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== Day Time Doggie ==
== Day Time Doggie ==
When Link goes into Hyrule Town at night, a dog will follow him. Play the Sun's Song and the dog will still follow him. However, if Link runs away from the dog and that dog goes off-screen, he will disappear.
When Link goes into Hyrule Town at night, a dog will follow him. Play the Sun's Song and the dog will still follow him. However, if Link runs away from the dog and that dog goes off-screen, he will disappear. This works in all versions including the 3DS remake.
== Debug Command ==
== Debug Command ==

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This page is a list of glitches from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Blending in

As Young Link, go into the Happy Mask Shop and borrow the Bunny Ears Hood. Have Link put on the mask and go out into Hyrule Field. Play the Sun's Song to make it night and watch as no Stalchilds come anywhere near Link.

Bomb/Bombchu Hover

To Bomb hover, first activate the Infinite Sword Glitch. Now go over to a ledge that Link can backflip off of (make sure that there is a wall there). Aim at the wall and pull out a bomb. Right before the bomb explodes, backflip off of the ledge. When the bomb explodes it will make Link stay up in the air. This can be used to get to the Shadow Temple early to obtain the Hover Boots as either a kid or an adult, obtain the Mirror Shield and the Silver Gauntlets simultaneously, and obtain Pieces of Heart that would normally be obtained when Link is an adult. To Bombchu Hover, activate ISG. Now pull out the Bow, Slingshot, or equip the Hover boots. If using the Hover boots then jump backflips off a ledge and pull out a Bombchu, then a shield. If Link uses the Bow or Slingshot backflip first with it pulled out. Let the Arrow/Seed fly then pull out a Bombchu and then put the shield in front of Link. Keep in mind that Link can still take damage from the glitch, which automatically deactivates both glitches altogether.

This glitch can also be used to enter Ganon's Castle and obtain the Golden Gauntlets early, but it is not advised because once progress is saved, Link will be in an infinite loop of falls if he attempts to exit the castle. If Link chooses to go to the castle, then he must use Ganon's Barrier Skip to enter the second level of the castle and from there he must warp to any location desired in order to exit the castle.

Carry Large Rocks

To do this, there must be a rock resting on a high area and a ledge which Link can fall off of, such as the large rock in Kakariko Village or one of the large rocks in Goron City. Link must activate Nayru's Love and place a bomb to the edge of the rock. Instead of grabbing the bomb, he must grab the rock in an attempt to Superslide. When he starts sliding, he must put on the Hover Boots and let go of R once he is close to the ledge. Link will pick up the rock in mid-air and once he falls, he will be able to run while holding the rock.

Complete the Water Temple as a Child

It is possible to enter the Water Temple as a child in Ocarina of Time. This involves getting underneath Lake Hylia by swimming through the small waterfall coming from Gerudo Valley. Link will fall some way if he is under the land but can get into water by going under the lake. After falling far enough he can swim underneath the lake and into the Temple from beneath. It is possible to complete the Temple as Young Link using multiple other glitches.

Crooked Cartridge

WARNING: This glitch is extremely dangerous. It can corrupt a save file or game to a near-limitless extent, and can even harm a Nintendo 64.

Lifting the left side of the game cartridge up while running will cause the game's graphics to scramble. It will also render Link semi-solid, allowing him to phase through nearly any non-terrain object -- including trees, NPCs, and signs. (Such objects are called "actors" in the game's crash debugger.) This is really useful for getting past the rocks between the Lost Woods and Goron City before even getting the sword.

The trick will usually crash the game if performed for too long, or if Link is not running at full speed when the cartridge is lifted.

Crouch Stabbing

Crouch Stabbing is done by first attacking with a sword, Deku Stick, or the Megaton Hammer. Jump attacks will deal more damage and are thus the most useful attacks to use with this glitch. After attacking, hold R without Z-Targeting so Link will crouch down. Press B to perform a sword attack. Link will do a very fast stab. The properties of the last attack Link used, such as the doubled damage of a jump attack, will be applied to all of the sword strikes link makes while he remains crouching. When activated after using the Megaton Hammer, this glitch can even be used to break rocks or activate rusty switches with a sword.

Cucco Dive

Cucco diving is when Link takes a Cucco and hits it with his sword about three times. Then place it near a ledge with water next to it. Now angle Link and jump attack into the water, make sure his sword hits the Cucco too. The Cucco Attack cutscene will start. After the cutscene Link will be at the bottom of the water he jump attacked into. This is used to get into the Bottom of the Well early, without the use of the "Song of Storms".

Damage Boosting

Before jumping off of a ledge, Link must place a Bomb behind himself and wait for it to explode. Just when he takes damage from the explosion, hold the Control Stick forward to jump farther off of a ledge than usual. Link can also damage boost by performing a Ground Jump, dropping a Bombchu while in midair, and holding the Control Stick forward.

Death inside the house/building

Link will need to capture a fairy to be revived upon death. Now, Link has to weaken himself to have up to a half of a single heart, and after this he must stand in front of the door of the house or a building and face it. Now Link has to face the opposite direction(if the door was on left, Link has to face to the right) and place a bomb. Link now has face the door again and wait for the bomb to explode. However, Link has to open the door and enter at the same time as when the bomb explodes. If timed right, Link will enter with no health left and die inside the building or a house he entered, but will also be revived by the fairy he capture earlier. After this, the room of the building/house he entered will be sligthly darker than usual, but will get back to normal once Link leaves the house. With luck, this glitch may also be performed in Kakariko Village during a Cucco attack after Link has attacked one enough.

Day Time Doggie

When Link goes into Hyrule Town at night, a dog will follow him. Play the Sun's Song and the dog will still follow him. However, if Link runs away from the dog and that dog goes off-screen, he will disappear. This works in all versions including the 3DS remake.

Debug Command

In some cases, when the game freezes, there will be a small-yellow-bar that will appear in the top left of the screen. If the bar does appear after a crash, a button combination will give players access to a limited crash debugger. The debugger contains memory dumps, exception identifiers, and the date the game was compiled.

