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The Lost Pilgrimage
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Quest Giver Tasho
Location Korok Forest
Reward Daag Chokah Shrine

"The Lost Pilgrimage" is a Shrine Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


"The Lost Pilgrimage" is one of three Shrine Quests that are needed to complete "The Korok Trials" Side Quest. In the northwest portion of the Korok Forest, Link can meet a Korok named Tasho, who appears concerned.[2] When Link speaks to them, they recognize him as the hero and ask if he is planning on attempting the Korok Trials.[3]

If Link confirms he is doing the Trial, Tasho has a favor they would like to ask of him.[4] Another Korok, Oaki, has just set off on the Korok Trial.[5] While they insisted on going on their own, Tasho is worried about them.[6] Therefore, Tasho asks Link to secretly keep an eye on Oaki while he attempts the Trial.[7] With this, the Shrine Quest begins.

In order to find the end of the Korok Trial, Link must silently follow Oaki through the Lost Woods. If Link gets too close to Oaki or draws attention to himself, Oaki will initially believe he is a ghost.[8] However, once they realize Link is alive, they become angry that they were followed.[9] They insist on starting over again on their own.[10] Back at the start of the path, Tasho notes that Oaki tends to get nervous on occassion.[11] Since Oaki is planning on leaving again, Link will have another chance to follow them all the way.[12]

As Link follows Oaki, they will express fear over being alone,[13][14] though they attempt to calm their nerves by assuring themself or inspecting the scenery.[15][16][17][18] On their journey, Oaki will also make remarks about familiar landmarks or their memory of the path.[19][20][21][22] Certain occurences, such as Tree Branches falling from Trees, will cause Oaki to turn around, which Link must be prepared for.

After passing through a giant fallen Tree, Oaki will become scared that someone else is there,[23] and they will retreat back down the path when they think they have seen a ghost.[24] In this instance, Link can use the Tree to hide from Oaki. When they realize it was simply a shadow, they continue their Trial.[25] Additionally, as Oaki reaches the end of the Korok Trial, they pass by a pack of Maraudo Wolves. Link must either dispatch or evade them without alerting Oaki to his presence.

Once Oaki has reached Daag Chokah Shrine, they will cheer about their victory.[26][27][28][note 1] Finally noticing Link, Oaki recognizes him as the hero.[29] They excitedly share with Link that they were able to complete the Korok Trial on their own.[30] Realizing that Link likely intends to utilize the Ancient Shrine,[31] Oaki allows him to go ahead and look.[32] After they are done speaking, the Shrine Quest will be completed.


Stage Description
1 You've been recruited to watch over Oaki's first trial.

Follow Oaki without being seen.
2 Oaki has set off to face the trial alone.

Follow along without being seen. Take care to avoid being discovered!
Complete Oaki arrived safely at the destination and succeeded in the first trial!

It turns out the destination was one of the shrines dotting Hyrule!


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseはじめての しれん (Hajimete no shiren) 
ChinaChineseSI最初的试练 (Zuìchū de shìliàn) 
Taiwan, Hong Kong, MacaoChineseTR最初的考驗 (Zuìchū de kǎoyàn) 
NetherlandsDutchDe eerste pelgrimstocht 
FranceFrenchEUL'épreuve des fleurs 
GermanyGermanDer Pilgerweg 
ItalyItalianLa prova del coraggioTrial of the courage
South KoreaKorean시작의 시련 (Sijagui siryeon) 
RussiaRussian«Первое испытание» («Pervoye ispytaniye») 
Latin AmericaSpanishLAEl peregrinaje 
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  1. It is possible to reach Daag Chokah Shrine without following Oaki by slipping ahead of them and following the path.


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