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This page is a list of glitches from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

Ability Overlap

  1. Power up the Game Boy Advance and call Tingle.
  2. Set Tingle's ability to either the Tingle Shield or Kooloo-Limpah.
  3. Get into the King of Red Lions, activate the ability, and, once it starts, take out the Wind Waker.
  4. Play the Ballad of Gales and select a warp destination.
  5. Sometime around now the "Please wait..." message will appear on the Game Boy Advance, then while it is still there Tingle's message that indicates the ability has ended will appear behind it.

When Link arrives at the warp destination, the ability will still be going, but the Game Boy Advance will think it has ended. Link can now use a second ability while the first is still in effect.

Aerial Morths

  1. Go to Outset Island.
  2. Leave the King of Red Lions near the highest part of the jetty going to the lookout.
  3. Grab the big black pig and get him over to Abe's house.
  4. In front of Abe's house is a dark gray patch of ground. Stick the pig near it and chuck some Bait onto it.
  5. The pig will burrow into the ground and uncover some Morths. Let some of them get on Link.
  6. Jump into the King of Red Lions from above so the Morths are still on Link while Link is in the King of Red Lions.
  7. Start sailing.

The Morths will not be able to keep up and will hover slowly through the air behind the King of Red Lions. This glitch also works in the Forbidden Woods by going onto one of the platforms that is moved by using the Deku Leaf, then using it. Once the platform gets to the other end, the Morths will catch up with Link.

Alternative Layout

  1. Equip the Picto Box to a button.
  2. Press the button to use it, then immediately press Start to pause the game.

On the item/quest screens, the normal button layout will have been replaced with the three button camera layout.

Alternative Music

  1. Go to Windfall Island.
  2. Stand on a mat in front of Zunari's stall and play the Song of Passing until it is day time.

Link should hear the sailing music, even though he is still on Windfall Island.

Beedle Hits Link

  1. When Link is on any of Beedle's shop ships, press (R) and slowly crawl towards the hull (this may take some practice).
  2. When Link is on the edge, barely press the analog stick forward.

Link will appear to be hit so hard by Beedle's shop ship that he is stuck on the front.

Blind Darknut

  1. Go to a place with a Darknut and a narrow hallway. Example: Old Hyrule.
  2. Charge up a spin attack. Make sure the Darknut does the same.
  3. Release the spin attack and wait until the Darknut stops its hurricane spin.
  4. Make sure it ends up in front of Link.
  5. The Darknut will look around as if it could not see Link. Then it will notice Link and the battle will continue normally.

Bokoblin Telescope Machete

Bokoblins who hold telescopes occasionally also wield a machete in the same hand, with the telescope and Machete 3D models intermingling. They behave the same as a Bokoblin wielding only a Machete. The cause of this glitch is unknown.

Bombs in House

  1. Set the Tingle Tuner to Y.
  2. Press Y and the Start button at the same time.
  3. Set the Bombs to Y.
  4. Quickly press A to prevent the bomb from exploding on Link.

Bottomless Lake

  1. Go to Hyrule.
  2. Get out of the King of Red Lions. The small pond is shallow enough to walk in.
  3. Get back in the King of Red Lions.
  4. Use the Grappling Hook.

Link will notice that the rope will go down much deeper than it was before.

Burrowing Bees

  1. Go to Windfall Island during the day.
  2. Go to where the Killer Bees are.
  3. Get them to start circling around Link then go over to the wooden staircase.
  4. Wait until one of them is between Link and the alley next to the staircase, then run into them to push them down the alley. Try to keep them pressed against the rock wall underneath the staircase.

If Link pushes them far enough and keep them hard against the wall they should fall through the ground and disappear. This can be done to all four of them, but Ivan, the leader, is much harder to push around. If Link pushes some of them through the ground then talks to any of the kids remaining, the camera will show some odd shots when the kids who Link would have pushed through the ground talk. The camera will show the whole island and the music will change to the music played on the Great Sea (around half the time).

Castle Exteriors Interior

  1. Go to the path that leads from Hyrule Castle to the entrance to Ganon's Tower.
  2. Get one of the Moblins on the path to follow Link back to the entrance to the castle.
  3. Get the Moblin between Link and the doorway, and use the Boomerang to knock it back into the doorway.
  4. Once it is far enough into the doorway, it will disappear behind the back wall. Pull out the Hookshot and use it on the Moblin to pull Link back there too.

Link is now behind the door and can look around at the castle exterior from inside it.

ChuChu goes Through Wall

In the Savage Labyrinth, pass through the Labyrinth until the Forest Haven section comes in and fight the Green ChuChus. have one stay alive and attack it near the wall. If Link times his attack, the ChuChu will go through the wall without a trace.

Death Trap

  1. Go to Overlook Island and enter the hole there.
  2. Go through the door in front of Link, then through the door to the left of the next door in front of Link.
  3. Two Stalfos will appear in the room Link is now in; kill one of them.
  4. Keep hitting the other one until it splits in two, with its upper and lower body walking around separately (Spin Attacks work well).
  5. Destroy the lower body.
  6. Shoot the upper body with a Light Arrow.

