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The Mystery Polluter
BotW Calyban.jpg
Link speaking to Calyban
Quest Giver Dalia
Location Gerudo Town
Reward Hydromelon
Wildberry patch in Gerudo Town

"The Mystery Polluter" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


This Side Quest is one of four Quests needed to complete in order to help the people of Gerudo Town and receive the Thunder Helm from Riju in "The Thunder Helm" Side Quest. Link can begin this Quest by speaking to the crying Gerudo child, Dalia, in an empty area near The Noble Canteen in Gerudo Town. She is crying because she wanted to plant a fruit orchard there,[2] but the water from the nearby water trough is unusable due to a flow of trash in it.[3] After she is finished speaking, Link will receive the Quest and must investigate the water trough. Link will find Hydromelon rinds flowing down into the trough through the upper waterway and must follow where they are coming from to find the source of the pollution. This leads Link to a Gerudo woman named Calyban, who is sitting on the walls of Gerudo Town eating Hydromelons and throwing the rinds into the waterway. When Link talks to Calyban, she rudely insists that she can do what she wants.[4] Stating that altruism is for suckers,[5] Calyban refuses to stop eating melons unless Link brings her a 10 Wildberries.[6][7] Wildberries are often found in cold places, such as the Gerudo Highlands and the Hebra Mountains.

Once Link has collected 10 Wildberries and returns to give them to Calyban, she is amazed at how delicious they are.[8] Calyban says that she may stop eating other fruit entirely if she has Wildberries.[9] She then realizes how selfish she has been and leaves to go help Dalia clean up the melon rinds.[10][11] When Link returns to Dalia, Calyban has already cleaned up her trash and left.[12] Dalia gives Link a Hydromelon that was given to her by "the lady who cleaned it up" as a thank you for caring about her.[13] Dalia says that she also gave her some Wildberries, so Dalia decides that she is going to grow a Wildberry patch there.[14] She tells Link he can come eat the Wildberries anytime he likes and the Quest will be complete.[15] Just as Dalia says, Link can come back later to find that three Wildberry plants have grown there.


Stage Description
1 Dalia has been working hard to start an orchard, but garbage keeps appearing in her water source, so her efforts are all for naught. What sort of vile polluter would toss his or her garbage away with such indifference?
2 The water source got polluted with garbage, so the water has become unusable. The cause turned out to be a woman throwing melon rinds away in the waterway upstream. She says if you bring her 10 wildberries from the snow-topped peaks of the Gerudo Highlands, she'll stop eating so many melons...
3 The water source was polluted with garbage, so the water became unusable. The cause turned out to be a woman throwing melon rinds away in the waterway upstream. In exchange for 10 wildberries, she agreed to stop eating melons. Maybe the water will clear up now.

Hurry back and report to Dalia.
Complete Dalia planted the wildberries she receieved from Calyban and said that it's OK to pick them once they grow in.

With the source of the water pollution cleared up, all that's left to do is wait for the wildberries to grow.



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