The Mountain Path is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. It is the second stage of Death Mountain, the third level in the game. Much of the summit is filled with caves. As a result of Shadow Link's schemes, significant parts of the pass have been lit on fire, making them impassable until they are put out. Kaepora Gaebora informs Link of a large bird living at the top of the summit. While exploring the path, Link can find a variety of items, including the Roc's Feather, Bombs, Boomerang, Pegasus Boots, and Fire Rod.

As Link begins to traverse the mountain, a Goron requests that he put out the fires with jars of water. About halfway up the path, another Goron requests that Link help in moving a house out of the way of his cave. After hammering the spikes with the Magic Hammer and moving the house, Link can enter the cave and use the pots of oil to turn the Force Gem-shaped rocks into Force Gems. Next, Link is again asked to help the Gorons extinguish fires. In the process, Link can uncover a hole leading to a Great Fairy, who upgrades whatever item Link has acquired.

Just before the boss fight, Link faces off against four Shadow Links. If Link destroys the original, the other three Shadow Links will automatically be defeated.

After the Shadow Links' defeat, the path to the Helmaroc King opens. After the Helmaroc King's defeat, Link can continue to the Tower of Flames.

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