The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Trading Cards are official merchandise, licensed by Nintendo through the merchandising company EnterPLAY. It consists of 86 cards depicting characters, enemies, items and events from Twilight Princess. The backs of most cards provided useful information, including tips, hints, and humorous tidbits about the game. Because they are officially licensed by Nintendo, the information contained on the cards is regarded as canon.

Each pack of trading cards contained three character or enemy cards, one silver foil card, a small sheet of Twilight Princess temporary tattoos, and another card which contained a chance to win a free Nintendo Wii. One in approximately every 28 packs included a gold series card.

Character Cards

The first 22 cards of the deck are character cards. On the front is a piece of official artwork depicting the character; beneath this is the image of a nameplate bearing the character's name and, where applicable, title. (The cards depicting the five members of Resistance also include an additional nameplate which identifies them as "The Resistance.") The back of each card contains a brief biography. Sometimes the information includes minor facts that would not otherwise be common knowledge. These cards are a pale yellow-brown in color, resembling parchment, and the card numbers are on the back in the lower right corner, printed on a gold Rupee.

Card # Card Name Description or Notes of Interest
1 Link His age is given as 17 years old.
2 Midna Her imp form is four feet tall.
3 Princess Zelda She is shortly to be crowned Queen of Hyrule.
4 Ashei Described as slender, quiet, strong, and formidable.
5 Barnes He has a tendency to babble when nervous.
6 Ilia Her age is given as 16 years old.
7 Mayor Bo He "treats Link like his own son."
8 Doctor Borville Some suspect him of being prejudiced against Zoras.
9 Darbus He wants to create a joint society with the Gorons' neighbors.
10 Hena Extremely passionate about all things fish-related.
11 Colin He is afraid of swords.
12 Coro His age is given as 16 years old.
13 Renado His age is given as between 30 and 40 years old.
14 Malo Described as "a stout toddler with a large head."
15 Rusl He considers Link his younger brother.
16 Shad He is the same age as Link.
17 Telma Identified as the leader of the Resistance.
18 Yeto Passionately in love with his wife.
19 Yeta Spends most of her time eating and resting.
20 Princess Agitha Her age is given as ten years old.
21 Prince Ralis Well-mannered, but lacking in confidence.
22 Auru Served as a tutor for the Royal Family of Hyrule in his younger years.

Enemy and Boss Cards

Cards numbers 23 through 39 depict enemies and bosses of Twilight Princess. They are identical in style to the character cards, except that they are gray in color and the Rupees indicating the card number are blue.

Card # Card Name Description or Notes of Interest
23 Dark Lord: Ganondorf Described as "incredibly powerful."
24 Usurper King: Zant Described as "acting a bit insane."
25 Ganon's Puppet Zelda Gives a description of that battle.
26 Phantom Zant Gives a description of that confrontation.
27 Twilit Parasite: Diababa Two of its heads resemble Deku Baba, hence the name.
28 Twilit Fossil: Stallord Gives a description of that battle.
29 Twilit Aquatic: Morpheel Explains how to defeat the monster.
30 Skull Kid Notes that he has the ability to open doors in the Sacred Grove.
31 Twilit Arachnid: Armogohma Confirms that this monster is female.
32 Twilit Carrier: Kargarok Notes that this is the first boss faced by Wolf Link.
33 Twilit Ice Mass: Blizzeta Winning the battle is the only way to cure Yeta.
34 Darknut Described as "an evil knight."
35 Dangoro Explains the necessity of the Iron Boots in the fight.
36 Dark Beast: Ganon Described as part lion, part boar.
37 Twilit Dragon: Argorok Gives a description of that battle.
38 Feeder of Darkness: Twilit Bloat Gives a description of its abilities.
39 Ook Corrupted by "a parasite-ridden insect that attached itself to his brain."

