The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Official Soundtrack is the official soundtrack to The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It was released in 2006 as a giveaway through Nintendo Power for new subscribers and contains seven tracks on one disc.

The score for Twilight Princess was composed by Toru Minegishi, Asuka Ohta, and Kōji Kondō. Minegishi headed music composition and sound design, providing all field and dungeon music under the supervision of Kondo. For the E3 trailer, Michiru Oshima created three pieces of orchestral arrangements written by different composers, although only one piece, by Mahito Yokota, was used. Working on the trailer prompted Kondo to consider using orchestral music for the game as well. He envisioned a full orchestra for action sequences and a string quartet for "lyrical moments".

In the past, Kondo had always waited until he could observe the gameplay of a title before composing the score to ensure that they meshed well. When the trailer for E3 was created however, gameplay development had not progressed enough for Kondō to decide if an orchestra would be feasible. In the end, the final product used sequenced music instead. Kondo later cited the lack of interactivity that comes with orchestral music as one of the main reasons for the decision. Minegishi followed Kondo's example of matching the score to the gameplay, and created music to elicit the feeling of melancholy he observed. As Link begins to save Hyrule from the effects of the Twilight Realm, the music takes on a more relaxed mood.

Due to the soundtrack containing only seven tracks, fans have created their own unofficial soundtracks by ripping music data from the game disc and uploading them to peer-to-peer file sharing web sites, with some containing over 200 tracks.

Four mp3s are hidden on Nintendo's official Twilight Princess website, one of which is not featured on the Nintendo Power soundtrack, and is called "Twilight Princess Orchestra (Don't Want You No More) (Bonus Track)", also known as "The Legend of Zelda: Orchestra Piece #1". This is the same track that plays during the attract video that plays after waiting through the title screen. The other three tracks are "Orchestra Piece #2", "Hyrule Field Main Theme", and "Ordon Village".

There is also a six-track CD that came bundled with 1/6 scale replicas of the Master Sword and Hylian Shield, which included all of the songs listed below, except for "Ordon Village".

Track listing

Track Title Length
1 "The Legend of Zelda: Orchestra Piece #2" 2:03
2 "Hyrule Field Main Theme" 2:34
3 "Ordon Village" 3:14
4 "Kakariko Village" 3:06
5 "Death Mountain" 2:11
6 "Midna's Theme" 1:32
7 "Ilia's Theme" 1:50
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