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This page is a list of glitches from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

Become "Them"

This is a strange glitch that can only be done at Romani Ranch at 2:30AM-5:15AM on the first day, when They come to abduct the cows. This glitch may not always work.

  1. Put on the Goron Mask.
  2. Start rolling toward the fence in the field and time it correctly so that when one of Them who crosses over the fence comes down, Link will crash into it and the fence as Link bounces up, and also so that Link's spikes will come out.
  3. If done correctly, Link will collide with it from underneath at the same time he crashes into the fence and bounces up, and the same time Link's spikes come out.
  4. This should cause it to disappear, and Goron Link, still in ball form, will float along the same path towards the barn, as if he were one of "Them".

NOTE: If "They" make it to the ranch, the cutscene will occur where "They" steal the cows and Romani, and then afterward, Link will be able to freely move around again. If it becomes 5:15AM before "They" make it to the ranch, they will burn in the sun and then Romani will thank Link, who is still in Goron-rolling form. If this cutscene happens, Link will be unable to move afterward, and the game must be reset.

Romani's Body Double

Between 2:30 and 5:15, let just one of "Them" barely make it into the barn, but shoot it at the last second. If done correctly, Romani and the cows will be abducted by "Them," but the invasion will continue. Keep "Them" away until 5:15 when they are defeated. The fanfare will play and Romani will suddenly appear and say that Link won, and the next days will progress with Romani safe and cheery as if she never got abducted. NOTE: This glitch has not been proven to work more than once yet.

Bombchu Hover

First, activate the "Infinite Sword Glitch". Then backflip or side hop (backflip is usually easier), take out a Bombchu during mid flip/mid jump and shield. Link will stop in midair and be unable to move from the spot. If the first jump leaves Link above the same level of ground, quickly repeat this to prevent Link from falling. If the first jump is off of a cliff the second may not need to be immediate. Additional backflips or side jumps can be preformed with subsequent Bombchu releases/shielding. Link can use these to move through the air. To fall normally from the frozen in the air state, Link can side jump or backflip and not pull out a Bombchu. Unlike the glitch from Ocarina of Time, this glitch does not involve the use of a bow. This glitch allows Link to get to the Stone Tower without the use of the Hookshot. Link can also use this glitch to get Pieces of Heart without the help of Deku Scrubs and the Title Deeds.

Boosting with Bombs

Before jumping off of a ledge, Link must place a Bomb behind himself and wait for it to explode. Just when he takes damage from the explosion, hold the Control Stick to jump farther off of a ledge than usual. This is useful for accessing both sides of Beneath the Graveyard.

Broken Deku Stick

Stand on an elevated ledge in front of a wall and take out a Deku Stick. Jump-slash the wall to break the stick and land to the ground. Link will be carrying half of the Deku Stick, but this stick will not be considered a Deku Stick and one stick will be subtracted from his inventory, so do not do this if Link has one Deku Stick remaining. However, if that Deku Stick is burned, or if another Deku Stick is used, the Deku Stick count stays the same until the new Deku Stick is completely used up. Un-equipping the Deku Stick, using an item other than the Deku Stick, burning the Deku Stick, putting away the Deku Stick, or using another Deku Stick will deactivate the glitch. This can also be attained by breaking a Deku Stick on two walls at the same time.

Carry Mikau

  1. When Link is rescuing Mikau from the ocean, grab him and drag him to shore as usual.
  2. Stop dragging him when Link is still swimming but the Zora can stand.
  3. Grab Mikau. Link can then carry Mikau as he walks in place endlessly.

NOTE: Talking to anyone or dropping Mikau freezes the game.

Carry Rock Sirloin as Link

As Goron Link, get the Rock Sirloin from the Goron Shrine, and make your way to the Mountain Village. While carrying the Rock Sirloin, drop into the water. You will respawn as Link, and be carrying the Rock Sirloin. If you drop or throw it as Link, you will need to transform back into Goron Link to pick it up again.

