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This page lists the secrets and unlockables in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons.

Advance Shop

If the game cartridge is in a Game Boy Advance, Link can access a secret shop called the Advance Shop. It can be found in Horon Village, next door to the Know-It-All Birds' hut. There are two Rings sold here, one of which is the GBA Nature Ring. Link can also buy Gasha Seeds here. Everything in the shop is worth 100 Rupees.Note you have to dig in the area around the know it all bird hut.

Easy Maple Encounters

Go to the Lost Woods to either the screen where the Deku Scrub who wants to listen to the Phonograph or the screen directly west of it. An unlimited amount of Like Likes will spawn in these screens. After destroying 30, or 15 with Maple's Ring, head east or west one screen to encounter Maple. It is best done in Fall to avoid obstructions that appear in other seasons.

Starting Hero

Start the game and click a new save spot, go to the "secret" option at the bottom and type in "NNNNN NNNNN NNNNN NNNNN" and there will be a Return Linked game, in which Link will have a weird name, which appears to be some sort of text-related glitch. This will also affect Bipin's and Blossom's Son, as his default name will be similar to that of the hero.

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