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The Perfect Drink
BotW The Perfect Drink.jpg
Pokki at the beginning of the Quest
Quest Giver Pokki
Location East Barrens
Reward Access to the Misae Suma Shrine

"The Perfect Drink" is a Shrine Quest in Breath of the Wild.


While exploring the East Barrens, Link encounters the Misae Suma Shrine. However, he cannot enter it, as a Gerudo named Pokki is collapsed over on the pedestal where Link must place his Sheikah Slate to open the door. Upon talking to Pokki, Link discovers that she is dying of thirst and only a drink called Noble Pursuit will save her.[1] Link can order a Noble Pursuit from Furosa at The Noble Canteen in Gerudo Town. However, she needs a huge amount of ice to make the drink and she is all out.[2] After Link informs her that Pokki has collapsed, she instructs Link to get ice for her from the Northern Icehouse. Upon arriving to the Northern Icehouse, Link quickly gets permission from Anche to take some ice.[3] Link must now carry the ice to Furosa, who is waiting for Link past the ruins south of the Icehouse. Link must avoid enemies in this area to make it before the ice melts in the heat of the desert. The ice will melt slower in spots that are shaded from the sun. Once Link successfully makes it to Furosa with the ice, she tells him that she may be able to make the best Noble Pursuit she has ever made with this ice.[4] She then tells Link to go let Pokki know that the "best drink ever" is waiting for her.[5] When Link delivers the message to Pokki, she stands up without hesitation and says she is leaving before running away toward Gerudo Town.[6]


Stage Description
1 A Gerudo named Pokki has collapsed in front of the ancient shrine. You'll have to find a way to revive her if you want to get inside. She was barely coherent, but it sounded like she was muttering about wanting to drink something called Noble Pursuit.
2 Noble Pursuit is a famous drink from the Gerudo canteen. Unfortunately, it can't be made right now because they're all out of ice.

You'll need to go to the icehouse north of Gerudo Town and ask Anche to give you some ice. You can only get Anche's help while it's bright out, though.
3 You got Anche to give you some ice!

You now have to carry the ice back to Furosa, who waits at the exit of the ruins north of town. With the blazing heat of the desert, it'll be a challenge to get back without the ice melting.
4 You delivered the ice to the owner of the canteen.

She's now able to make ice-cold Noble Pursuits. She's asked that you go back to Pokki and let her know that a drink is waiting for her. Pokki had collapsed in front of the shine.
Complete When you told Pokki about the ice-cold Noble Pursuit, she flew off in the direction of the Gerudo canteen.

You can enter the shrine anytime you want.


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