Dark Termina

As Zora Link, either crouch in place or go to any body of water in which Link can swim (which is more effective) and use Zora Link's shield. While shielding, take the mask off. Now, the world will be covered in blue fog no matter what the time of day is. To deactivate it, use the Zora shield again, manipulate time, or enter another area. Using Spin Attack, a Sword Beam, or playing the Song of Storms partially deactivates the glitch. The longer Zora Link uses his shield, the darker it becomes. The sky gradually darkens as the day progresses and it brightens during night.

Dog of Disorder

WARNING: This glitch will cause the game to freeze.

Perform the Floating Dog Glitch with the Mask of Truth on and walk around an area that will allows Link to Z-target it. Z-target it and it will enter into a glitch that causes either Link or the dog to spin uncontrollably. Time will not move during this glitch.

Double Jump

In the Stock Pot Inn, position Link so that he stands in front of Anju's desk. Perform a sidehop while Z-Shielding and hold the Control Stick forward. If done correctly, Link will jump onto the desk and he will quickly jump off of it.

Downgrade Link's Sword

With the Save Glitch activated and the Zora Mask equipped, put on the mask and get off Epona. Now take off the mask and the Kokiri Sword will be displayed in the B Button icon instead of the Razor Sword or Gilded Sword. After doing this, there are 2 options.

  • To keep it permanently, upgrade to the Razor Sword, dull its edge, and return to the Dawn of the First Day. Link can also return to the Dawn of the First Day while the Kokiri Sword is being reforged since technically the Kokiri Sword is in use.
  • To reverse the glitch, use one of the 3 methods below.
  1. Re-save at the Owl Statue while riding Epona and reload the game without activating the Save Glitch.
  2. In water, activate the Fierce Deity Glitch, deactivate it, and take off the Zora Mask to re-upgrade Link's sword, which is the quickest method of deactivation.
  3. After the downgrade, get the sword stolen by the Takkuri and buy it at the Curiosity Shop.

Ironically, even though the Kokiri Sword is displayed in the B-Button icon and in use, the Razor Sword or Gilded Sword will still be in the equipment screen and Link will hold the Razor Sword or Gilded Sword in his hand. Do not be deceived, though; the decrease in the sword's strength, slash range, and Spin Attack range are apparent signs that the glitch took place.

Also, if Link upgrades to the Razor Sword at the Mountain Smithy, the Kokiri Sword will be lying on the table while Gabora is reforging it. Link must have either the Razor Sword or Gilded Sword to perform the glitch. This glitch cannot be activated if Link is swordless.

Enter Romani Ranch Without Explosives

Activate the save glitch and put the Zora Mask on. Reactivate the save glitch and ride to the boulder. Take off the Zora Mask, put it back on, face the boulder, and while floating, press the C-button that the Great Fairy's Sword was equipped to in order to push forward through the boulder and enter the ranch. Do not press A while floating or else Link will get back on Epona. However, if Zora Link dismounts Epona, his fins will function differently. His fins will shrink and become stronger than the Razor Sword and weaker than the Gilded Sword. They can only be aimed freely at an enemy or an object that can be Z-Targeted. If he throws his fins without aiming at anything he can Z-Target, he holds onto his fins, and the camera zooms in and out continuously while aimed in only one direction. Only his right fin can be seen in normal size while shielding. Also, he will put away his fins differently instead of shrinking them. This bizarre sub-glitch is known as Zora Evolution. Once Zora Link "evolves", the Downgrade Glitch cannot be activated at all. Fortunately, this sub-glitch does not occur if Link is equipped with the Kokiri Sword. It can also be prevented by equipping the Goron Mask before using this glitch. In order to prevent it from occurring, allow Zora Link to enter the ranch, then immediately assume Goron form, dismount Epona, and return to normal. If done correctly, Zora Link's fins will remain normal, but Link's sword will once again be downgraded.

Enter Sakon's Hideout Without Him Opening it

Go to Ikana Canyon and approach Sakon's hideout. Use the zoom to look at the very small gap between the right end of the door and the rest of the stone. Line up in front of it and roll or equip the Bunny Hood, Link should pass right through the gap. Press the control stick left hard the second he goes through or he will fall into an abyss (Tip: Line the tip of the clock on the bottom of the screen up with the gap; it should serve as something of a target). Using this glitch will not hinder anything if used during the Kafei event. If Link does this on the first day however the sequence with Kafei will be unavailable and attempting to roll through the door when standing on the blue switch will send Link off the map and outside of Sakon's hideout.

