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This page is a list of glitches from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Baba Serpent goes through the ground

Requirements: Access to Castle Town


Go to South Castle town entrance and go to the cliff where a grotto is located (do not climb up the vines). Approach the Baba Serpent nearest the vines and cut it. If done correctly, the Baba Serpent will fall through the ground.

Back In Time/Back In Time Equipped Glitch (BIT/BITE)

This glitch can be performed on either the Gamecube or Wii versions of the game. When Link enters the Arbiter's Grounds or the Goron Mines, he must go to a sinkhole or to the lava. He must fall in it. While he is sinking, go to the Home Menu and press the reset icon (or press the reset button on the Gamecube). Link should be at the Bridge of Eldin. Link will not have any hearts, and Link will not have anything except a sword and a shield. If Link sticks around long enough, he will notice that he is at the starting menu. If he falls, he will be at the part where he encounters King Bulblin for the first time in Hyrule Field. This glitch has a few random effects: sometimes after falling, the King Bulblin cutscene will occur, Link will not be on Epona, and Link may also have all the items he had earlier. This glitch can be done in both versions of the game, but the "equipped" version (Link having all of his items) is done by pressing A + B as Link is getting up. The Twilight Princess emblem will show. Link must jump into the chasm. While he is falling, go to the saved game menu. Select the game and Link will face King Bulblin with all of his items.

NOTE: There needs to be perfect timing to perform this glitch. The game must be reset exactly before Link's hand goes down.

Boss Room Glitch: Blocking Pots

Requirements: Access to a boss room in any dungeon with pots in the room.


First defeat the Boss. Once Midna appears and opens a Warp Portal to exit the room, pick up the pots surrounding the room and place them in a circular pattern around the portal. Afterward, walk towards the portal until Midna asks Link if he would like to leave the room. Choose "yes", then the game should go into a small cutscene of Link walking towards the portal. Link should walk towards the portal, but get stuck walking against a pot, which blocks him from exiting the room.

NOTE: Once this glitch was been performed, it is impossible to undo it without restarting the game. While the glitch is being done, the player can not perform any actions or skip the scene, because of Link being stuck in the cutscene.

Camera Glitch

Hold the Fishing Rod near a large cliff. Run towards the edge, and just as Link jumps off, press the button that has the Fishing Rod equipped. Link should use it, then immediately jump off. The camera will not follow him down until he hits the ground or falls to his doom.

Cannon Room Glitch

NEEDED: Access to the Cannon Room in Renado's basement in Kakariko without warping the cannon away.
STEPS:Go to the cannon room and save. Reset the game. When Link wakes up, Shad, who was previously there, vanishes. Now it is impossible to beat the game. Midna says that Link can't warp because Shad is watching, but he really isn't. When Link tries to walk out, an "invisible" Shad will not let him out.

NOTE: This glitch will only work in older versions of the game, as Nintendo has fixed this in the newer versions. If this glitch occurs, send the disc to Nintendo for repair.

Cannot Touch This

While fighting Death Sword, during the phase when only Wolf Link can see it, turn on the sense view. When the sword is coming down, turn sense view off, and Wolf Link should teleport out of the way.

Credit goes to Youtube user logitechSDAZ for discovering the glitch.

Cave of Ordeals Glitch

When exploring the Cave of Ordeals, extinguish the torches with the Gale Boomerang and the door on the next floor will open with the exclusion of floors 1, 10, 11, 20, 21, 30, 31, 40, 41, and 50. This "glitch" works only on the Wii version of the game. Note that this glitch may or may not work for the player depending on the time his or her game was made, as Nintendo has fixed many bugs.

Climb Death Mountain Without Iron Boots

NEEDED: Early Master Sword, Access to the path to Death Mountain after the Twilight.
STEPS: When a Goron charges at Link, change into a wolf and dodge the Goron. Wolf link is faster than the Gorons.
NOTE: If the Goron sees wolf link, he will still call him a human.

Cucco Laying an Egg

Requirements: Bomb Arrows


Firstly, hit the Cucco with a bomb arrow. Then, throw it and it will lay an egg.

Dancing Goron

NEEDED: Access to Death Mountain after defeating Fyrus
STEPS: In Death Mountain, go behind a Goron. Talk to him so he turns around and say "yes" to his question. When he rolls up, go directly behind his new position, and face him. When he springs up, he will be dancing.

