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For titles and consoles with similar names, see Game & Watch Zelda (Disambiguation).

The Legend of Zelda Game Watch, referred to as The Legend of Zelda 8321 in the instruction manual, is a combined game and wristwatch released by Nelsonic Industries.

It is commonly confused with Zelda (Game & Watch). It is considered the poorer of the two LCD games because the screen is too small to reasonably allow much strategy or movement. The playing area is even smaller than that of the Game Boy titles in the series.


Zelda watch
A black version of the watch.

The Zelda watch was sold in pink, black, white or red. A number of other watches based on Nintendo licenses were also made, in addition to licenses from other companies. In total, twelve million The Legend of Zelda Game Watches were sold.



It is a top-down game loosely based on the original The Legend of Zelda and includes such familiar foes as Aquamentus and Keese (here referred to as dragon and bat, respectively), as well as the exclusive Iron Balls.

The game consists of four dungeons with four rooms each.[1] In each room, Link has to collect a boomerang to defeat the Iron Balls. After all Iron Balls are defeated, he can get a sword to defeat the Keese, which first appear in the second dungeon. As a reward, he gains a key to the next room. When entering it, though, he loses his found items and has to recollect them, and if he does not make it to the next room within ten seconds of grabbing the key, 10 points will be deducted every second until they reach 0, at which point the game is over.[2] The last two rooms of every dungeon also have Hearts to replenish Link's health. Once all the enemies in the fourth room are dealt with, the dungeon's boss (which is always Aquamentus) appears. To defeat him, Link has to collect a bomb and place it in front of Aquamentus.[3] Following his victory, a Triforce fragment appears, which allows Link access to the next dungeon. After collecting all four pieces of the Triforce the game resets to level one.


Plot Synopsis[]

Link enters a cave unarmed to collect the pieces of the Triforce. He travels through four dungeons with four caves in each, while being attacked by Iron Balls, Keese, and at the end of each dungeon, Aquamentus. After reaching the end of the fourth dungeon, Link reassembles the Triforce.[4]

Manual Excerpt[]

"Link enters a cave. His [sic] is defenseless, without any weapons. Link is attacked by crushing Iron Balls, Ferocious [sic] bats, and a fire breathing Dragons [sic]."






  1. "There are 4 caves in each level and 4 levels for a total of 16 caves." (The Legend of Zelda Game Watch manual, pg. 1)
  2. "You have 10 seconds to get Link through the door. For every second after that, 10 points will be deducted from your score until all points are lost and game is over." (The Legend of Zelda Game Watch manual, pg. 1)
  3. "Link must destroy the dragon by picking up a bomb (S1) at the top left corner and dropping the bomb (S1) near the Dragon. Link must get away before the bomb explodes or else Link loses all his lives." (The Legend of Zelda Game Watch manual, pg. 1)
  4. "When the Dragon is destroyed a triangle will be seen in the bottom right corner. Pick it up (S1) and it will be added to the Triforce triangle of the top right." (The Legend of Zelda Game Watch manual, pg. 1)

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