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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Original Soundtrack
SS Original Soundtrack Box Art.png
Release date
Japan November 23, 2021[1]
Nippon Columbia
Original Soundtrack

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Original Soundtrack is the original soundtrack for Skyward Sword. It includes five discs in a digipak. The limited edition also features a music box that plays "Ballad of the Goddess" and a slipcase.[2] A tote bag was also included when pre-ordering the soundtrack on Amazon.co.jp. It is exclusive to Japan.

Track List

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Disc 1

# Track Length
1 "Ballad of the Goddess (Main Theme)" [女神の詩 (メインテーマ)] 1:37
2 "Ancient Legend" [古の物語] 3:05
3 "File Select" [ファイルセレクト] 1:10
4 "Islands Floating in the Sky" [空に浮かぶ島々] 1:12
5 "Omen 1" [予兆1] 1:12
6 "Knight Academy" [騎士学校] 1:50
7 "Skyloft" [スカイロフト] 3:17
8 "Under the Statue of the Goddess" [女神像の下で] 0:47
9 "A Moment With Zelda" [ゼルダとのひととき] 2:44
10 "Oh No!!" [「大変!!」] 0:50
11 "Groose Appears" [バド登場] 0:50
12 "Awkward Groose" [気まずいバド] 2:05
13 "Flustered Groose" [ときめきバド] 1:19
14 "Cave" [洞窟] 1:15
15 "Loftwing Discovered" [ロフトバード発見] 0:08
16 "Bird Riding Practice" [鳥乗り 練習] 2:13

Disc 2

Disc 3

Disc 4

Disc 5


Video Gallery

The music box playing "Ballad of the Goddess"