Dash Forward

On certain staircases, if Link performs a somersault, there is a chance that Link might dash forward instead of rolling. If this is done incorrectly, Link will simply bounce against the stairs.

Diababa Freeze

Requirements: Early Master Sword and access to Diababa


Complete the Master Sword Early glitch, and battle Diababa. When it is time to use the final blow, transform into Wolf Link, and deal the final blow. This will cause the game to freeze.

NOTE: To undo the glitch, turn off or reset the game.

Die in Ordon Glitch

NOTE: This glitch possibly works in both versions of the game. First, get into the deep pool of water near Rusl's house and equip the clawshot and Z-target. Hold this position and move towards the slope next to Rusl's house and Link should fall through and turn up at the entrance to Ordon with one heart less.

Die In Kakariko Village

REQUIRED: Entrance To Kakariko Village after banishing the Twilight.

First, grab a Cucco after Link bombs the cave. Now head out to go on up to the Hot Spring. Now equip the iron boots, but do not put them on. Fly to the wooden platform, and if you cant auto-land, simply use the boots. After landing, try to jump towards the hotel. If done correctly, Link will fall through the rocks as though they were a bottomless pit.

Early Master Sword

NEEDED: Access to Faron Woods in Twilight without the North Faron Woods Twilight Portal
STEPS: After Link steals the equipment from Ordon, head to where the North Faron Woods Twilight Portal is, and engage the battle with the shadow beasts. There is a low section of the cliff near Trill's Shop. Face the cliff, and make sure a Shadow beast is in front of Link. Use Midna's Energy Field Attack to kill it. If done correctly, Wolf Link and Midna should be at the top of the cliff. Walk around the back until the path to the Sacred Grove appears on the map. Go through the wall in the direction of the Sacred grove's entrance, battle skull kid, solve the statue puzzle, and get the sword.
NOTES: Link will now be able to warp, even though Midna hasn't taught Link to warp yet. Link will also have the ability to transform into a wolf at will.
An additional glitch can be performed if Link warps to Ordon. Rusl will search the town, and if he sees Link, he will think that he is wolf link, and attack. Note that it is impossible to harm Rusl.

Energy Efficient Cucco Glitch

Go to Falbi's Flight By Fowl attraction at Lake Hylia. Pay the fee, pick up a cucco, and fly out a little. Then either equip the Iron Boots, or the Magic Armor, the armor will work only if Link is all out of Rupees. Link should start plummeting and screaming at the top of his lungs. When Link's shield looks totally horizontal, unequip the iron boots or the magic armor. Now the Cucco should fly faster and descend less than before, and Link's shield should still look like he is falling down at high speeds.

NOTE: The shield WILL revert itself after Link lands, but the Cucco, when grabbed and held when jumping off a ledge, will cause Link to jump much higher than usual.

Escaping The Barrier

When inside a yellow barrier in Hyrule Castle, it is possible to escape the fight. Simply position the enemy between Link and the barrier and shield attack until they are at the closest point and then do the Helm Splitter. If done correctly Link will be out of the barrier and will be able to continue the game without killing the enemies.

Field South of Castle Town Glitch

  1. Leave Castle Town through the South Gate, and call Epona.
  2. Ride her over to the huge pit.
  3. Leave a little space between her and the pit, change into a wolf, and get on the side of her that faces the pit. Get near the side of her head, and talk to her. She will look at Link, and push him into the pit.
  4. Wait a while before ending the conversation. Now, Link should be in the river leading to Lake Hylia, and he can explore. It is also possible to use the Clawshot(s) to get into the pit.

Skipping to 2:37, the glitch is shown in detail.

Fight King Bulblin as a Wolf

NEEDED: Early Master Sword, access to the time when Colin gets kidnapped by King Bulblin
STEPS: When Link reaches Hyrule field, chase King Bulblin and Jump attack him a couple times until they battle at the bridge of Eldin. When thay face off, maneuver to the side (like dodging the Gorons in the glitch above) and chase him down and attack.
NOTES: After performing this glitch, the game will have to be reset, because there is no way out once Link has won the fight. Nothing will happen to Link, and King Bulblin's pig will just run around the bridge.

Floating Glitch

This can be done on both the GameCube and Wii versions.

At the City in the Sky at the boss area facing the center from where Link went to the top, climb the pillars on the right side. Once Link gets the top of the pillar, find a point where Link can look at the sun. On the middle-right side, the icon should pop up that says that Link can attach to something there. Release and Link will go up very high with nothing holding on to him but air and his Clawshot attached to an invisible object.