  • L + R + Z
  • D-pad-Up + C-Down
  • C-Up + D-pad-Down
  • D-pad-Left + C-Left
  • C-right + D-pad-Right
  • A + B + Start

The debug/error code will not be shown unless each button is pressed. Example: in the first step, push the Z button while HOLDING the L and the R.

Early Gerudo Membership Card (Before Temple of Time)

Resulting from one of the 2 glitches above, Link can enter the Gerudo's Fortress and rescue all the Carpenters, but there is still a risk of getting caught. Additionaly, for the carpenter at the top of the fortress, Link must keep enough distance from the wall so the Bombchu does not crawl on the wall and then use 10 Bombchu Hovers and a sidehop from the second highest level of the fortress. By doing so, Link will be able to access the lone room, rescue all of the carpenters, and obtain the Gerudo Membership Card early, though fighting the guards to rescue each carpenter will be very intimating. If Link tries going to the Haunted Wasteland, the wooden gate will block the way and a guard will stand in front of it, facing the Wasteland. She is also the same guard that stands in front of the gate to the fortress. As a word of advice, make sure to have a good memory of the fortress, 50 Bomchus, and 50 Deku Seeds to complete the Fortress as a kid. Surprisingly, if Link gets caught by a guard, he gets thrown into the river instead of the large jail cell as they usually would. As a result of obtaining the Gerudo Membership Card early, Link will not need to worry about the broken bridge later on in the game.

Additionally, if Link megaflips to the Treasure Chest, there will be a Piece of Heart in the large jail cell and inside the treasure chest will be the Odd Mushroom instead of the Piece of Heart, which is automatically replaced by Cojiro when the game is saved and reset. If Link chooses to obtain the mushroom, the chest will remain open even if Link becomes an adult, so if he has enough Bombchus to hover to the jail cell, he can get the Piece of Heart. Once Link opens the chest, go to the 3rd tile, keep away from the rock wall, activate ISG, and use about 20 Bombchu Hovers and a sidehop to get into the jail cell and obtain the Piece of Heart. Link will have a total of 37 Pieces of Heart if he obtains both Pieces of Heart instead of the Odd Mushroom. Otherwise, Link will have the normal amount of Pieces of Heart if he obtains the Odd Mushroom. Also, the Quest for Biggoron's Sword will be easier once Link has obtained the Odd Mushroom as a child. Strangely, Link could still obtain the Pocket Egg from Anju at any time before or after obtaining Biggoron's Sword.

Early Ocarina of Time

Please be aware that this glitch will make the game unbeatable unless the Ocarina Items glitch is performed.

Use the Extra Bottle glitch to replace the Fairy Ocarina with a Bottle. Next, learn any song. While Link is being taught, he will be holding the Ocarina of Time. Link will not re-obtain either Ocarina after the cutscene, however, effectively leaving the game unbeatable.

Enter Jabu-Jabu Without a Fish

To do this go into Zora's Fountain. Now stand on the rail to the left of Jabu-Jabu. Now get Link at an angle and roll jump off of the guard rail and Jump Attack. If timed right, the screen will go dark and Link will sink into the ground. After this, Link will be inside of Jabu-Jabu. Another way of pulling this trick off is to roll into Jabu-Jabu but the chance of that working is extremely low.

Enter Jabu-Jabu As An Adult

See video. Note that Link cannot defeat Barinade without a boomerang, which can only be obtained as adult link through Bottle Adventure.

Link must walk on the ledge to the left,but must be as close to the ledge as possible.

Enter the Spirit Temple Early (Before Temple of Time)

In the Gerudo's Fortress, climb up the ladder, get very close to it, and postion Link at an angle with the right edge of the ladder. If Link is positioned correctly and sidehops, he will land on the wall. Link can walk forward and get toward the edge of the wooden gate, but make sure he stands on a very high part of the wall. Position Link with the right angle formed by the gate and the wall and jump off the wall. If Link jumps far enough, he will roll in front of the gate and will be able to enter the Haunted Wasteland. If Link has enough Bombchus, he can hover over the quicksand and complete the River of Sand trial.

If Link has the Lens of Truth, he can complete the Ghost Guide trial make his way through Desert Colossus to obtain Nayru's Love and enter the Spirit Temple. After Link exits the Spirit Temple, he will be able to meet Sheik as a kid and learn the Requiem of Spirit before he obtains the Ocarina of Time. If Link has found all the items that he needs in the child timeline, he can finish the child portion of the Spirit Temple and obtain the Silver Gauntlets. Also, in the room where the map is found, Link can Bombchu Hover to the other stairway and obtain the Mirror Shield as well. Link will automatically wear the Silver Gauntlets after the Master Sword has been obtained.

Epona Glitches

First, go to the Gerudo's Fortress before getting the Gerudo Membership Card. Make sure Link has the Ocarina of Time equipped. Walk close to a Gerudo, and as soon as she blows the whistle, take out the Ocarina and play "Epona's Song". Epona will gallop towards Link, and Link will stand with his hands in the air, unable to move. The game must be reset if this happens. Another glitch involving Epona running toward Link can be caused in Lon Lon Ranch as a child. Lead Epona from outside the main range, then play "Epona's Song" when Link is on the opposite side of the tall fence from her. If done correctly, Epona will be continually galloping into the fence and will not move even if Link plays "Epona's Song".

Epona Items glitch

This can be done while being sword-less Link. Link can use almost any item on Epona, if Link uses a Deku Nut or Ocarina he will fall through Epona and control her. If used in Lon Lon Ranch the camera will focus on epona instead of link. (easiest though shielding).

Other highlights include flying around by using the Hookshot on Epona (assuming Link uses the hookshot something that he can normally grapple onto) getting off Epona and being able to fly. To stop, go back to the spot Link originally used the hookshot on.

WARNING: If Link actually touches the ground while doing this glitch he won't be able to move and the game will have to be reset.