All that remains of the Stalfos now are bits of its leg bones scattered around, they will not reform into the complete Stalfos and the room's door will not unlock. Link cannot get out. This can also be done in any other room which gets locked down and contains Stalfos.

Decorative Air

  1. Go to Windfall Island. Link needs a decorative item equipped to X, Y or Z.
  2. Get on top of the stone arch near the Postbox.
  3. At the raised end closest to the sea are two Joy Pedestals for decorative items, one is positioned so that it is right on the edge of the ramp leading up to this raised area. Stand on the ramp slightly to the north of this pedestal.
  4. Attempt to climb up next to the pedestal, as Link begins to climb hold the analog stick to the left, towards the stand, and rapidly press the button Link has a decorative item on.

If Link is in the right place and press the button at the right time, Link will climb up next to the pedestal, then slip and fall back down as he places the decorative item. There will now be a decorative item on the pedestal and another in the air above and to the side of the pedestal. If Link takes out the one in the pedestal the one in the air will remain. Entering a building, playing the "Song of Passing" or leaving the island will remove the item in the air.

Do Not Touch the Water

  1. Start a new game and play up until Link gets the Deku leaf.
  2. Right after Link gets the Deku Leaf, one of the Koroks will call him over to the ledge with the arrow-shaped patch of grass.
  3. There is another ledge directly under and a little to the right of this one. Have Link drop down and fly to that one instead.
  4. Go outside from there. At this point, the game will think that Link is trying to fly to the Forbidden Woods. If Link fails and falls in the water, he will die instantly.
  5. Change the wind direction to the north-east.
  6. If Link looks in that direction he will be able to see the King of Red Lions in the spot where he first arrived.
  7. Have Link fly to the King of Red Lions and land on top of him.

Link can now sail to other islands, but if he gets off the boat and touches the water, he will die instantly and start over on the same ledge at the Forest Haven. This glitch will only work before Link steps into the Forbidden Woods. After that, he will no longer die when he falls into the water.

Empty Islands

A glitch can occur while controlling a seagull, in which the seagull passes through a hole into the ground below. This is especially prevalent on Outset Island.

  1. Go to one of the Fairy Islands or Outset Island.
  2. Use a Hyoi Pear to take control of a Seagull.
  3. Fly the Seagull into the Fairy Fountain or Savage Labyrinth entrance hole.

The seagull will fly through the bottom of the hole and appear inside the island, where Link can fly around.

Explore Hyrule 1

  1. Do the "Ice Power" glitch with a Moblin on the road to Ganon's Tower.
  2. Go to the stair right before the Darknut in red armor.
  3. Speed off the top of the small staircase, either to the left or right.

With careful timing and some luck, Link will jump right over the wall. Most of the land beyond is unstable though; it is often either slippery or non-solid altogether.

Explore Hyrule 2

  1. Just before Link enters Ganon's Tower there will be three sets of Hookshot targets with enemies around them. Destroy any enemies.
  2. Stand under the first one and carefully position Link's Hookshot at the target. If done correctly it will flash yellow indicating Link can latch onto it even though Link is directly under it.
  3. If Link shoots at it, Link will glitch through the platform and land on top of the platform with the targets. From here Link can use the Deku leaf to fly off the map. Though it is very glitchy, and Link can fall through in random places, it can be fun to explore.

Explore Hyrule 3. With Pick up Moblins

  1. This uses the Pick up Moblin glitch. Attract a Moblin's attention and freeze him. Get behind him and wait for him to thaw.
  1. As soon as he thaws, tap A to pick him up.
  1. Link will be pulled very fast backwards and sideways. It is possible to jump from the bridge and get onto the grass.

Fake Props

  1. Go to the Forsaken Fortress.
  2. In the upper northeast of the fortress is one of the searchlights. On a wall, opposite the ladder Link can climb to reach the searchlight, is one of the ladders that is elevated off the ground. Climb the ladder up to the searchlight.
  3. Set the wind to northwest and face the ladder on the wall opposite Link.
  4. Jump off the edge of the searchlight platform, towards the other ladder, and take out the Deku Leaf.
  5. Float towards the ladder and as Link reaches it, before Link bounces off it, put the Deku Leaf away and try to fall into the ladder so Link grabs it.

Link can now climb the ladder and explore the area around where Link originally lost his sword. The wooden wreckage lying around is not solid and can be walked through.

Fall Through a Ladder

  1. Go to the Earth Temple.
  2. Go to the room where Link first encounters ReDeads, and open the coffin closest to the ladder.
  3. Stun it with a Bomb, and crawl about a third of the way up the ladder.
  4. When the ReDead sees Link, it will scream, and Link will not move. When it tries to bite Link, both Link and the ReDead will be frozen, and Link's hearts will slowly deplete, as if it was biting Link.
  5. Tap lots of buttons to free Link. When Link is free, Link will fall through the ladder and will fall into a pit of darkness. Link will then re-appear at the door.