Epona Gets Stuck Part 1

This glitch can be performed once Link gets Epona and learns Epona's Song. First, go out the east gate of Clock Town, which leads to Stone Tower, and stand on the raised step just outside the gate. This will also sometimes work outside the south gate, leading to Woodfall, but the east gate works better. Once standing on the step, play Epona's Song and Epona will come running. At this point, wait there and do not move. Epona will run into the step and will not be able to climb it, so she will try to walk towards Link but will slide sideways across the edge of the step. Eventually, she will stop sliding and begin either rearing up and turning repeatedly with her front hooves inside the step, or will climb on top of the step and begin turning in circles. If Link climbs onto Epona, she will be stuck inside the step and will often turn involuntarily. If Link faces towards the edge of the step and begin running, Epona will slowly move towards the edge and will eventually get out of the step so Link can ride her normally.

Epona Gets Stuck Part 2

Use the above glitch and exit Clock Town while riding Epona. Epona will run in a stand-still position, but she cannot move forward or backwards. To undo this glitch, go near the entrance to Milk Road and play Epona's Song. Epona will come galloping towards Link, despite that she was stuck.

Exit Clock Town as Deku Link

Facing away from the soldier at the east Gate, Z-Target and keep stepping backwards at a slight angle. Deku Link will gradually go back and squeeze his way out of Clock Town. However, if it is Link's first time in Clock Town, the Termina Field Overworld theme will not play. Also, there will be no Deku Flowers, so Link will not be able to access the Astral Observatory without telling the password to the bomber guarding the way. However, if Link enters another area and returns to Termina Field, Termina Field still remains silent and partially unloaded as before, but the other areas will not. This only occurs during Link's first time in Clock Town. Therefore, this bizarre sub-glitch will not happen after Link's progress has been completely saved, but the glitch will remain at Link's disposal.

Fall Through Stairs

While not a useful glitch, some staircases, and other areas, can oddly be fallen through if accessed correctly. The easiest example is in East Clock Town. Go up to the Mayor's house, and go to the right, on top of the Milk Bar, Latte. Use the Bunny Hood or roll off the ledge and jump across to the chest that contains 100 Rupees behind the Shooting Gallery. Then, position Link on the edge of the gap that leads back down, but turn towards the steps leading to South Clock Town by the Treasure Shop. Once in the right position, jump towards the steps. Link will hit the "barrier" that whites out the screen and takes him to the next area; Link will start running in mid air, and fall through the floor. This glitch has not been removed in the Virtual Console version.

Fierce Deity's Mask Glitches

A glitch was discovered that became very popular because it allowed the player access to the Fierce Deity Mask outside Boss Battles. The glitch involved part of the Kafei and Anju quest, specifically Sakon's Hideout; although it was not necessary to actually do the entire quest by using a glitch in the map design (see "Enter Sakon's Hideout (Without Him Opening It)". While wearing the Bunny Hood, the player needed to resume the quest as if they had been doing it all along. Once the player has taken control of Kafei, it is possible to open the Start Menu, go to the mask screen and place the Fierce Deity Mask over the Bunny Hood on the respective C-Button. Once control is returned to Link, he will immediately put the mask on and transform like normal. Once this is accomplished, all the player has to do is continue the hideout puzzle normally and would eventually be outside in Ikana Canyon.

The Second Glitch

A simpler way to transform was eventually discovered. By riding Epona to Milk Road or Southern Swamp, it is possible, through a saving glitch, to get all the C-Buttons on the horse. There is a small chance that when the game is reloaded, Link will start on her, and have access to the C-Buttons and whatever was assigned to them. Unfortunately, if the Fierce Deity Mask was equipped straight after saving, Link must wait until the Dawn of The Second or Third Day to get off Epona. By riding to the Gorman Brothers race course and challenging them, Link can avoid this little problem. Once the race started, Link can safely put the mask on, and after it has ended, he will be standing as Fierce Deity Link with no problems. This glitch has also been removed from later versions such as the European N64 and GameCube Collector's editions.