Eternal Skulltula Spin

After entering the Skulltula corridor, hit the first Skulltulla with the sword and attempt to run past it to the left. After Link is knocked back, try to go around it from the left again. It will start its rapid spin attack and knock Link forward into the wooden pillar, then continue to knock him into this pillars. Link will take no damage from these attacks. Z-target and move left to escape.

Exit Kokiri Forest Before Obtaining the Kokiri's Emerald

After buying some Deku Nuts, a Deku Shield, and obtaining the Kokiri Sword, equip the Deku Nuts and stand in front of the Hole of Z in the Forest Training Center. When C-Up starts flashing, enter the hole, go in a little bit, come back out, and press C-Up. After pressing C-Up, attempt to throw a Deku Nut. If done correctly, Link will throw a Deku Nut while Navi is speaking to him, and he will be able to move freely. Don't end the conversation, and press the control stick opposite of the direction that was used to get to the hole. If Link moves properly, he will go past the kid blocking the exit to Hyrule Field. Doing this will allow Link to obtain the Fairy Ocarina early.

An alternative is to go to the Lost Woods, activate the Infinite Sword Glitch, and hover using the Deku Nuts that the Business Scrub spits at Link. At the last part of the hover, roll into the Deku Nut and backflip immediately to get onto the bridge in the Lost Woods.

An even simpler method is to go to the sign near the exit and position Link to where the flat top left area of the map intersects with the wall and the ground when C-Up is pressed. Next, perform the Infinite Sword Glitch. If positioned correctly, Link will go through the guard and inside the exit. However, the guard will continue to block Link even through the inside of the forest exit. To solve this issue, go to the opposite side of the circle and Z-Target the guard. Walk slightly outside of the hole so that the guard returns outside and then slowly walk back inside. If done correctly, the guard will fall into a bottomless pit, thus granting access to Hyrule Field. However, until Link clears the Deku Tree stage, the guard will return if Link returns from a house, from the area where the Deku Tree is, or from Hyrule Field. However, the game cannot be completed without the Kokiri Emerald. If you get the other two after skipping the Deku Tree and try to go to Hyrule Castle Town, you will be able to enter as though you didn't complete the last dungeon yet and Zelda will not appear until you get the last stone.

Extra Bottles

Find a bug, fish, or other item that can be captured using a Bottle. Place an empty Bottle on a C-button, and approach the object. Press the relevant C-button; this will prompt Link to start swinging the bottle. In mid-swing, pause, and switch the Bottle with any item (preferably an unimportant one). If the glitch is done correctly, Link will have replaced his item with an extra Bottle, holding the thing he just captured.

A few things to note:

  • If Deku Sticks or Deku Nuts are replaced, then obtaining more of either item will replace the new Bottle with Deku Sticks or Deku Nuts.
  • The bottles are still affected by time limitations; replacing an item that only Adult Link can use (such as the Hookshot, for example), will result in a Bottle that only Adult Link can use. (It will not appear grayed-out in the Items menu, however.)
  • Masks, if replaced, can be re-obtained by revisiting the Happy Mask Shop.
  • After obtaining the Biggoron's Sword, adult Link can safely replace the Claim Check with a Bottle.
  • Link can safely replace the Magic Beans after buying and planting all of them.
  • The Lens of Truth is also an ideal item to replace since Link can use that extra bottle as a kid or an adult. However, it's advisable that you do not do this as the Lens of Truth is necessary to get the the Spirit Temple and to defeat Bongo Bongo. You cannot see or affect either without it.

Extra Damage From Anything

This trick works with any kind of damage that can be inflicted upon Link. (I usually use damage from bomb explosions.) The moment the damage starts (For example right when a bomb close to Link explodes.) Press the C button the Ocarina is assigned to, then press B, and immediately press the C button the Ocarina is assigned to again. Repeat this, press the C button the Ocarina is assigned to, then press B, and immediately press the C button the Ocarina is assigned to again.Every time Link repeats this the damage is repeated too. Link can repeat damage up to 6 times on average if you are skillful.

NOTE: This is useful for glitches that require low health.

Fado is a bully

While Link is a child, go up to where Fado the Kokiri is. Go just north of Fado so that Link is touching her and almost on the edge of the platform Link is on. Target Fado and then talk to her. Fado should turn around and push Link off the ledge, but the dialogue will continue as normal.

NOTE: It is much easier to do this on the original N64 version, or on an emulator.

Fall Through the Forest Temple

As an adult, play the Minuet of Forest and stand as close to the broken marble stairs while still being able to hookshot to the branch. Take a few steps back, and hookshot onto the branch; if done correctly, Link should be standing on top of the branch. If not, keep trying in slightly different positions at different angles. When Link is standing on the branch, jump off it. Link should just fall through the ground, but still enter the temple as normal.

NOTE: An easy way to hookshot onto the branch right is to stand in the middle of the remains of the stairs, jump off and turn around, then tilt the control stick just enough so Link is at walking speed. Take three steps towards the broken stairs and hookshot to the branch. This should put Link on top of the branch.

WARNING: Rarely, when Link enters the area with the Wolfos, trying to attack them will only result with Link's sword going through them, but they still will be able to cause damage to him. If this does happen, either just enter the next door as normal or go back outside then go back into the Wolfos' mini-field.

Floating Gibdos

In the coffin room at the Bottom the of the Well, certain coffins contain Gibdos which will elevate out of their coffins. If Link plays the Sun's Song to stun them while they are elevating, they will be stunned in midair. Hit them with Link's sword to un-freeze them, and they will be walking around in midair.

Floating Rupee

As a kid, in the room in Hyrule Castle with the jars, have Link face the three boxes closest to the door. Link must roll into the rightmost box. If the Rupee that comes out is on top of the next box, roll into that box. The Rupee should be floating in midair if done correctly.