Far Throw Pig

  1. Go to Outset Island during the day.
  2. Go to the pig pen and grab the big, black pig.
  3. Walk behind the man in the pen and drop the pig here.
  4. The pig should now be trapped and will not be able to get out unless Link pushes him. Walk up beside the pig, with the house on Link's right, and pick the pig up.
  5. Now Link can move anywhere (even outside the pen), and throw it.

The pig will be thrown much further than normal.

The Fast and the Fat

  1. On Outset Island go to the house with the fat pig.
  2. Climb into the pen and put on the Iron Boots.
  3. Pick up the pig. Link will be moving slightly faster than Link normally would carrying the swine.

This is because Link moves slower when carrying the pig than wearing the iron boots. The game will grant Link the speed of the iron boots as opposed to that of carrying the pig.

Flight After Death

  1. Get Link knocked on his back with no hearts.
  2. Hold down L until Link starts getting up.
  3. Right before he gets to his feet, press A to do a jump slash, and then rapidly tap B.
  4. If done correctly, Link will continuously make slashing noises, and fly upwards as long as B is continuously tapped. This can be used for skipping large sections of dungeons.
  5. Unless he uses the Tingle Tuner to heal in midair, when Link lands back on a surface, he dies.

Fountain Crash

WARNING: This glitch will crash the game if attempted. Be sure to save the game first.

  1. Go somewhere where there is a Joy Pedestal.
  2. Equip a Fountain Idol to a button (other decorative items might work).
  3. Put the idol into the pedestal.
  4. Remove the idol, and move around the stand so Link is not in the same place.
  5. Equip the idol and put it into the stand again.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the game crashes.

If Link warps to the Tower of the Gods, sails south to Link's Oasis, and performs the glitch on one of the pedestals there (the one to the right of the door in particular), the game should freeze after doing steps 4 and 5 only a few times, whereas on Windfall it seems to take much longer.

Ganon's Test Animation Comeback

WARNING: This glitch happens during the final battle with Ganondorf at the very end of the game and prevents the game from being completed, so make sure to copy the game file so that the game can be finished after the glitch.

  1. While battling Ganon, get Link down to one Heart of health.
  2. Get to the point of the fight when Princess Zelda is shooting Light Arrows at Link's Mirror Shield and he is about to deliver the final Parry.
  3. This is the difficult part, Link needs to get hit and press A at the exact same time.
  4. If done correctly, it will show Link defeating Ganondorf, but instead of the normal cutscene, Link will die.
  5. Save and continue.
  6. This time, carry out the battle as normal.

When Link defeats Ganondorf, instead of the normal cutscene, Link will be able to walk around and Ganondorf will be stuck in his test animation pose. Link can target him, but attacking him doesn't do anything. Princess Zelda is frozen in place with only her eyes following Link around. He can also walk through her. The game is confused because it thought that Ganondorf was killed already, but the cutscene never played because Link died. At this point, Link is stuck here and will no longer be able to progress through the game.

Ghost Stones

  1. Go to Dragon Roost Island once Link has the Power Bracelets.
  2. Find one of the many explodeable rocks embedded in a wall, and stand beside it, but against the wall.
  3. Pick it up.
  4. Turn to face the wall and throw the rock.

Link should throw it through the wall, and he will hear the rock break a short time later.

Ghostly Pig

  1. Go to Outset Island.
  2. Grab the fat black pig and take it up to where the wood and rope bridge used to be (it is faster to attack him and get him to chase Link there than to carry him).
  3. Pick the pig up and walk over the edge of the cliff as though the bridge is still there and Link is walking onto it.

Link will fall onto a steep plane of rock and drop the pig. It will begin to walk away then fall through the rock and disappear.

Grandma Crashes the Game

WARNING: This glitch will crash the game when attempted. Be sure to save first.

  1. After Link has obtained Farore's Pearl, go to Outset Island with a Fairy in a bottle.
  2. Stand in front of Link's Grandma with the Fairy equipped to a button.
  3. Press the button to use the Fairy and then immediately press Start (They will more or less have to be pressed at the same time; otherwise, the game will not pause.)
  4. Equip any item other than a bottle to the button that the Fairy was on and resume the game.

The Fairy will heal Link's Grandma. She will say her part about her being a terrible grandma, but then the game crashes.

The Grappling Hook of Forever

  1. Go to Bird's Peak Rock.
  2. Stand close to one of the trees and Hookshot them at least fifteen times.
  3. Throw the Grappling Hook at the same tree at least ten times.
  4. Do it enough times that the trees momentarily disappear.
  5. If done correctly, the Grappling Hook will go through the trees, unwinding all the way forever until the pause button is pressed.

Gull Lock

  1. Take control of a Seagull with a Hyoi Pear.
  2. If Link flies far enough away from the island, Link will be forced to turn around. Try and press R exactly as the Gull begins to turn.

If Link does it right, the Gull will get partway through the turn, then freeze; Link now cannot do anything. If Link waits a few minutes, control returns to Link as though nothing had happened.

Hidden Bacon

  1. Go to Windfall Island.
  2. Enter the Bomb Shop.
  3. Stop 'N' Swap the Tingle Tuner with bombs, so that Link takes out a bomb.
  4. Throw it over the counter, between Cannon and the chain.