It is safe to fall down as Link will land on the ground, losing only one or two hearts.

Frozen Goron

NEEDED: Access to Death Mountain after beating Fyrus
STEPS: Go up to a Goron and talk to him. When he asks if Link wants to go up, say yes. Pick up a small rock, go to the Goron, stand in front of him and place the rock. The rock should be on the Goron. Climb up, and the Goron will stay frozen, curled up on the ground.

NOTE: You don't have to reset the game if you put the small rock in a place that when you climb on the Goron, the rock falls, if not done correctly, you will have to reset the game.

Get to Lanayru Province before beating Death Mountain

NEEDED: Access to Kakariko village in twilight.
STEPS: Lure a Kargorok to the gate in the back of the village. Knock it over the gate with a jump attack. When it gets up, use Midna's energy field attack when it is directly over the gate. Wolf Link should jump over the gate, and he can explore the rest of Eldin province and head to Lanyaru.
NOTES:The rocks that block off the way from Eldin to Lanyaru will be missing. Also, the shadow beasts will not appear at the bridge.
When Link get to the border of the two provinces, Midna will tell him not to go there, but nothing will happen if he does.

Horse Grass Boomerang Glitch

Find any patch of either Horse Grass or Hawk Grass and stand next to it. Throw the Gale Boomerang in any direction and just as it comes back to Link pick up the grass. If done with the correct timing Link will blow into his Boomerang rather than the grass.

NOTE: It is a bit easier to perform the glitch while standing on one of the platforms in Ordon Village. Stand in front of the hawk grass and throw the Gale Boomerang, tilt the control stick slightly (so Link doesn't move, just faces a different direction) and press 'A' right as he's supposed to catch the Boomerang. He will now be holding the Boomerang as if it was grass, and he will still be able to call the hawk.

Impossible to Beat the Game

NEEDED: Early Master Sword, Access to Death Mountain right after losing a sumo match to Gor Coron.
  1. Walk out the room and turn into a wolf.
  2. Go back in and go to the Gorons blocking the door. The game will then make an invisible barrier around the entrance, thus making the game unbeatable unless the file is erased.
NOTES: If Link asks Gor Coron for a rematch, he will say yes, but nothing will happen.

If the glitch is performed after beating the elder, the barrier will still be there, even though the guards are letting him through.

Technically, it is possible to beat the game with Early Master Sword, it just takes very specific glitches that are difficult to pull off and most normal people will not want to do. Link can, in fact, skip Goron Mines in an Early Master Sword playthrough of the game.

Infinite Bombs and Arrows

WARNING: Do NOT attempt to acquire any bomb bags while this glitch is active, because it will be missing from the inventory and not be re-obtainable. Best do it when Link has all three of them. This cheat remains active until Link beats a temple boss or until he saves and quits.

Requirements: Control of Wolf Form, Clawshot, Cleared Zora River of rocks, at least 20 Rupees.

Go to Lake Hylia and howl at the Hawk Grass to play Plumm's Balloon Popping Game. As soon as Link starts, Dash and crash into a wall. When Plumm asks Link if he wants to play again, say no. Then change to human form and equip the Clawshot. From where Link is standing, leap into the water and start swimming towards the waterfall. Swim until the screen shows that the cliff is not blocking the waterfall.

Aim the Clawshot at the waterfall, Z or L-Target and swim into the cliff face beside Link. Link should pass through the cliff and continue swimming in the same direction, and he should fall and die within a few seconds. When he re-spawns, Plumm will ask him if he wants to go again; answer yes and crash into the wall again. Link should now be standing in human form on an invisible platform.

Now aim the camera at the balloons and jump backward into nothingness. When Link re-spawns, he will be in the same spot, but with the river ride game theme along the river. Turn into a wolf and jump in the water and swim forward until the screen goes black. Link will be a very glitched-out wolf riding down the waterfall.

WARNING: Do not press any buttons while Link is in the canoe or run the risk of having to turn off the console and re-attempt the whole glitch from the start.

When Iza's assistant asks Link if he wants to go again say yes and he will be in Iza's shack as a wolf. Now, warp anywhere and (as long as the glitch is active) Link will keep the Lent bomb bag with infinite bombs and the arrows never run out. Useful for Cave of Ordeals or Dungeons. Link can also equip only the bow and arrows, and will then have unlimited normal arrows.