Flying Link With No Hover Boots

In the first room on the right in the Fire Temple, where the block elevated Link to the upper floor of the Fire Temple, there is a glitch that allows Link temporary flight without hover boots. Jump on top of the block that shoots Link up and wait for it to enter the enclosed tunnel. Study when the block enters, and when it shoots up, run off the block towards the door Link came in. If done at the right time, part of Link's head will be in the ceiling, and he can run around for several seconds before he falls.

Free Lon Lon Milk

Activate the Use Any Item As Ocarina Glitch, but instead, use an empty bottle instead of an ordinary item. Link will take out the bottle and drink from it, recovering 5 hearts.

Ganon's Barrier Skip

Enter the Spirit Trial. Push one of the Armos up to the door, make sure it is the closest it can get to the door. Now at an angle jumpslash towards the door. If successful, Link should go through the Spirit Trial door and the main room of Ganon's Castle will be unloaded. Now go towards where the bridge leads to Ganon's Tower and enter the Tower. Use ISG if preferred. In Master Quest, Link must ground jump to the torch and carefully launch the Longshot into the torch. If done correctly, he will fly through the wall.

Gerudo Desert as a Child

This is a glitch that is used for the fan-made Uber Challenge. First Link must grab the Cucco in the area, then stand on one of the posts that hold up the bridge on the guarded side, and position Link with the Gerudo in front of the gate. Jump towards the gate, and jump attack as Link gets near the gate. With careful practice, Link can jump over the gate and get into Gerudo Valley as a child, before going into Dodongo's Cavern. As an alternative, Link can also stand on the wooden post and use 2 Bombchu Hovers and a backflip to get past the gate. There are two risks with this trick. One, Link may fall into the river and be carried away; this is a relatively minor risk. The other risk is that the Gerudo Guards can catch Link, and may throw Link into the river, which leads to Lake Hylia.

Get Beneath the Ice in Zora’s Domain as an Adult

First, have the Master Sword equipped. Go to Zora's Domain and stand on the platform closest to the ladder.

Now Hookshot/Longshot the right-top side of the ladder. Link should go up and then hang on to the edge of the rock from the inside. Press the A button and then quickly hold up and press B. There will be a splash. Now pull the analog stick back and when Link's face emerges pause and put on the Iron Boots. Link is now Under Zora's Domain Ice.

Another way: After getting the Iron Boots, Zora Tunic, and Hookshot/Longshot, go to Lake Hylia. Equip the Iron Boots, sink to bottom, and walk toward the entrance to the Water Temple. If Link has not already, use the Hookshot to open the Water Temple gate. Walk slowly to the entrance but stop and turn around just after walking past the gate. Look up, Link should be slightly past the gate and on the inside of the entrance.

Take off the Iron Boots and do not move. Link should float up right through the top of the entrance. If successful, Link will now be swimming inside the small island in the middle of the lake and will be able to see the sky below Link. Swim to the camera's left or right just far enough to be out of the way of the Temple entrance and re-equip the Iron Boots.

Sink down below the lakebed. Un-equip the boots and start swimming toward the blocked off entrance leading to Zora's Domain (the camera will not follow Link; it will stay down at the entrance to the temple, making it hard to see where Link is going). Occasionally put on the boots for a few seconds to ensure that Link keeps swimming below the lakebed (this is vital to the glitch). If Link gets it perfectly, he will swim past the ice and go through the passageway. If not, aim to surface at the stone platform just above it.

If Link surfaces within the stone platform, he will still be swimming as though it were water (The camera will now return to Link, making it much easier). Align Link with the passageway and re-equip the iron boots. Sink down to the level of the passage and un-equip the boots. Swim toward the entrance, and Link will go through.

Upon entering, immediately equip the Iron Boots again to stop Link from going above the ice. Link can explore under the ice and even get behind the frozen waterfall.

A much simpler way is to become swordless through stealing the Fishing Rod and ride Epona between the pillars that surround the entrance to Zora's Domain. Dismount Epona by playing the Ocarina or throwing a Deku Nut. Go in the water with the Zora Tunic on and equip the Iron Boots to sink down. Z-Target and walk up to the ice block, turn around so his back touches the block, then back into it and press A. While climbing Epona, Link will be pushed behind the block. At this point, immediately take off the Iron Boots and swim toward the "square" to enter Zora's Domain. Change boots when required. If Link resurfaces above the ice, he can play the Sun's Song to re-enter from Lake Hylia.

Get Golden Scale as Young Link

First head to the fishing pond. Talk to the fishing pond owner and accept to play the fishing pond game. Now catch a fish of a weight of 8 or higher. Go into the center of the pond and hold Z. While still holding Z swim to land and talk to the fishing pond owner. Make sure to still be holding Z while doing this. Now after he is done looking at it he will give Link the Golden Scale instead of a heart piece. This allows Link to stay under water for longer so he can see Lord Jabu-Jabu early. However, keep in mind that it does not mean Link cannot earn the Silver Scale from the Diving Game in Zora's Domain.


There is a glitch with the grottoes where Link can fall out of the map. It is a little tricky but it can be done with a little hard work.

  • First, get out Link's sword and Z-target.
  • Second, walk toward the grotto as Link would normally.
  • Third, just as Link hits the edge, do a jump attack.

If done correctly, the camera will follow Link as he falls out of the map. If not, go through the special "lift" and try again.

Ground Jump

Pull a bomb or Bomb Flower out, take out the sword, Z-Shield, and grab the bomb while Z-Shielding. Notice that Link cannot pull out his sword or any other item. If Link backflips or sidehops, he will jump up higher and not move back. This is useful for getting up to ledges Link cannot normally reach, such as the ledge in Dodongo's Cavern with a switch that opens up the door to the left of the main entrance. As an adult, he can also use this in Sacred Forest Meadow to avoid the Moblins.

Hole Jumping Link

Go to the Gerudo Prison Cell. Go to the edge of the hole and back-flip. Link should flip in, then pop right on the opposing ledge.

