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This page is a list of glitches from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons.

Dialogue Mismatch

  1. Beat the Poison Moth's Lair.
  2. Go to the Floodgate Keeper and talk to him.

His dialogue will be that which Impa says early in the game. He then tells Link where he can get to the keyhole, then asks if he has opened the floodgates.

Invisible Malon

To activate this glitch, Link must enter Malon and Talon's house in North Horon. He must use Mystery Seeds to turn all of the Cuccos into chicks. The chicks will then follow him wherever he goes. If he leads them to any area directly to the left or right of Malon, her sprite will turn invisible. Link will still be able to talk to her while she is invisible, and if any of the chicks move away, she will reappear.

Map Freeze

  1. Go to Level 4: Dancing Dragon Dungeon, and Link must at least have acquired the Dungeon Map. Open the map and scroll down to the bottom floor, and the game will freeze.

WARNING!- Save before attempting, as the game will have to be reset, and progress will be lost.

Skip Boss

It is possible to skip fighting Gohma by going to Eyeglass Lake before beating Ghoma and going to Unicorn's Cave instead.

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