The following is seen when you start up a new 'Tri Force Heroes' file.


Hey, you! Listen Up, and I'll tell you how our story begins...

Once upon a time there was a kingdom called Hytopia. At the heart of this fashion-obsessed land was the lovely Princess Styla.

The people adored their fair princess... but the Drablands witch despised the girl's unbearably cute fashion sense.

One fateful day, a beautifully wrapped gift arrived at the castle.

The sender was unknown, and the box was brimming with an aura of mystery. The princess simply had to open it! Naturally, this was a HUGE mistake.

When the smoke cleared, Styla was met with a terrible sight, followed by the witch's voice in her pretty head: "A perfect outfit for a perfect princess."

This cursed outfit of ultimate ugliness could not be removed no matter how the princess tried. Humiliated, she fell in misery and isolation. The people of Hytopia wept for her terrible fate. 

The king, too, was in agony. As only chosen heroes may enter the witch's domain, the despicable Drablands, King Tuft issued a call to other kingdoms near and far for a hero to save the day. 

Luckily, it wasn't long before this courageous young fella came passing through...  


Zelda- Tri Force Heroes - Opening & Title Screen

Zelda- Tri Force Heroes - Opening & Title Screen

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