Infinite Sword Glitch

Find a sign or other object that Link can read or pick up (such as a dropped bomb). Approach it. Crouch and stab the object while shielded, and press "A" mid-stab. If timed properly, this should interrupt Link's attack. Alternatively, where an enemy is present, interrupt the stab with Navi: Z-target and press c up for her description of the enemy.

Link's sword will begin to glow; this is actually the pseudo-motion blur seen when he swings the sword. As Link walks or runs past objects (like bushes and trees), the sword will "automatically" slice through them. Link will be unable to run and jump off ledges; they will act more like invisible walls. The glitch stops if Link uses his shield, attacks, is hit by an enemy, or falls in water. Items can be used, but this is not always advisable; some items cause Link to sheath his sword. If Link needs to pull it out again, he simply has to Z-target, perform a backflip, and hit B while in the air, drawing his sword without cancelling the ISG.

Interrupt Master Sword Theme

After learning a Warp Song, go to the Pedestal of Time and stand in front of it. Play the Warp Song and quickly refuse to warp to that location. Then immediately pull or drop the Master Sword. As the Master Sword scene plays, instead of the Master Sword theme plays the final notes of the Warp Song. If the Requiem of Spirit or the Nocturne of Shadow is played, the whole theme will be interrupted. If the Minuet of Forest, the Serenade of Water, or the Prelude of Light is played, the final note of the Master Sword theme will be played along with the sound of the Sacred Realm. If the Bolero of Fire is played, only the sound of the Sacred Realm will be played. If Link enter the Temple of Time without warping, the confirmation tone will still sound if the Master Sword Theme is interrupted.

The confirmation tone is the sound that plays when Link pulls the Master Sword for the first time and always plays when he enters the Temple without warping and pulls or drops the sword. This can also be done with the Song of Storms before playing the Temple Songs.

NOTE: This glitch does not work in the 3DS version.

Laser Pointer

Lock Z on anything that can be Z Targeted. While Z Targeting, aim the Hookshot/Longshot at Link's target and while aiming, hold the shield out with R, let go of R, and then get out of Z Targeting while aiming. As long as Link keeps running and do nothing else, the Hookshot/Longshot will be aimed toward the ground. If Link Z Targets and move forward, Link will use the Hookshot/Longshot as if he was using the Fairy Bow.

Make Gibdos fall into a pit, and still be there

This glitch was performed in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest. Because that game uses the same engine, however, the glitch may also work in Ocarina of Time.

Go to the Spirit Temple, and find the room that is inhabited by Gibdos and divided in half by a large pit. Lure a Gibdo near the pit, and slash at it a couple of times. If done right, the Gibdo should be knocked into the pit. It will not die, however; it will simply be standing on an invisible floor at the bottom of the pit. This may or may not work with other enemies.

This happens because such bottomless pits feature kill barriers -- invisible walls that kill a player on contact -- at the bottom. However, Gibdos (and likely other enemies) are not harmed by these barriers.

Make Moblins Fall in Water

Moblin Underwater

The easiest Moblin to try this on is the one pacing the path perpendicular to the pathway coming from the Forest Temple. Just barely stand in the alcove with the stairs heading toward the temple and wait for the Moblin to go by Link to the left. Z-target, sidestep around the corner, and watch for it to turn around. As soon as it does, run out and get its attention. As soon as it starts charging, head back in the alcove and let it pass by. When it retreats past the alcove, run out and run left after it. Link will start pushing it. Keep running until Link reaches the water and the Moblin will fall in. If Link hops down in the water with his Iron Boots, it will still charge him. To the right is a picture of what it looks like when the Moblin is in the water.

Maximum Longshot Use

In the Shadow Trial of Ganon's Castle, launch the Longshot at the torch and walk to the edge of the circular platform. Aim the Longshot at the Like Like and Link will quickly complete the first half of the trial without having to light the torch.

Meet Zelda Before Collecting All the Medallions

If Link manages to complete the Spirit Temple and the Shadow Temple before completing the first 3 temples, he will have a second encounter with Rauru, as if he had already collected all of the Six Medallions. Once the game is saved outside of any temple and restarted, Link will meet up with Sheik and they will have their final conversation. Now Link will obtain the Light Arrow early and he will be able to access Ganon's Castle, despite having only 3 medallions. However, because the Forest Medallion was never obtained, Shiek will still stand in front of the Pedestal of Time, preventing Link to go back in time.

Meeting the Man on the Roof as a Child

In Kakariko Village, there is a man sitting on a roof right next to the observation tower. As a child, climb to the top of the observation tower, and sidestep to the left. If done correctly, Link will land on a fence, from which he can climb onto the roof. Speak to the man, and he will say, "Hey, long time no see!", just as if Link were an adult, and give him the Piece of Heart early. Link can also Bombchu Hover to the top of the roof.

Megaflip, Mega Wavedash, and Hoverslide

Megaflipping is when Link rolls into a bomb or Bombchu right when it explodes and backflips after the roll. If successful, Link will backflip 3 times farther. This can be used to skip Big Octorok in Lord Jabu Jabu's Belly. Of course there are many other uses such as making it across the ledge as a child in the Shadow Temple. An alternate way of doing this is to equip Nayru's Love onto Link and to pull out a bomb, hold Z and pull out the shield, step back a bit, when the Bomb explodes Link will get pushed back a bit. When that happens, backflip. Sometimes in an attempt to Megaflip without Nayru's Love, Link will backflip at a slightly shorter distance than a regular backflip. This also occurs in Majora's Mask, although Megaflipping is absent in this game.

The next section is a set of sub-glitches from the Megaflip that can only be done by Adult Link.