If Link pauses and saves, and continues playing, then he will have the unlimited bombs and arrows, and nothing equipped on the D-pad, even if he had anything equipped before. If he quits the game, then he will be at Upper Zora's River, with the items he had equipped before the whole glitch, and without the infinate bombs and arrows.

NOTE: It is also possible to have infinite amount of any bomb type. Just sell all of the bombs in the Lent Bomb Bag and buy the lowest amount of the bomb type desired and it fills the bomb bag completely. This can also be used to get more Rupees by selling all of the bombs and buying less again, earning Link a profit.

This video shows the glitch on the Wii version.

Infinite Rupees

Requirements: Clawshot, twenty Rupees, Access to the River Ride minigame


First, go on a trip downriver, get at least 26 points shooting targets, and then when you arrive at the small platform at the end of Link's trip, equip the Clawshot, jump into the water and swim towards the waterfall. Z target and point the Clawshot towards the waterfall, swim to the left and go through the wall, keep swimming and fall. When Link respawns, he will be back in the canoe and the Zora will be speaking to him. Finish the dialogue and claim your rupees, rinse and repeat.

Invisible Hole Glitch

  1. Link must go to the area in front of Arbiter's Grounds, and before the Bulblin Camp.
  2. Find the small Treasure Chest on the left and open it.
  3. Jump Attack and get on top of the chest. Then face Link at the low wall on the left.
  4. Charge a Jump Strike.

If performed correctly, Link will appear to be out-of-bounds. If Link continues to walk forward through the only rock visible, he will fall back through to his starting place.

Kakariko Graveyard Glitch

This glitch requires the hidden skill, "Jump Strike".

  1. Enter Kakariko Village Graveyard and, to save time, kill all of the Guays.
  2. In the right wall of the graveyard, there is a small rock ledge that is slightly lower than the others. Jump Strike onto it.
  3. After circling the graveyard on the rocks, Jump Striking whenever necessary, Link will appear on the edge of the graveyard. There will be empty white space, a background, and the root of one of the two trees. NOTE: If Link falls into the white space he will appear at the entrance of the graveyard, with one less heart.
  4. Keep going up to the edge and follow it to the right (left on GameCube) using Jump Strike to get up the difficult "hill" and stand as close to the edge as possible, in sort of a "dump". Link is now able to see the area behind the graveyard containing the Zora grave.
  5. Now Z/L target and jump attack towards the Zora grave room, if successful, Link will land inside of the "room" on top of a ledge. Walk towards the waterfall (Do not jump down from the ledge) and let Link drop down into the waterfall. Now Link will be swimming in the white space right outside of the Zora grave "room" and he can explore the invisible water.
  6. If need be that Link is to get out of the white space, simply swim towards the Zora grave room. As soon as Link goes through the wall, it will become solid and he cannot go back into the white space. To do the glitch again, go back to the graveyard and repeat the process.

NOTE: This glitch can also be performed with the boomerang and a jump attack, seen in the video below.

This video shows the glitch on the Gamecube version.

NOTE: The water is bottomless, if Link equips iron boots, and tries to swim back up, he will fall

Keeping the Wooden Sword

NOTE: Link does not need the slingshot; however, it makes this glitch far easier. He can push the Bokoblins down to Trill, who can then kill them for him. It should also be noted that this is difficult to do.

NOTE: If Link replaces the Master Sword, the game will be left unbeatable.

Pick up a large rock and carry it over to the locked gate, set it down on the far left or far right of the gate. Next, Link will need to do side jumps over the rock (Hold L + Hold Direction on control stick + A). If done correctly, Link will land inside the gate. Once inside the gate, try to angle Link so that his back is to the bridge, then, repeatedly roll towards the lock in the center of the gate; if done correctly, when Link hits the lock, he will bounce backwards onto the bridge, if done incorrectly, he will bounce back onto the grass. Repeat this until he lands on the bridge.

Once on the other side of the gate, follow the path Link would normally take until he gets to the point with the caged monkey and the two Bokoblins; feel free to kill enemies along the way, but make sure Link always has at least enough Seeds to kill a Deku Baba (to refill his seeds). When Link gets to the caged monkey, kill one of the Bokoblins with the Slingshot, then position Link so that him and the remaining Bokoblin are on opposite sides of the cage. The Bokoblin's attacks can destroy the bars of the cage, and since Link cannot destroy the bars by himself, he must trick the Bokoblin into doing it for him. Kill the Bokoblin once the bars are destroyed.

