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This page lists the secrets and unlockables in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.

Chicken in a Barrel

Use the Moon Jump code from an Action Replay on Molida Island to get over to the island near Romanos' house (the one with the barrel). Pick up the barrel and throw it, and a Cucco will burst out of the smashed barrel.

This can also be done legitimately by having Link use the Boomerang on the barrel to break it, then pulling the Cucco towards him with the Grappling Hook, allowing him to glide there with the Cucco.

Isle of Ruins #1

After completing Doylan's Tomb, walk out the door and keep going in the same direction down a staircase. Link will find a small field with 50 Rupees on the ground in the form of two Red Rupees and ten Green Rupees.

Isle of Ruins #2

On the threshold of Mutoh's Temple (as close as Link can get without going in the door) jump off to the left and walk north. There will be a Treasure Chest containing a Spirit Gem. Walk around the pyramid to the right and there should be a small platform Link can jump off of to the right, towards Doylan's Tomb.

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