If Link puts on the Hover Boots during the Megaflip when done on ground level, he will slide backward very far but he won't Superslide and he will stop sliding after a short time. Like the Wavedash in Super Smash Bros. Melee, this sub-glitch is known as the Mega Wavedash since it is similar to the Wavedash but much farther. If Link performs the Mega Wavedash off of a ledge, he will hover backwards very far in the air. This is called a Hoverslide. This is also achieved when Link puts on the Hover Boots during the Megaflip off of any ledge or when he puts on the Hover Boots before falling off of any ledge during a Superslide. The Mega Wavedash and Hoverslide give a variety of useful sub-glitches that temporairly boost Link's speed. Taking off the Hover Boots and resuming the game automatically deactivats the glitch. These glitches send Link over 2 times farther than a Megaflip (7 backflips or 2 megaflips plus a regular backflip). Also, ISG is automatically deactivated with these glitches, so Link would be unable to Bombchu Hover.

Multiple Kaepora Gaeboras

If Link enters an area earlier than he is supposed to, he will see Kaepora Gaebora perched near that area's entrance. In Hyrule Field, examining the cliff between Lake Hylia and Gerudo Valley after clearing Inside the Deku Tree will reveal the presence of two Kaepora Gaeboras in the same area. One waits atop a tree near the entrance to Gerudo Valley. The other sits upon a brick pillar at the fenced square near Lake Hylia's entrance. This is the only area where two Kaepora Gaeboras can be found, though no viewing angle allows both to be seen at once.

Multiple Sarias

Upon leaving Kokiri Forest early, if Link learns Saria's Song before clearing Inside the Deku Tree, he will see Saria in front of his house and also in the Sacred Forest Meadow.

No Zelda's Lullaby

Please be aware that this glitch will make the game unbeatable.

After Link meets Princess Zelda, but before he meets Impa, save and quit. Link then will not know "Zelda's Lullaby" and cannot learn it, making it impossible to beat the game.

Obtain Extra Gold Skulltula Tokens

There is a glitch present in the game that allows Link to obtain an infinite amount of Gold Skulltulas. The first step to performing this requires Link to travel to the gated area outside Hyrule Castle, where Talon is first encountered. Here he finds a tree that he must play the "Song of Storms" in front of. After the song is played, a Grotto appears that Link must go down. He finds himself in a circular room with many bombable walls; a Gold Skulltula is located behind one wall. Link must make his way around the portal that leads back up the Grotto, and throw his Boomerang at the new Gold Skulltula token after defeating the enemy. After the Boomerang collects the token, but before it returns to Link, he must jump on the portal platform. He will appear back outside Hyrule Castle with a new token, but the Gold Skulltula will still be located in the Grotto, allowing Link to execute the procedure over and over. This also works in the grotto near Gerudo Valley. This video demonstrates how it is done:

Obtain the Mirror Shield and the Silver Gauntlets Simultaneously as an Adult

After learning the Requiem of Spirit and obtaining the Biggest Bomb Bag, some Magic Beans, the Giant's Wallet, the Longshot, the Fairy Bow, 50 Bombchus, and the Hover Boots, plant a Magic Bean in the soil patch in Desert Colossus as a child. Then return here as an adult and get onto the rocky area where the Piece of Heart is sitting. Activate the Infinite Sword Glitch and go to the far right side of the rock. Walk forward onto the rock's edge and use C-Up to align Link at a straight angle with the Sand Goddess statue's middle finger. Now put on the Hover Boots and start Bombchu Hovering. If Link hovers so high that only Link's feet can be seen, use the Fairy Bow or the Longshot so that Link can be seen again and then continue hovering. This must be done so that Link will continue to backflip and to keep track of Link since the camera will not move. By repeating this, Link will eventually get to the right side of the index finger and the center of the middle finger of the Sand Goddess statue. When Link is close to the palm of the statue's hand, take off the Hover Boots and then backflip. If Link gets stuck while trying to backflip at this point, try to fall backwards from the explosion to land on the right hand, but to do this, be sure that the Bombchu does not crawl to the side and put Link's shield in front of him to drop the Bombchu. Attempt to enter the room inhabited by the Iron Knuckle and the treasure chest containing the Mirror Shield will fall before Link can enter. Open the chest to get the Mirror Shield and then aim the Longshot at the chest containing the Silver Gauntlets. Re-equip the Hover Boots if necessary and launch the Longshot to get to the left hand and open that chest to get the Silver Gauntlets. The description of the gauntlets remains the same even though Link is an adult and the cutscene with the Twinrova sisters kidnapping Nabooru still follows, but Kaepora Gaebora won't show up to give Link his final word of advice. Now Link can choose which side of the Spirit Temple to go through with the Longshot and Link has the option of working backwards or he can completely skip the left side of the Spirit Temple.

This technique is useful for those unfamiliar with the Spirit Temple and it works in both Ocarina of Time and Master Quest. It works especially well for inexperienced Master Quest players since this temple is the most time-consuming temple in both games. Scaling the right hand requires at least 30 Bombchus, so buy as many Bombchus as possible. To stock up on Bombchus, buy them from the Carpet Merchant in the Haunted Wasteland for 200 rupees.

Ocarina Items

The Ocarina Items glitch allows Link to use almost any item as if it were an Ocarina.

Obtain a Bottled Fish or Bottled Bug. Equip it to a C-button, empty it out, and then recapture it. This will put the Bottle in Link's hands. Next, backflip. While in midair, press the C-button for the bottle and a C-button for another item, such as the Boomerang. When Link lands, he will begin to play that other item as though it were an Ocarina. The item is fully functional in this respect; all songs work normally.

Plant Hover

Activate the Infinite Sword Glitch as an adult and ride on a magic bean plant. When the plant comes to a stop, walk off the edge and Link will float in the air.This glitch also works with any fence that Link can climb on.

Play Ocarina Without Having it Equipped

First, go to the quest screen and click on the musical note for Zelda's Lullaby. While it is playing, hold the control stick up. After the song has finished the cursor will fly right up to the Stone of Agony. Close the start screen and do a roll. Now, pressing any C buttons or the A buttons will play an ocarina note. However, since it treats the notes as if holding Z or moving the control stick, the songs Link plays will have no effect. To stop the glitch, simply play the actual ocarina or leave the area.