Continue the game until Link gets the Ordon Sword and is back in the Light Realm. Make sure to save and also save it to a separate file as well. Picking up the Wooden Sword here will equip it, but equipping the Ordon Sword or Master Sword will make it disappear forever.

The following video shows how to keep the Wooden Sword, and how to skip the Ordon Sword.

Long Jump Attack

NOTE: This cannot be done on the Wii version because in that version, when Link takes out his sword, he automatically attacks, which drops Link's "auto-lock" on the Gale Boomerang.

The easiest way to do this is to have a bottomless pit, the Gale Boomerang, and a sword. All Link has to do is throw the boomerang, and as it is coming back to Link (it has to be over the pit), he should jump attack. Link will do a really far jump attack. Useful for the City in the Sky and can speed things up in the Twilight Palace (specifically when Link has to go get the second Sol).

Levitating Bomskit Glitch

NOTE: This can be performed only if the postman has a letter for Link.

Go to Kakariko Gorge for the first time and, with Epona, run into one of the Bomskits on the road. If done correctly, the postman will come and the Bomskit will be levitating in the air. Once the postman leaves, the Bomskit will hang in the air for a few brief seconds, then continue running around.

Magnetic Ceiling Glitch

NOTE: This glitch is for the Wii version of the game. It does not work in the Gamecube version of the game.

This can be done wherever there is a magnetic ceiling, such as the first one encountered in The Goron Mines.

First equip the boots to the D-pad but don’t put them on. Go under the magnetic field and equip the boots. In mid flight up to the ceiling press the - button and put an item where the iron boots were on the D-pad, and make sure the Iron boots are not anywhere on the D-Pad. Unpause the game and finish flying onto the ceiling. Link should be on the ceiling with the Iron boots off and he will stay there and be able to walk faster.Also when you look down electricity will be where you took the boots off in a circle.

To get down walk off the magnetic part of the ceiling, equip and remove the Iron Boots.

Map Glitch

NOTE: This glitch can be performed on GameCube and Wii versions. This description is from the GameCube version.

Click the Z-button and right on the D-pad at the same time. The map should appear on the screen. Make portals come on the map and choose any of them. If done correctly, instead of warping, Link will talk to Midna. If Link tries to enter a door or another area (that will fade to black or white and be in the next area), it will not load and Link will be able to keep going. If Link tries to enter another area while riding Epona, he will keep going and float in midair. Link can get to odd places and get to some places early.

WARNING: Do not attempt to dismount from Epona while floating. Link will fall endlessly and never die. The only way for him to get back is to restart the game. Additionally, if Link dies, the game over-screen will come up. Choose yes or no, but the program will be unable to leave the screen. Also, if Link does not call Epona and tries to keep going to another area, he will eventually fall through the ground, and will have the restart the game.

Map Glitch (Wii Version)

To perform this glitch, make Link go and talk to his horse, but press A and 1 at the same time. Make the portals appear on the map and warp to any spot. The glitch has been done.

If Link goes in a door after this glitch has been done, it will mess up the collision data, and Link will be able to roll up certain walls, and go through certain things.

Night Time Music Glitch

This is a very minor glitch and does not affect gameplay at all whatsoever.

Link must find an enemy in Hyrule Field when it's close to night time, but before the daytime to night time transition music occurs. He must then get close to it, however, he must not kill that enemy. Keep it near Link until night time, and the Hyrule Field daytime enemy music should be playing instead of the typical "enemy near" music. Now if Link gets away from that enemy or kills it, the special enemy music will stop and the night music will play. Get back near an enemy and the typical "enemy near" music will play.

The same applies when the time goes from night to day (the normal enemy music plays even in the daytime).

Out of Bounds in Ordon Glitch

NOTE:Link will fall through the ground in certain spots when performing this glitch.

NOTE:This glitch can also be done on the other side of the fence.

Go to the spot in Ordon Village with Link's house. Then, go to the left side of the fence that leads to Ordon Village (right side in the Wii version). Do a spin attack to cut all of the grass, and go into the small corner between the edge of a small cliff and the fence. Place a bomb behind Link, and charge for a jump strike. Do not release the jump strike until the bomb starts flashing red really fast. If this glitch is done correctly, Link should jump strike and nearly get on the cliff. Then, the bomb should explode helping him grab on the side of the cliff, and climb up onto it.