The Third Glitch

This is the easiest and best way to transform and it works with all versions of Majora's Mask, including the GameCube and Wii Virtual Console Version. It can be done in several locations but the easiest is in Termina Field, just outside the entrance to Great Bay. There is a small pool of water off to the side, (right if facing Clock Town, or left if facing Great Bay) which Link must jump into. Once in the water, he needs to be positioned in a spot where he is floating, but when the Zora Mask was put on, he would stand. Once that had been achieved, as Normal Link, press A to dive and shortly after doing so press C-Button with the Zora Mask equipped, causing Link to normally transform as he usually would. After this, by simultaneously pressing B and trying to take off the Zora Mask, the B button should go blank (if done correctly). By holding A and swimming in the direction of land, Link should remain stationary and after a few seconds, roll, then stand up normally.

  • However, sometimes, Zora Link will stay still and the player will hear a constant bumping sound. Taking off the mask will show him taking it off, but Link will stay as a Zora and can move again. If the player taps the C-Button twice fast to skip the scene, the screen glitches and wavers for a moment before going back to normal.

Once this has been achieved, anything can be equipped to the C-Button to which the Zora Mask was assigned.

  • In addition, doing a Z-Attack will freeze Zora Link in a (slightly) comical karate pose. There is nothing to do but reset the game, as Link is now stuck. It is known that proceeding to the next day (through waiting, of course) will not fix this.

To transform back, go into a body of water deep enough to submerge Fierce Deity. Then put on the Zora Mask. He will be transformed back, but will shrink temporarily. This also works in Woodfall Temple and Great Bay Temple but Link will be unable to open any doors. If he enters Stock Pot Inn after activating any of the three glitches, the only way to exit is by waiting until 8:30pm. It is advised not to talk to any of the Bombers or the Bomb Shop Owner. DO NOT TALK TO THE BOMBER WITH THE BLUE HAT NEAR THE EAST EXIT. Link will be shown talking to him but there will be no speech box and Link will be unable to move. Also, if Link talks to the guards, they will talk like they will let Link pass, but after Link talks to them, they will block his way again. If he talks to the orange hat Bomber, there will be a speech box with nothing in it and he will not let Link pass. Getting hit by a Blue Bubble still allows Fierce Deity Link to use his sword.

If you are in Great Bay, entering Japas's and Evan's rooms traps you, and you will have to reset the game.


-Just let yourself get killed by any enemy on the game, you go back to the last door you used on the game being Link.

Leaving Clock Town As Fierce Deity Link

To escape clock town, all Link has to do is go on top of the Milk Bar and hop up on the fence on the opposite side of the Bomber Kid's sign. Then, take a long leap toward the guard (but slightly past him on the side so he will not block Link) and push the control stick toward the exit. If done correctly, Link will land past the guard and into Termina Field.

This glitch has been exterminated and can only be used in the original N64 American and Japanese versions. The glitch was fixed in the N64 European release, yet the glitch works on the Wii Virtual Console version of the game.

Link can also climb onto the nose section of Honey and Darling's shop and jump through the wall. Four times out of five, Link will pass into Termina Field, unless he fails to jump towards the exit and falls to his infinite death, as the game must be reset to resume play. This glitch also works on the Virtual Console.

Another way to escape is to go to the gate by the Milk Bar and face away from the guard with Link's back to the gate. Then, Z target and walk towards the Milk Bar side of the gate. When Link hits the side, keep holding Z and walk backwards. While moving backwards, talk to the guard and let him finish his speech. If done correctly, guard will start defending the Honey and Darling side of the gate letting Link walk right through.

There is an easy way to do this in emulators, simply activate cheats and then select the levitate cheat with L, then just levitate over any exit and you can quit clock town anytime you want using this.

NPC Glitch

Talking to NPCs with the Fierce Deity Mask on will cause the game to freeze. This is only effective in the Virtual Console version of the game.