Resist the Master Sword

As a kid, go to the Pedestal of Time equipped with the Deku Shield and take out the sword. Z-Shield and press A at the same time when the A button says "Grab". When Link puts his sword away, the shield will be held in front if R remains held and while shielding, Link can switch to the Hylian Shield. This also works as an adult equipped with Biggoron's Sword. Letting go of R automatically leads to pulling or dropping the Master Sword.

Rolling Through Epona

First of all, Epona has to be no where in sight. Next, Link has to use the Epona's Song. Then, when a movie-like clip appears where Epona is running to Link, he can move in this clip too, so run towards her too, and quickly roll into her, and he should pass right through Epona. Note that this will only work in Hyrule Field as an adult, and Epona may not come to Link on the first try on playing the Epona's Song, so he may have to try several times.

Secret Colored Gauntlets

Let the video do the explaining.

Shield Switch

As a child, hold the Deku Shield. While holding it, switch to the Hylian Shield. Link will be in the same position as if he was holding the Deku Shield, but as always, the Hylian Shield will stay on his back.

Statue Link: The Cucco Magnet

Take out the sword, aim at a Cucco and Z-Shield. When the A Button says "Grab", press A and hold R. Link will put away his sword and instead of holding the Cucco, Link will hold his shield. Releasing R deactivates the glitch, but Link will hold the Cucco whether it is close to him or running from him.

Steal the Fishing Rod

As either a child or an adult, go to the Fishing Pond after renting the Fishing Rod and swim to the most shallow point of the pond. Dive until Link resurfaces. If done correctly, Link will slightly jump out of the water. While jumping, press B before landing. If pressed at the right time, Link will cast the rod while running and without stopping. Link will be controllable even while the line is cast (This method works in all versions of the game).

A notably easier method is to equip the Hover Boots as Adult Link. Simply run onto the water and cast the rod while hovering (This method only works in version 1.0 of the game).

Once Link is moving freely with the fishing rod, do not press A until Link reaches the door or the bait will come back to him. The pond owner won't yell at Link when he opens the door; Link can thus exit the fishing pond with the fishing rod equipped to the B-button.

At this point, pausing the game will change what is on the B-button. Pausing immediately after exiting the pond will restore the sword to the B-button. Pausing while swimming leaves the B-button blank, effectively triggering the Swordless Link glitch. Pausing after getting out of the water puts the Deku Stick on the B-button, which can be replaced with a bottled item.

Note that using the Fishing Rod outside of the Fishing Pond will crash certain game versions and certain emulators, as will using a Deku Stick as Adult Link.

Storing Nayru's Love

With Nayru's Love activated, depending on which song Link plays, a certain effect will happen to Nayru's Love. If Link plays the Scarecrow's Song while Nayru's Love is in use, Nayru's Love will be deactivated. If Link plays a Warp Song while Nayru's Love is in use, Nayru's Love will be partially deactivated and the Magic Meter will flash, leaving Link susceptible to damage and unable to use any other magic. If Link plays any regular six-note song (not Minuet of Forest or Requiem of Spirit) after playing the Scarecrow's Song or a Warp Song, Nayru's Love will be reactivated. Also, if Link enters another area after partially or completely deactivating Nayru's Love, Nayru's Love will reactivate.


This glitch is done by rolling into a bomb with the shield up just before it explodes. If done correctly Link will Slide backwards at a fast speed, even faster than Epona. This is useful to get to places very quickly. There is also an alternative way of doing this, if Link equips Nayru's Love, takes out the sword, Z-Shields, and grabs the bomb while Z-Shieldng. Although Nayru's Love is absent in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Link is still able to Superslide.

Swordless Link Glitch

There are several methods for triggering the Swordless Link glitch, which leaves Link unarmed and causes a very wide variety of bizarre sub-glitches. The methods to be used depend on what version of the game is being played.


Fishing Rod method, all versions
Perform the Steal the Fishing Rod glitch. Jump into the lake after exiting the Fishing Pond, and pause while swimming.
Ganon method, version 1.0
In the final fight with Ganon, wait until Link loses the Master Sword. Do not equip anything else; instead save the game and quit. When started again, Link will be without a sword.
Ganon method, all versions
In the final fight with Ganon, wait until Link loses his sword, and use the Ocarina Items glitch to play any warp song.


The following glitches can occur while Link is swordless.

Link can use nearly any C-Item while riding Epona, though some items behave oddly.

Using a Deku Nut or the Ocarina of Time while riding Epona will cause Link to fall through Epona. After Link stops playing the Ocarina, he will be able to move through anything that isn't static terrain -- including trees, NPCs, signs, and other objects. Epona will mimic Link's movements, though her faster speed will cause the two to desynchronize. Pressing A at any time will cause Link to teleport to, and remount, Epona.

If Link uses the Hookshot or Longshot while riding Epona and while she is staying still, he can lock onto objects and remain fixed to Epona. Pressing A will cause Link to dismount and immediately fly up to the height of the object he latched onto. The joystick can then be used to make Link hover and move horizontally. Getting hit by an attack will cause Link to fall; touching the thing he latched onto will detach him and cause him to moonjump. If Link touches anything other than the thing he latched onto will make him unable to move; however, if he gets hurt after he becomes unable to move, this will also detach him and cause him to moonjump, making him able to move again.

Pressing Z while hovering will lock the camera while Link hovers. Flying too far in one direction may freeze the game.

Zombie link

1. Perform the Swordless Link glitch. 2. Ride to a place with water (in this case Lake Hylia). 3. Fall off Epona by pressing the C-button for the ocarina, and then get into the water. 4. Equip the iron boots, and once you are on the bottom press "A" to mount Epona. 5. Ride to something that you can hookshot, and then hookshot it. (The fences near the scarecrows work nicely here.) 6. Wait until the time runs out, now you'll die ON EPONA! 7. The Game Over screen will not show up, so you can now get off Epona and walk around, as DEAD!

NOTE: This won't work if you wear the Zora tunic! Enjoy the glitch! the game will lock up, meaning you have to reset when you're done.

