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The Legend of the Hylian Loach: Twilight Fish is an Object in Twilight Princess.[1]

Location and Uses

The Legend of the Hylian Loach: Twilight Fish is a Book found in Hena's house in the Fishing Hole. It gives a description of the behavior and habitat of the Loach, mentioning that they prefer the shallow waters and love frogs. Moreover, the book explains that they are known to be antsy and prefer the summertime over wintertime.[2] According to Hena, the book is about a young Hylian Loach and its quest to save Hyrule.[3]


  • The title of The Legend of the Hylian Loach: Twilight Fish is a parody of Twilight Princess's title.


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  1. "That's the ultimate fish book: The Legend of the Hylian Loach: Twilight Fish!" — Hena (Twilight Princess)
  2. "Ah, the loach... Like bass, loaches prefer the shallows. They love frogs, but they're antsy, so they'll bolt when humans are around. They're not very active in cold weather either, so the best season to catch 'em in is summer!" — Hena (Twilight Princess)
  3. "That book's a real tearjerker, too! It's about how a young Hylian loach saves Hyrule... I've read it so many times, I can almost recite it." — Hena (Twilight Princess)