If Link threw it far enough it will destroy a number of the barrels behind the counter. One crate contains a pink-and-black spotted pig, and by throwing more, Link can uncover two small black pigs.

The Hookshot Slide

  1. Go to first person view with the Hookshot.
  2. Shoot the Hookshot, then immediately press L to center the camera.
  3. Then, at the same time, push the control stick in any direction.
  4. Let go of L and then Link will be sliding around and can turn. For him to stop, he must shoot the Hookshot again.

Ice Power

The Ice Arrows and the ability to pick up frozen enemies are the basic premise for the following glitches. There may be other enemies that can cause unexpected results when frozen and picked up, but these are confirmed to do so in the PAL version of the game.


  1. Freeze a Keese with an Ice Arrow while it is fairly close to the ground.
  2. Pick it up before it falls to the ground, then hold it till it unfreezes.
  3. Link can still pick up the Keese, but doing so will hurt him.

Red Bubble

  1. Freeze a Red Bubble while it is chasing Link.
  2. Pick it up, and put it down at about 0.5 seconds (give or take) after it unfreezes.
  3. The Red Bubble will laugh and chatter as if it were chasing Link, but will not be on fire or be able to move.


  1. Freeze a Moblin.
  2. Pick it up, and put it down at about 0.5 seconds after it unfreezes.
  3. Pick the Moblin up again right afterward, while it is thawed.
  4. While carrying the Moblin, Link will speed off in the opposite direction of the one that the Moblin is facing.

Illusionary Wood

  1. Go to the Windfall Island dock.
  2. Either by climbing up or falling off, get Link hanging off the edge of the stone area where the dock meets the land.
  3. While still hanging off the edge, climb along it towards the dock.

Link can go right through the wooden dock as though it was not there.

Inside Boulders

  1. Go to Star Island.
  2. Destroy a big boulder with whatever Link wants to use.
  3. Stand in the center of the boulder's spot.
  4. Play the "Song of Passing".

Link will now be in the boulder.

Invisible Gulls

Go to the Mother & Child Isles and take control of a seagull (Link will have to be at the Child Isle for this glitch to work). Fly the gull as though Link were to go into Mother Isle. The seagull stops and does the Turning Cutscene when it reaches the edge perimeter of the rock. When this cutscene occurs, multiple seagulls appear throughout the duration of the cutscene. They are frozen and vanish when the scene ends.

Invisible Link

  1. Go to the boss room in the Earth Temple.
  2. When fighting Jalhalla, angle the camera so that it is in between the player and Link (this only works when Jalhalla is still transparent).
  3. Link will be invisible but Jalhalla can still see him (Link is not actually invisible, only when he looks through Jalhalla).
  4. If Link uses the Mirror Shield and project a beam of light while he looks through Jalhalla, the light will be visible, but it will appear to be coming from nowhere.

Invisible Link 2

WARNING: This glitch will softlock or crash the game if attempted upon your first visit to the island and activating a cutscene. Be sure to save the game first.

  1. Go to Dragon Roost Island.
  2. Get in the water and climb up onto the ledge right next to the boulder. The placement of Link may require experimentation until progress can be made to the next step.
  3. The second Link climbs up onto the ledge, pull out the Wind Waker. Link should fall down into the water. About three frames before Link lands on the ground under the water, cancel using the Wind Waker and if performed correctly, Link will be using the Wind Waker, but the camera will be in the wrong place and the usual display will be gone.
  4. Cancel out of the Wind Waker and walk up to the King of Red Lions and speak to him. If the text box does not appear on screen, then the glitch has been performed correctly.
  5. Walk over to the small island where the stone tablets are.
  6. Position Link in front of the ruined stone tablet.
  7. Pull out the Wind Waker, and the King of Red Lion's text box will pop up. Cancel the first text box so that the second text box is on screen. Make sure Link is facing the stone tablet.
  8. Walk up to the tablet until "Check" is over the A button.
  9. Press A and it should close the text box, but also render Link invisible. Link can now explore Dragon Roost Island while being invisible.
  10. If Link picks up a Bomb, it will look like the bomb is floating.

Invisible Parry

  1. Go to the room in Dragon Roost Cavern where Link gets locked in and Link will have to find all the Bokoblins.
  2. Defeat the first Bokoblin, then destroy the pot that the other Bokoblin is inside, the one still on the first floor (on the lowest shelf).
  3. Get close to the Bokoblin, but do not destroy it. Make sure it does not get off the shelf.
  4. Use the parry command once it appears.
  5. Link will do a parry on thin air. The Bokoblin will not take any damage.

Land Locked

  1. Perform the "Sand Sailor" glitch.
  2. Get the King of Red Lions back as far as Link can from the cave without going back into the sea.
  3. Change the wind so it is blowing towards the cave.
  4. Put the sail up; as soon as Link begins to move, jump in the King of Red Lions.

The King of Red Lions should hit the cave, slide to the left a bit and become stuck on the left side of the cave. Link now cannot move the King of Red Lions or get out of it.

Long-Distance Triforce Chart Deciphering

This glitch is simple to pull off, but can only be done eight times.