Even though this video shows N64, you're able to do this glitch on all versions (N64, GCN, VC, etc.).

Skulltula Glitch

When Link hits a Skulltula's shell, causing it to swing from side to side, he can use a Deku Nut to freeze the Skulltula in place while it is at an angle. If Link then damages the Skulltula but does not defeat it, it will remain at the same angle until either the shell is hit again or the Skulltula is killed. The glitch does not work in Majora's Mask as Skulltulas no longer swing when hit. Also when the Skulltula is above air in certain areas (example, near the entrance of the Dead Hands lair), and link is on a platform near the Skulltula, it will bounce up and down, unable to land. This was fixed in the 3DS remake. Strangely enough, In Majora's Mask, when a Skulltula acends back up and link wanders back into its territory, it will ignore him until it reaches the top of its climb.

The Hookshot Forever

In the water temple, after Link defeats Dark Link, quickly save and then get the longshot. Reset the game without saving after getting the longshot and Link will still have the hookshot. But the chest for the longshot will already be open. The chances of this glitch happening is low but is still possible. After doing this glitch, it will be impossible to beat the game.

The Quickest Showdowns Ever

Though these are not necessarily glitches, listed below are many new techniques that have been discovered to quickly defeat all the Temple Bosses and Ganondorf, most of which require the use of Biggoron's Sword.

Phantom Ganon

In the second half of the fight with Phantom Ganon, Z Target Phantom Ganon and be as close as possible to him. As he fires his dark magic, quickly send it back to him with Biggoron's Sword. Immediately jump-slash him twice, return his magic again, and jump-slash him again to defeat him.


Jump-pound Volvagia twice with the Megaton Hammer. Right after he flies, go under his mouth and shoot 2 arrows at him. Then jump-pound Volvagia 6 more times to defeat him.

Dark Link

While using the Biggorons sword, the frame will not freeze while fighting Dark Link, like it does with the Master Sword. Simply continue thrusting it into him, he will be finished off quickly since it deals twice the damage.


After Link drags Morpha's nucleus, lock onto Morpha and jump-slash it with Biggoron's Sword while it is on the floor. After it jumps back into the water while still locked onto Morpha, if timed right, jump-slash it again while it is in the water, then quickly resurface and give it the final jump-slash when it comes back out of its nucleus.

Bongo Bongo

Whether the Lens of Truth is or is not in use, use Spin Attack to paralyze Bongo Bongo and crouch stab him with Biggoron's Sword. He will be defeated if he tries to attack Link 3 times.


Right before Ganondorf fires a magic ball, Link should grapple himself to the central tile. Then, he must return Ganondorf's magic ball to him and shoot him with a Light Arrow. Next, Link must Z-Target Ganondorf and slash him consecutively with Biggoron's Sword each and every second after he descends. If done correctly, Ganondorf will be finished off in 10 strikes. Be sure to slash him right before he heals from taking damage. The camera fades to black when he recovers. Link can also finish him off with fewer strikes by ending with a jump slash as the final blow; an even faster way to do this is to jumpslash once, and then crouch stab. Ganondorf can be defeated in about thirty seconds using this. Another shortcut to defeating Ganondorf would be using an empty bottle against him when he fires a magic ball.

Use Din's Fire in Midair

If Link obtains Din's Fire after leaving the forest early and casts it on the cobwebs on the floors inside the Deku Tree, Link will fall while casting Din's Fire.

Use the Master Sword as a Kid

During the Trading Quest for Biggoron's Sword, trade for a perishable item such as the Odd Mushroom, the Eyeball Frog, or the World's Finest Eye Drops and go to the Pedestal of Time. When there are two seconds left, drop the Master Sword into the pedestal. Right when the perishable item spoils, pull the Master Sword. If done correctly, Link will pull the Master Sword while the message alerting that the item has spoiled pops up, he will instantly warp to where he got the perishable item, and he will be equipped with the Master Sword. If Link exits the area, the game will freeze; to leave, save and turn off the game, or use a warp song. The glitch will automatically be deactivated once Link becomes an adult again and cannot be repeated once he has obtained Biggoron's Sword.

Water Temple Jump Glitch

When entering the Water Temple, when Link is on the center pillar, on the left is a ledge. If Link approaches it and attempts to jump to it, he will grab onto the ledge and fall quickly, and repeat this process, making it look like Link is shaking against the wall. If Link attempts to jump onto the ledge and makes it, the tile on the ledge that raises and lowers the water level will not work. To make it work again, Link must leave then re-enter the Water Temple.

Young Link's Giant's Knife

Stand on an elevated ledge in front of a wall and take out a Deku Stick. Jump-slash the wall to break the stick and land on the ground. Link will be carrying half of the Deku Stick, but this stick will not be considered a Deku Stick by the game, and one stick will be subtracted from his inventory, so do not do this if Link has one Deku Stick remaining. The half of the Deku Stick can be used like a normal stick but will persist even when used to hit multiple enemies or walls. However, if that Deku Stick is burned, or if another Deku Stick is used, the Deku Stick count stays the same until the new Deku Stick is completely used up. Un-equipping the Deku Stick, using an item other than the Deku Stick, burning the Deku Stick, or using another Deku Stick will deactivate the glitch.

Stand in fire glitch

If Link goes to the hole in the roof of the gate to Hyrule Castle as young Link, Do the young Link's Giant's Knife glitch into the hole. If done correctly, Link should be standing in the fire that is in the room

Talk to fleeing Zelda glitch

After Zelda is taken away by Impa while running from Ganondorf, go back to castle as Young Link. Using the levitate cheat, fly over the wall next to the two guards. There will be no more guards past them, so continue to the courtyard. When Link enters, Zelda will be standing there like nothing happened.

Normal Poe sister music glitch

When fighting the final Poe sister when she disappears, shoot the eye switch in the room, the music should turn to the normal enemy music, this makes no change in the gameplay.

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