Leever Glitch

With the Fierce Deity's mask on the camera becomes zoomed far enough back to see an interested glitch/production error. It appears that leevers, the green monsters outside Great Bay, were meant to have a larger dust cloud spawn underneath them the first time they pop out of the sand, much like the small dust cloud that appears underneath them everytime the pop up. However, this larger dust cloud was misplaced and spawns far above the monsters actual location. This is never visible to the player unless wearing the Fierce Deity's mask as the camera is zoomed far enough back to get the dust cloud in frame while walking into the moster to make it pop out of the sand for the first time. Supporting this is the fact that no dust cloud appears underneath them the first time they pop up unlike the follwing times.

Floating Dog Glitch

This is a version of the Grab Animals from a Distance glitch. First, get the dog in Clock Town to one of areas behind the pools of water (Do not wear the Mask of Truth yet). To perform the glitch, let the dog run into the water, then grab it; this will cause Link to pick up the dog while it is swimming. This will cause Link to move in a certain direction but barely enough to notice. If Link drops it over the edge, it will slowly float down, very slowly. It can be used to slope climb.

Flying Zora Link

In a body of water near a leveled shore, swim until there is a bumping sound and leave the water. Then right before going back to shore, quickly release A and hold the control stick in a different direction and quickly hold A again. Zora Link will swim through the air. To change direction, release A, hold the control stick in a different direction, and quickly hold A again. Try practicing this in the Spring Water Cave after playing the Song of Storms.

Fourth Day Glitch

During the final six hours of the Third Day, if Link goes to the Bomber's Hideout and looks through the telescope and exits when 00:00:02 or less time remains, the game will go to the next day instead of going to the Game Over scene. However, the game cannot be paused until Link proceeds in time by dancing with the Scarecrow. If Link dances with the Scarecrow again, Link will be taken to Dawn of a New Day, only here Link can roam freely with no end cutscene. Playing the Song of Double Time will only freeze the game, so dancing with the Scarecrow is the only known access to the Start menu. Time still flows regularly, but the Clock Tower Door will remain open.

This glitch can also be done using the telescope at the Pirates' Fortress. This glitch will not work on Wiiware.

NOTE: Please be aware that the game may freeze if Link tries to go into certain buildings, use Gossip Stones or talk to the Happy Mask Salesman.

Get to Ikana Canyon without ice arrows

Once Link has beaten Odolwa and Goht head to Ikana Canyon. On the riverside Link is supposed to use the ice arrows to freeze the Octoroks and jump on them to make it to the platform and attach to the upper trunk with the Hookshot. This one is simple. Kill the Octoroks just to make sure they don't bother. On the riverside, get as close as possible to the border without falling to the water. Now walk left until only a little corner of the trunk is visible. Aim the hookshot and notice the red dot does reach the trunk. Shoot the hookshot and you are up there.

NOTE: "This glitch takes Link to the Canyon. Link can complete the wells and Ancient Castle of Ikana but in order to make it to the temple Link will require the Zora Mask to use it with the "Elegy of Emptiness".

Giant Glitch

NOTE: This glitch will cause the game to freeze.

This glitch will cause Link to be a giant no matter the transformation mask he uses. First, Link must equip the Giant's Mask and put it on. After the transformation sequence is finished, pause and equip any mask that transforms Link in place of the Giant's Mask. Once used, the form of Link chosen will be a giant.

  • Doesn't work in the American Version

Goron Link Cannot Punch

Perform the Swordless Link glitch, but instead of putting on the Zora Mask, put on the Goron Mask. Now resave, put on the Zora Mask and ride to the pool. Swim in the pool as Zora Link and take off the Zora Mask before resurfacing. Now resurface and put on the Goron Mask. Now Goron Link is unable to punch and instead he will take out a bottled item, which is presumably a Big Poe. To deactivate the glitch, activate the save glitch again in normal form and again as Goron Link. Now put on the Zora Mask, dismount Epona, and put the Zora Mask back on.

Grab Animals from a Distance

Take out Link's sword, face either the dog in South Clock Town or the Cucco in the Romani Ranch Barn and Z-Shield. When the A Button says "Grab", press A while Z-Shielding and hold R. Instead of grabbing the dog or the Cucco, Link puts away his sword and stands still while holding his shield. Releasing R deactivates the glitch, but Link will hold the dog or Cucco whether they are near Link or running from him.