  1. Get a Triforce Chart.
  2. Go to Tingle Island.
  3. Stand on the wooden railing surrounding the top part of the totem pole, and talk to Tingle.
  4. Pay him 398 Rupees to decipher the chart.
  5. As Link does little spin to display the chart, Link will fall off, and will display it on the ground. Link can now talk to Tingle and get charts deciphered from the ground.

Magic Disappearance

  1. Go to Hyrule Castle while everything is still black and white.
  2. Go out the back and stand in front of the magic barrier.
  3. Move the camera so the barrier is between it and Link.
  4. Hit the barrier with Link's sword.

Link will briefly disappear.

The Magical Dancing Stick of Wonders

Go to the Tower of the Gods. Pick up a stick and head to a large stairwell, then proceed to throw the stick while the water is going up. Wait for the water to go down, and the stick will suddenly start moving around and stand upright. It will continue to move in seizure-like movements for a few seconds, or until the water goes up.

Magnetic Wall

  1. Go to Forbidden Woods.
  2. Go through the first door.
  3. Defeat a Boko Baba and pick up the Boko Stick.
  4. From where the path ends, take about six steps forward and throw the stick.

If done correctly, the stick will start to roll up the wall and stop as if it is stuck to the wall. Link might need to defeat all the enemies in the room first.

Medli and the Seagull

  1. When going to fetch Medli for the Earth Temple, do not climb up to the cliff where she is.
  2. Take control of a seagull and fly toward Medli.

The cutscene where Medli greets Link will begin, but since Link is not there, Medli and the seagull will just stare at each other.

Migrating ChuChus

It is easiest to perform this glitch on Outset Island. The Song of Passing may be needed.

  1. Go to Outset Island when monsters start appearing (night).
  2. Go near the beach and have some ChuChus follow Link out to the King of Red Lions. They are extremely slow, so this will require patience.
  3. Get into the boat with the ChuChus in pursuit and slowly cruise away from the island. The ChuChus will follow.

Link can now take the ChuChus to any island and they will follow him onto that island. It takes time to perform this glitch.

Missing Iron Boots

  1. Go through a door wearing the Iron Boots.
  2. Link will move through the door at normal speed even though he is wearing Iron Boots. But wait, that is not it.
  3. When Link comes out, Link will not be wearing the Iron Boots. Link will still have them in his inventory, though.
  4. Link can also do this with a Hidden Hole, where Link just put the Iron Boots on and then fall through the Hidden Hole. When Link gets to the bottom, he will not be wearing his Iron Boots.

Move Link's Money

Outset Island is one of the best islands for doing this glitch on. Link also needs the Hookshot.

  1. Find a Rupee that is lying about the island (the one on the back of the lone house on Outset works well) and use Link's Hookshot on it. This will bring the rupee towards Link, but it should fall short and land just in front of Link.
  2. Do not pick up the Rupee if Link wants to do this glitch, as any Rupee over the value of 1 will not come back after it has been collected.
  3. Link can move Rupees all over the island if he wishes, by stepping away from the Rupee and using the Hookshot on it each time, but it serves no purpose whatsoever.

Multiplying Morths

WARNING: This glitch MAY CRASH the game if attempted. Be sure to save the game first.

  1. Enter the Forbidden Woods.
  2. Walk to the western passage on the third floor.
  3. Kill the green ChuChus to get them out of the way.
  4. Ahead there is a trench cutting across the passageway, on the other side are pods with Morths in them. Jump into the trench so that the Morths break out of the pods and attach themselves to Link. Get as many on Link as he can.
  5. Exit the passage the same way in which Link came.
  6. Go back into the passage.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until Link begins to run as fast as normal (Link should have to go through the door nineteen times, maybe less, before this happens).
  8. Link can now collect a second set of Morths on top of the first set, do so and repeat steps 5 and 6.
  9. Keep repeating the steps and collecting more and more Morths, in total Link should be able to collect ten sets. When Link goes to get the 11th set, however, there will be fewer Morths than normal. Pick them all up.

Link has now maxed out the number of enemies that can be loaded, or perhaps the area of memory allocated for enemies. Whatever the case, no more enemies will now be loaded, if Link enter a room where there would normally be enemies they either will not be there or the game will freeze when the door is opening. Try jumping into water for a Morth explosion.

Over Eager Boat

  1. Complete the game up to the Wind Temple, but do not complete the Wind Temple.
  2. Now find all eight Triforce Charts and their corresponding shards.

After having collected all eight shards the King of Red Lions will say, "Go to Hyrule," as if Link had already beaten the Wind Temple. But if Link tries to go to Hyrule he cannot. The only way to go to Hyrule is to complete the Wind Temple.

Pig Blimp

  1. Get a bottle full of Forest Water.
  2. Go to Outset Island and pick up Link the Pig.
  3. Take him down to the walkway that bridges the gap between the two island and stand on any part of it that is made of wood.
  4. Wait until the Forest Water expires.

While the message saying the Forest Water has expired is onscreen, the pig will slowly float away from Link. He will keep getting further and further away until Link gets rid of the message.