Weapon and Item Cards

Cards numbers 40 through 50 describe the different weapons and items that Link will acquire during the course of his adventure. The fronts of the cards show a picture of the item/weapon, a smaller picture of the map of the dungeon or other location where it is found, and another small picture of Link when he gets the item in question. The back of each card is pale brown. It shows an image of Link using the item in the game, and set into this image is a description of where the item is found, a list of its capabilities, and two "game tips" for using the item. The numbers of these cards are again printed on gold Rupees.

Card # Card Name Description or Notes of Interest
40 Gale Boomerang Can be used to create bewildering wind tunnels.
41 Hylian Shield The card recommends not entering Death Mountain without this.
42 Hero's Bow Has a longer range than the bow of any enemy.
43 Master Sword The card includes a quote from Princess Zelda.
44 Ball and Chain Can be used to destroy suits of armor.
45 Spinner Not perfectly impervious to sand traps.
46 Clawshot Spoils of victory from the Deku Toad.
47 Zora Armor Made from the scales of deceased Zora warriors.
48 Fairy in a Bottle Replenishes eight hearts' worth of life energy.
49 Ooccoo Most useful when Link is running short on supplies.
50 Giant Wallet Identifies the bearer as "a distinguished citizen of the insect kingdom."

Silver Foil Series

In addition to the base set of 50 cards, there are 27 cards edged in silver foil. These cards depict scenes and events from the course of the game, and offer either humorous insight into the action or suggestions for gameplay. The backs of these cards are gray-brown, and do not contain their numbers on Rupees; rather, they are numbered "S# of 27."

Card # Card Name Description or Notes of Interest
S1 Snowboard Surfing! Snowboarding with the Yeti.
S2 "Thief!" How Trill will act if Link doesn't pay up.
S3 The Wolf Howl Communicating with the Golden Wolf.
S4 Riding Epona Tips on mounting and other horse-related activities.
S5 Exploring Link's House Things found inside Link's tree house.
S6 Pumpkin Watering Watering pumpkins before smashing yields better rewards.
S7 Be a Cucco! Explains how to briefly take control of a Cucco.
S8 Dead But Still Deadly What happens in the Forest Temple after Diababa is destroyed.
S9 Tips for Fishing Suggestions regarding bait and other details.
S10 Bugs for Agitha Explains this side quest.
S11 "Emit sekat gnidaol...tiaw..." Describes the fortune teller in Castle Town.
S12 Underwater Goron How to get more bombs.
S13 Wounded Midna Describes the scene.
S14 Zant & Midna Describes the scene.
S15 Seeking Help from Zelda Describes the scene.
S16 Ganondorf Revealed Explains how Ganondorf took control of Zant.
S17 Bullet Bill? Mentions the emblem on Fyer's shirt.
S18 Bridge Repair Donation How to reduce the amount needed to repair the bridge.
S19 Warning: Flammable Material What happens if Link uses his lantern in Barnes's shop.
S20 Mirror of Twilight Guardians Describes meeting the ghosts of the sages.
S21 Master of Hidden Skills Describes these scenes.
S22 Zant's Fury Explains Zant's bitterness over not being chosen to succeed Midna's father as King of Twilight.
S23 The Way of Sumo Mentions that return visits to Mayor Bo's basement will let Link find notes about sumo.
S24 Dark Beast Emerges Some tips for the battle with the Dark Beast form of Ganon.
S25 Link Rescues Colin Describes the scene.
S26 Light Spirit Guidance Describes Lanayru's explanation of the Fused Shadow.
S27 Death Sword Rises Describes the confrontation with Death Sword at Arbiter's Grounds.

Gold Foil Series

The final nine cards in the deck are the rare gold cards, which, as their name suggests, feature gold foil on the front. These depict official artwork of nine different characters from the game. The backs of the cards contain no information, only an ornamental design. Their designations, "G# of 9," appears on the front of the card below the character name.

Card # Card Name
G1 Dark Lord: Ganondorf
G2 Princess Midna
G3 Ganon's Puppet: Zelda
G4 Queen Rutela
G5 Link
G6 Wolf Link
G7 Great Fairy
G8 Twilit Igniter: Fyrus
G9 Great Spirit

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