.[28][29] When Pokki hears this, Furosa thinks she will come running.[30][31]

When Link returns to Misae Suma Shrine, Pokki is convinced that this is where she will die.[32] Hearing about the best Noble Pursuit ever,[33] Pokki will run back to Gerudo Town.[34] With this, the Shrine Quest will be completed, and Link will be able to access Misae Suma Shrine.


Stage Description
1 A Gerudo named Pokki has collapsed in front of the ancient shrine. You'll have to find a way to revive her if you want to get inside. She was barely coherent, but it sounded like she was muttering about wanting to drink something called Noble Pursuit.
2 Noble Pursuit is a famous drink from the Gerudo canteen. Unfortunately, it can't be made right now because they're all out of ice.

You'll need to go to the icehouse north of Gerudo Town and ask Anche to give you some ice. You can only get Anche's help while it's bright out, though.
3 You got Anche to give you some ice!

You now have to carry the ice back to Furosa, who waits at the exit of the ruins north of town. With the blazing heat of the desert, it'll be a challenge to get back without the ice melting.
4 You delivered the ice to the owner of the canteen.

She's now able to make ice-cold Noble Pursuits. She's asked that you go back to Pokki and let her know that a drink is waiting for her. Pokki had collapsed in front of the shine.
Complete When you told Pokki about the ice-cold Noble Pursuit, she flew off in the direction of the Gerudo canteen.

You can enter the shrine anytime you want.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Japan Flag.png Japaneseうるわしの美酒を求めて… (Uruwashi no bishu o motomete...)
China Flag.png ChineseSI寻求玉液琼浆…… (Xúnqiú yù yè qióngjiāng...)
Traditional Chinese Flags.png ChineseTR只為求得美酒⋯⋯ (Zhǐ wèi qiú dé měijiǔ...)
Netherlands Flag.png DutchHet perfecte drankje...
Canada Flag.png FrenchCAUne boisson fraîche, une!
French Republic Flag.png FrenchEUUne boisson fraîche, une !
Germany Flag.png GermanEin Trank für müde Geister
Italy Flag.png ItalianLa bevanda perfetta
Republic of Korea Flag.png Korean시원한 술을 찾아서… (Siwonhan sureul chajaseo...)
Russia Flag.png Russian«Воой-да-ваай» («Vooy-da-vaay»)
CELAC Flag.png SpanishLALa bebida ideal
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  1. If Link is not wearing the Gerudo Set, Furosa will notice he is a man, but she does not care.[23]


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