Piggy Swimmers

  1. Go to Windfall Island and throw the pigs into the water.
  2. While they are still in the water talk to Dampa and choose to play his game for three Skull Necklaces.
  3. Once the game starts go and find the pigs.

They will be swimming around on land, the pig up near the jail entrance will even make ripples. If Link pushes any of them off the edge of something they will slowly spiral down to the ground below. Picking them up will return them to normal.

ReDead Gymnastics

WARNING: This glitch will crash the game if attempted. Make sure to save the game first.

  1. First, Link needs to have a Hookshot.
  2. Go to any place with a ReDead.
  3. Hookshot it. Link will be pulled right next to the ReDead, and it instantly attacks Link.
  4. Keep repeating step 3.
  5. In random occasions, the ReDead will be pulled to Link. But, because this action was never put in the game, it instantly crashes.

Sailing on Air

  1. Fill a bottle with Forest Water.
  2. Get into the King of Red Lions.
  3. Wait until the Forest Water becomes regular water.

Link will appear to be hovering above the King of Red Lions, still in the position he was in while sailing.

Save the Peahats

  1. Go to the Forest Corridor of Ganon's Tower.
  2. Get to the end of the hallway, but do not kill the Peahats.
  3. Use the Deku Leaf to fan the Peahats off the cliff and into the abyss.
  4. Switch to first-person view and look over the edge. The Peahats will land on an invisible surface (presumably a kill barrier), and then gradually fly back up towards Link once more.

Scene Leftover

  1. Start a new game.
  2. Play until after the cinematic where the Helmaroc King drops Tetra into the woods atop Outset Island.
  3. Stand in the Northwest corner of Aryll's Lookout and face Northwest.
  4. Take out Link's Telescope and look around in the sky in front of and above Link.

Link should be able to find a small gray speck in the sky (Link cannot see it without his Telescope). Zooming in on it will reveal it to be one of the stones the pirates were catapulting.

Shop Ship Camper

  1. Go to Dragon Roost Island.
  2. In the King of Red Lions go to the small beach on the east side of the island.
  3. Position the King of Red Lions on the south side of the little "wind shrine" island here, facing towards the beach.
  4. Wait for Beedle's Shop Ship to come around, it should stop round about the middle of the beach. Make sure the wind is blowing northwest, then aim the King of Red Lions at the front of the shop ship, just in front of the visible barrel. Put up Link's sail and jump off the boat just before Link hits the shop ship.
  5. The King of Red Lions should become wedged on the front deck of the shop ship, it may eventually slide off.

Silence is Golden

  1. Sail around, doing whatever Link pleases, until dawn.
  2. As dawn approaches, Link will hear the Sun's Song. While this theme is playing, take out the Wind Waker and conduct the Ballad of Gales.
  3. Warp to Windfall Island, then immediately head for land.

If done right, Link will be at Windfall with no music whatsoever. The music does not come back, even as the sun rises high up in the sky (time does pass for a while, even though Link is at a place where day does not change to night or vice-versa). To bring back the music, simply head into any building or leave the island.

Alternatively, do this while night is approaching, and Link will end up on the island while it is dark, however, everyone will be outside, and Link will hear music.

Silent Fairy

  1. Find a place with a fairy.
  2. When the fairy is circling around Link, press Start. Link should hear the noise a fairy makes in the background.
  3. Wait until the noise the fairy makes stops.
  4. Press Start again. The fairy will still circle Link like it normally does, but it will make no sound. This will not have any affect on the game, sound, monsters, characters, or Link.

Skipping the Boss Bird (GC)

Please note that these steps are to perform the glitch in the original GameCube version, and that it is performed differently in the Wii U HD release.

  1. During the start of the boss fight with the Helmaroc King, get to the top of the fortress.
  2. When Link reaches the top, there are three pots on the ground. Run around in circles between the first two pots until Helmaroc King's shadow disappears completely.
  3. Roll up to the darker grey ledge and climb up the ledge.
  4. Take damage until Link has one and a half hearts left. This makes him hunch and makes his hitbox smaller.
  5. Place Link across from the darker grey triangular stone that is behind Helmaroc King (if the glitch has been performed correctly so far, Helmaroc King should be standing in one place) so that there is a jumpable gap between Link and the darker stone.
  6. Run and jump so that Link grabs onto the very corner of when the darker rock meets with the lighter floor. When he climbs up, he should be in the floor.
  7. If Link turns to the right, a cube should be visible between the vertical spikes and the horizontal spikes. Have Link walk up to this cube. Crouch and crawl under the cube, but don't crawl too far forward, or else he will fall.
  8. Once Link has crawled forward enough, run and roll to the right and Link should pop out. Progress can now be made in the game.

While Link is running between the two pots, he is running in and out of Helmaroc King's trigger point. In normal gameplay, when Link crosses this trigger point, Helmaroc King is there to land in front of Link and prevent him from moving on. As Link moves in and out of the trigger point, Helmaroc King flies farther and farther away, giving Link enough time to roll up to the ledge before Helmaroc King can stop him. This also keeps Helmaroc King stationary because the game programmed him not to move from that spot until he was struck with the Megaton Hammer. The game assumes that Link is in front of Helmaroc King, and so he doesn't sense Link.