If there is an invisible wall blocking Link from getting out of bounds once he gets of the cliff, then do another jump strike, and Link should go to a spot where he can move freely out of bounds.

Postman Glitch

NOTE: This glitch works only if the Postman has a letter for Link.

Leave Kakariko Village, going north along the rock canyon. Travel along the east wall until Link gets to an area where he can slowly walk off the floor and grab onto the edge. While hanging onto the edge, keep moving right. If the postman has a letter for Link, he will run over to him but then fall off the edge. After a while, he will hit the "bottom" and give Link the letter. Most likely the system will crash from this. If not, there are many odd sub-glitches.

Reach the Bottomless Floor

  1. Go to the City in the Sky.
  2. Find the area with the Peahats and Baba Serpent-infested grass.
  3. Use the Double Clawshots and grab onto one of the flying Peahats when they are over an area with no visible ground below.
  4. Quickly equip the Iron Boots, and Link will fall, with the Peahat, down to the sky.

The Peahat will not allow Link to die, but there is a point where he stops falling and just hangs there in the sky. Also, if Link looks up (using the C-stick), he can see the floors have disappeared, allowing him full view of the rooms above. If he removes the Iron Boots, the Peahat will slowly go up, while still moving in its designated direction. Link will most likely eventually go through a floor, where he is hold on the Peahat will be released.

Renado Underwater

When Renado is walking outside in Kakariko Village, Link can push him slightly when he stops walking. If Link keeps talking to him when he starts to move, he will stop moving again, allowing Link to keep pushing him slightly further. Push him, until Link reaches inside of the cave by the spring in the village, (which requires the entrance being bombed in the first place) and keep pushing him while following the path in the cave. Once Link reaches the other side of the cave, push him off the edge, and into the deep pool in the back of the spring. He will sink to the bottom, and begin to walk on the floor of the pool. If Link talks to him, he will act completely normal, as if nothing has happened. Also, when Link pushes him out of range where Talo can spot him, he can speak to Renado in wolf form, where again, he acts normal.

NOTE: This takes a while, and takes a lot of patience.

Skip the Forest Temple

Needed: Nothing

Steps: At the start of the game, pick up a rock and carry it to the gate that leads to Faron Woods. Put down the rock and level Link next to the rock, and the rock should be next to one of the rings in the gate. Side jump in the direction of the gate. If done correctly, then Link should get stuck in the gate. Roll to the side to get knocked out on the other side. Enter Faron Woods. Link will then reach an impassible fence, so call up Epona with horse grass and ride over it. Head to the gate that leads to Hyrule Field near Coro. Back up as much as possible to the gate and backflip off (Gamecube: Hold L and press A, Wii: Hold Z and press A). Link should get stuck again and roll out of the gate.


  • When Link gets stuck in the gate, it may be very difficult to get out, because the camera gets all messed up and points in random directions. Looking at the map can be a little helpful.
  • When Link reaches the Twilight zone, Midna will pop out, even though they never met in the jail cell. The Ordon Village children and the villagers of Kakariko will be hiding in Renado's house, even though nothing has happened yet.

Skip the Temple of Time

Needed: Access to Renado's basement before beating the Temple of Time, and the Master Sword.

Steps: Go to the basement beneath Renado's house, and walk up to the statue as a wolf. In the Gamecube version, walk in between the left side of the statue and the wall, and in the Wii version, go to the right of the statue. Once Link goes as far as he can, turn into a human. If done correctly, Link should go through the statue and get into the cannon room. After Fyer repairs the cannon, Link can get to the City in the Sky.

  • It is also possible to do this without beating Snowpeak Ruins, but the Ball and Chain is needed to defeat Zant.
  • The game allows Link to skip the Temple of Time because, once he defeats Argorok, the game assumes the Temple of Time and/or Snowpeak Ruins have already been cleared.

Skipping the Ordon Sword

Outside of the entrance to the Twilight Realm, there are two event triggers: the first causes Midna to order Link to go return to the village to get the Ordon Sword and Ordon Shield; Link will then take a few steps back towards the village, preventing him from reaching the second event trigger. The second event trigger activates a cut scene where Link is pulled into the Twilight Realm. This following glitch allows him to jump over the first event trigger and skip getting the Ordon Sword.

