The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Trading Cards

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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Trading Cards
Zelda Trading Card Packs.png
Trading cards paks
Publisher(s) Enterplay
Release date 2007

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Trading Cards are a set of collectible cards based on Twilight Princess released in 2007 by Enterplay.


The set consists of 86 cards featuring characters, enemies, bosses, and items.[1] Each pak contains 3 trading cards, 1 silver or gold foil card, 1 temporary tattoo set, and 1 sweepstakes card. Each pak features artwork of either Wolf Link and Midna or Link with robed Zelda. A winning sweepstakes card could be given to Nintendo in exchange for a Wii console.

Card List

The Link trading card


1. Link
2. Midna
3. Princess Zelda
4. Ashei
5. Barnes
6. Ilia
7. Bo
8. Dr. Borville
9. Darbus
10. Hena
11. Colin
12. Coro
13. Renado
14. Malo
15. Rusl
16. Shad
17. Telma
18. Yeto
19. Yeta
20. Princess Agitha
21. Ralis
22. Auru


23. Dark Lord Ganondorf
24. Usurper King Zant
25. Ganon's Puppet Zelda
26. Phantom Zant
27. Twilit Parasite: Diababa
28. Twilit Fossil: Stallord
29. Twilit Aquatic: Morpheel
30. Skull Kid
31. Twilit Arachnid: Armogohma
32. Twilit Carrier: Kargarok
33. Twilit Ice Mass: Blizzeta
34. Darknut
35. Dangoro
36. Dark Beast Ganon
37. Twilit Dragon: Argorok
38. Feeder of Darkness: Twilit Bloat
39. Ook

Weapons and Equipment

40. Gale Boomerang
41. Hylian Shield
42. Hero's Bow
43. Master Sword
44. Ball and Chain
45. Spinner
46. Clawshot
47. Zora Armor
48. Fairy in a Bottle
49. Ooccoo
50. Giant Wallet

Silver Foil Cards

S1. Snowboard Surfing!
S2. "Thief!"
S3. The Wolf Howl
S4. Riding Epona
S5. Exploring Link's House
S6. Pumpkin Watering
S7. Be a Cucco!
S8. Dead But Still Deadly
S9. Tips for Fishing
S10. Bugs for Agitha
S11. Elihwa sekat gnidaol... tiaw...
S12. Underwater Goron
S13. Wounded Midna
S14. Zant & Midna
S15. Seeking Help from Zelda
S16. Ganondorf Revealed
S17. Bullet Bill?
S18. Bridge Repair Donation
S19. Warning: Flammable Material
S20. Mirror of Twilight Guardians
S21. Master of Hidden Skills
S22. Zant's Fury
S23. The Way of Sumo
S24. Dark Beast Emerges
S25. Link Rescues Colin
S26. Light Spirit Guidance
S27. Death Sword Rises

Gold Foil Cards

G1. Dark Lord: Ganondorf
G2. Princess Midna
G3. Ganon's Puppet: Zelda
G4. Rutela
G5. Link
G6. Wolf Link
G7. Great Fairy
G8. Twilit Igniter: Fyrus
G9. Great Spirit


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  1. "This colorful 86-card set will take you on a journey with Link, a farm boy in the land of Hyrule, who is catapulted into an epic adventure to save Hyrule from being enveloped by a looming darkness - the Twilight. Meet his friends, enemies, the evil bosses he confronts on his mission, and learn useful game tips along the way. Look for key characters, weapons, special game tips, fun content, and more."Trading Card Fun Pak, EnterPLAY, retrieved May 9, 2015.