Skipping the Boss Bird (HD)

Please note that this is how the glitch is performed in the HD rerelease, and that it is performed differently in the original GameCube version.

  1. During the beginning of the boss fight with the Helmaroc King, get to the top of the fortress and get Link's health down to one and a half hearts, making Link hunch, and therefore making his hitbox smaller.
  2. When Link reaches the top, there are three pots on the ground. Run around in circles between the first two pots until Helmaroc King's shadow disappears completely.
  3. Roll to the corner where the floor and the ramp leading up to it meet and Helmaroc King should slam down and trap Link in place.
  4. Climb up the ledge to the left of Link and Helmaroc King's Massive hitbox should push Link into the floor.
  5. Run to the nearest spike corner and put Link's back to the rock.
  6. Crouch and crawl under the spikes.
  7. Stand up and hold forward. If done correctly, Link should be on top of the arena's rim. The battlements are non-solid, as the creators never intended Link to be up there. Link must now be guided around the rim and to the path leading to the Ganondorf cutscene.

When Link runs between the two pots, he is running in and out of Helmaroc King's trigger point. This makes him fly farther and farther away until Link has enough time to roll up to the corner instead of what normally happens with Helmaroc King blocking Link's path

Skip the Statue

  1. Go to Dragon Roost Island for the first time.
  2. Go to the place with the two statues and the lava.
  3. Knock down the first statue.

Now instead of knocking down the second statue, pick up a bomb. Jump onto the first statue, then jump again just as the bomb is about to explode. The bomb will lengthen the jump, and Link will not need the second statue to get over the lava.

Solid Hole

  1. Go to Overlook Island.
  2. Use Link's Hookshot to get to the highest of the towers.
  3. The one below the highest has an entrance hole on it. Face in the direction of the hole, back away from the edge a bit and do a jumping slash attack over the edge into the hole.

Link's sword will hit the sides of the hole twice, very quickly, and Link will end up standing in the hole instead of falling through it. Link can get out using his Hookshot or fall through the hole by backflipping, sidejumping etc.

Stalker Kargaroc

  1. Go to an enemy watchtower at sea with a Kargaroc there.
  2. Sail towards the tower until the Kargaroc is chasing Link, and then sail away, with the Kargaroc still chasing Link.
  3. Keep the Kargaroc closely behind Link (putting Link's sail down so it can catch up is a good way if it gets too far behind - Link should always be able to see its color and features), but not so close that it tries to attack Link (it should look like it is just gliding, and its wings will not flap).
  4. Keep sailing with the bird chasing Link. The watchtower that it came from will be in sight all the while. When Link reaches a new sector on the sea chart, the bird will just vanish and so will the watchtower. The Kargaroc will be back at the watchtower as though nothing happened.

Starlight Symphony

  1. Link must not have previously visited Forest Haven.
  2. At night, with no music playing, sail into Forest Haven.

Because it is the first time Link has visited the area, the intro cutscene will take place, once it ends the Forest Haven music will continue to play despite it being nighttime.

Stop 'N' Swap

  1. Equip an item to X, Y or Z.
  2. Press the button to use the item and then immediately press start (They will more or less have to be pressed at the same time, otherwise the game will not pause.)
  3. Equip another item to the button of the item Link just used.
  • The game will now be forced to use the item Link put on after pausing the game, even if Link could not normally use it. Depending on the item, the game may try to use the second item as the first item.
  • Have a bottle with Elixir Soup/Potion/Fairy on the button to start with, and switch it for another empty bottle or item, Link will use the first item, but it will still be in the inventory.
  • Have the Tingle Tuner on to start with and switch it for any other item, Link will take out the second item and hold it in his hands as if it was the Tingle Tuner (The Sail, Iron Boots, Magic Armor or a bottle with an item in it will be invisible) Link will take out and hold bombs as normal.
  • Have the Picto Box on to start with and stand in front of someone who Link can show a photo to, switch it for any other item and the message "Tingle can only be called in areas that have maps" will come up.
  • Have any item on to start with and switch it for bombs, Link will take out a bomb, even if Link has none.
  • Use either a Hyoi Pear or All-Purpose Bait to start with and switch it for the other, the one Link had equipped to start with will be used, but the number of the one switched for will be reduced.

Stop, Swap, 'N' Stop

  1. Equip a decorative item to X, Y or Z.
  2. Find one of the Joy Pedestals and stand in front of it.
  3. Press the button to use the item and then immediately press Start (they will more or less have to be pressed at the same time, otherwise the game will not pause).
  4. Equip any non-decorative item to the button of the item Link just used.

Link will stand staring at the object stand and nothing will happen. The game will have to be reset.

Strong Link

  1. Get a bottle full of Forest Water.
  2. Go to anywhere where there is a large stone head Link can pick up (with the Power Bracelets), e.g.: Outset Island, Star Island.
  3. Pick up the head.
  4. Wait until the Forest Water expires, then get rid of the message.