Head down the path towards the village until Link comes across a Bulblin (if Link got the Ordon Shield, Link will be coming from the other direction on Link's first attempt, but Link will start at the spring whenever the game is reset). Get his attention and lead him across the bridge to the entrance to the Twilight Realm. Next, Link must position him so that he is on the left side of the path (right side for the Wii edition), so that he is slightly angled away from the wall, and that he is standing right at the edge of the area that will trigger the Midna scene; there is a large black mark on the wall next to the border of the event trigger, if Link cannot see it, try activating his senses; use this line to help position the attack more accurately.

When Link has the Bulblin in the right position, L-target the Bulblin, jump back, attack the Bulblin with the A button, and then immediately jump again. If done correctly, Link will jump over the event trigger. If done incorrectly, he will trigger the Midna cut scene. If this happens, leave the area (or just jump off of the bridge). This will cause the Bulblin to regain the health lost from being hit--and then retry. If Link has already killed the Bulblin, exiting the area will not cause him to respawn; the save file must be reloaded in order to make him return.

Skipping to the boss in City in the Sky

In City in the Sky, there is an area before fighting the boss and after using the boss key on the door. Link Can skip that area and go straight to the boss.

As the human form of Link, stand next to the first ledge heading towards the boss. (may work on other ledges, but this is where it has worked) get as close to the edge as he can without falling off. Facing off the ledge, change into a wolf. If done correctly, Link should fall to his death and appear at the door as a wolf. While the cinematic of the wolf Link getting up and getting Midna on his back is going on, press the - button to skip and he will appear in front of the boss in wolf form.

Snowboarding Freeze

Requirements: Ball and Chain, access to the top of Snowpeak.


Go to the top of Snowpeak. Stand next to Yeto & Yeta, then take out the Ball and Chain. Aim about one third of the way up the trunk of the tree which gives Link his ice board, launch the Ball and Chain, then Yeto will talk to Link. Link will be in the beginning of the race scene. The game will freeze right when "go" appears, and when the buzzer starts.

NOTE: This will freeze the game. In order to get out of the glitch, restart the game.

Stand Underwater Without Iron Boots

  1. Link must go to Zora's Domain and equip the Zora Armor.
  2. Going towards the end of Zora's Domain near the Upper Zora's river, Link must not leave, and should find a corner in the wall.
  3. Go underwater and find a small hill on this corner.
  4. Go atop this hill, wearing the Iron Boots. Take them off at the top, and Link will still be standing.

Link can perform any action as if he were above water, including transform into a wolf or change tunics. But Link will still be underwater. (This is available only on the GameCube version.)

Stuck on the Stairs

This glitch works in the Wii version and probably in the GameCube version.

After defeating Zant, talk to Midna with Link's back to the corner of stairs and say Link does not want to leave, and if performed correctly Link will be stuck in walking animation at the corner of the stairs and he cannot move at all so the game must be reset.

Trapped Hawk

Access to Ordon Village after getting Epona from Ilia

Call up a hawk with hawk grass. Aim it at the porch in front of Fado's house (the one that is never unlocked). The hawk should hit the door, but get stuck on the porch.

Trill Crashes the Game or Punish the Evildoers

To do this glitch, play until Talo gets kidnapped by Bokoblins. Do not go to Trill until Link is fighting a Bokoblin. Slowly and carefully push the Bokoblin into Trill's shop. If done right, the screen will go to Trill and will look like he is about to say something, but the dialogue will not be seen. Link cannot skip the "dialogue", so this makes the need to restart the game. Another thing that could happen is that Trill yells out, "Punish the evildoers!" After saying that, he will attack and kill the Bokoblin. (This isn't actually a glitch unless the game crashes, though.)

NOTE: Trill will also try to kill Link until the Bokoblin dies.

What Is Behind the Tree?

NOTE: This glitch works in both the Wii and Gamecube versions of the game.

NOTE: this glitch can also be performed by using the Spinner.

To perform this glitch, Link must go to Ordon Village, and climb the tree with the hornets (needless to say, remove the nest first). Now climb up the tree and move Link onto one of the thin branches, and Z-target to line Link's back up with the tree. Now perform a back flip. If done correctly, Link will fall into a pit and scream. Link will start back in Ordon Village with one heart less.

The start of this video shows how to do this glitch with the Spinner.

Trill Glitch

Go to Trill's shop and use an empty bottle to get something, but don't pay or exit the shop. Then save and exit the game. When the game is reopened, Link will have what he got in the bottle and Trill won't be mad at him, as if nothing happened.

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