Link will now be able to run around holding the stone head as though it were a smaller object. This works with other large objects as well, such as Link the Pig.

Swap Shredder

  1. Link needs a decorative item and a non decorative item in Link's Delivery Bag. Equip a decorative item to X, Y or Z.
  2. Stop 'N' Swap the decorative item for the non decorative item.
  3. When Link un-pauses, Link will hold up the decorative item and the game will show the keep it/throw it away message, choose "throw it away".

Too Much Knowledge

  1. Go to the Earth Temple with Medli.
  2. Take control of Medli in a room with a Poe.
  3. Let the Poe possess Medli.
  4. The Poe will suddenly come out of her. This is also a good way to deal with un-armed Poes until Link gets the Mirror Shield.

Undying Bokoblin

This glitch can only be performed in Forsaken Fortress before the Helmaroc King has been defeated. In order to create an invincible Bokoblin, Link must first find one such enemy stationed on the boardwalks on the upper floors of any of the larger chambers in the fortress, such as in the kitchen or the bedroom.

  1. Lure the Bokoblin to jump or trip over the edge of the platform and make it hang perilously of the edge.
  2. Knock the Bokoblin down with the Boomerang.
  3. The Bokoblin will normally fall down and die if done in any other way; but if hit by the boomerang, it will survive and merely be stunned.
  4. At this time, the Bokoblin can still be hurt, but not defeated.

Unlimited Air Supply

  1. Go to Windfall Island.
  2. Jump into the water. Right before Link dies, swim underneath the dock to refill the air supply.

Warships Cannot Hit Link

In the Great Sea, have Link fight against Warships and destroy most of them. After only one remains, get close to it and watch. No matter how many bombs it shoots at the King of Red Lions, the warship is not able to hit him.

Weird Sense of Deja vu

  1. Go to the Flight Control Platform.
  2. Enter the Bird-Man Contest.
  3. Go to the corner next to the ladder and break the pot that is there.
  4. Pull out a bomb and drop it behind Link by pressing B.
  5. Do a jump-slash as the bomb is about to explode, and Link should be knocked down to the platform below. All Link's magic will suddenly be completely drained.
  6. Use the Hookshot to get into King of Red Lions. Don't touch the water, as this will end the glitch.
  7. Sail to Outset Island, but don't use any type of warping, as this will also end the glitch.
  8. Oddly, Tetra's Pirate Ship will be where it was before Link travelled to the Forsaken Fortress. The two pirates will be standing outside of the ship, and if Link speaks to them, they will act as if Link had not yet traveled to Forsaken Fortress. Also, Tetra is nowhere to be found.
  9. If Link wants to board the ship, climb up Aryll's Lookout, Change the wind direction towards the ship, and use the Leaf to float over to the ship.
  10. Taking to any if the pirates on the ship will result in them acting as if Link still had not yet gone to Forsaken Fortress. Tetra is still nowhere to be seen.
  11. Entering the ship's cabin yields the same results. However, when Link exits the cabin, he will be dropped in the ocean near Windfall, and the ship is now gone.

Because Link fell into the water, the glitch has now ended. However, there is more that can be done with this glitch, however, WARNING: If the following steps are executed, the game is likely to freeze and must be restarted. Be sure to have a copied save file before executing this glitch.

  1. Do steps 1-6.
  2. Sail to Windfall Island this time.
  3. The ship will be there too.
  4. When Link gets on the ship, he will require the password to enter the cabin. Please note that unless Link uses a password skipping glitch, he will need to go to the Bomb Shop and retrieve the password, and this is where the game will soft-lock.
  5. Go to the Bomb Shop.
  6. When Link arrives in normal gameplay, a cutscene occurs. However, the cutscene does not happen and the camera is permanently locked in one place. If Link falls down, he can try to buy bombs, but eventually the game will soft-lock and the UI will not appear on screen. At this point, the game must be restarted.

This glitch replays what happened earlier in the game, however, Tetra is never there. This is also what causes the cutscene to never happen, as Tetra plays a key role in the cutscene. If a key character is not in a cutscene that it is scripted to be in, the cutscene will either not be able to continue, or will not happen at all. This is also the case in most glitches that cause Link to not appear in a cutscene.

Zombie Kargaroc

  1. Find a Kargaroc.
  2. Lure it towards Link and when it is close to the ground and shoot it with an Ice Arrow to freeze it.
  3. Before it drops to the ground run underneath it, or as close as Link can get.

The frozen Kargaroc should fall to the ground and begin spinning around in circles, it will then unfreeze and fly off. If Link looks at it with the Hero's Charm on Link will see it has no health. Performing the glitch on the now "dead" Kargaroc may cause it to begin flying upside down. This also works with other creatures, such as Bokoblins.

Zombie Keese

  1. Find a Keese.
  2. Lure it close to Link and about the same height as Link's head.
  3. Shoot it with an Ice arrow.
  4. Before it falls to the ground, run up to it; "A" will change to "Lift"; press "A" to pick it up out of midair.
  5. Hold it until it unfreezes.
  6. If Link checks the Keese with the Hero's Charm, he will see it has no health.
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