Great Fairy Sword Spin Charge

Link must press the normal sword button and the one in which he has equipped the Great Fairy Sword at the exact same time if done correctly Link will swing the GFS and Charge the spin attack.(Note: Only proven in the Collector´s Edition Version).

Proven on N64 cart. Although you actually have to press B immediately after pressing GFS C-button.

Ground Jump

A ground jump is exactly what it says: a jump from the ground. It is not so big, but it still gets the job done. To do the ground jump, Link must find a grab-able object, hold Z and R while far enough away so it does not say grab or roll, try to grab the object, then take damage to the shield. The best way to do this is with a bomb, for it provides a grab-able object and damage to the shield. To actually do the ground jump, all Link has to do is backflip after the process is complete.

Infinite Sword Glitch

This glitch is essentially Link's sword swinging infinitely. It looks like a white line/glow, longer than Link's sword, glittering along and out of his sword. To activate it, find an object that Link can interact with using the A button, crouch stab, then interrupt the stab with the A interaction. Also, with it activated, Link cannot walk or jump off of ledges. The Infinite Sword Glitch deactivates by crouching, taking damage that interrupts movement, swinging Link's sword, putting on a transformation mask (including the Giant's Mask), swimming, jumping to climb an object, entering a loading zone, going through a door, and using a Ground Jump. Link can unsheathe the infinite sword without swinging by backflipping and pressing B mid flip.

Invisible Great Fairy's Sword

While holding the Great Fairy's Sword, go to a postbox in Clock Town and check it. When it asks for Letters, offer the Great Fairy's Sword instead. After it declines it, Link will still be holding it, but it will be invisible. Link can use it just like normal. Once Link puts it away and take it out again, it will look just like normal. This can be done with any other items Link can hold, but it works best with the Great Fairy's Sword. This also works with Fierce Deity Link.

Juggling Zora Fins

First, put on the Zora Mask and shoot the boomerang fins (it does not matter where Link is, as long as there is open space.) Next, take off the mask and then quickly put it back on again. Now shoot Link's fins again. There should be two pairs of fins. When Link catches one pair, quickly shoot it out again. Just keep catching, wearing the mask, and shooting out again for as long as desired.

Jump to Great Bay Temple

Use the "Song of Soaring" and warp to Zora's Cape (or the outside area of Zora Hall where Lulu is). Once there walk up to the edge near the water and fire an Ice Arrow into the ocean facing Great Bay Temple, and jump onto the ice platform it creates. Standing on this platform, fire another ice arrow in front of Link and jump onto the ice without falling in the water. Repeat this process several times. If done correctly Link can go out of the in-game boundaries and reach the outside of the Great Bay Temple itself. Oddly enough, when seen up close the temple appears to be only slightly larger than Link.

Laser Pointer

Aim at anything that can be Z-targeted and take out the Hookshot. Then press R, release it, and exit Z-target Mode. The Hookshot will be aiming toward the ground as long as Link keeps on running or rolling. But if Link moves forward in Z-target Mode, he will use the Hookshot as if it were the Hero's Bow.

Link Inside Lottery Booth

Do a backflip into the post of the lottery booth. Then buy a lottery ticket for 10 rupees. When the booth turns around, Link will be inside the closed booth. When Link looks forward, he will see the front. Link is able to walk out of the booth. C-up and look into the booth while inside to find a mask left likely as an easter egg.

More Magic

First Link must have the double magic in one file, after beginning the 2nd file when Link gets Magic Power the Meter will stay as normal but the green line indicating the amount of Magic will grow as if Link had double magic if by consuming magic the line goes below the meter Link will not be able to surpass it again. (Note: Only proved in the Collector´s Edition Version)

Multiple Mirror Shields

Link obtains the Mirror Shield after completing the dungeon beneath the well. If Link already has obtained the Mirror Shield, jump back into the well. Then venture back to the chest Link had originally gotten the Mirror Shield from. Once Link opens the chest, he will receive another one. It will not appear in his inventory, but it will say that he got it. It is possible to keep getting them out of the chest over and over again. However this may be due to the fact that if Link purchases another Hero's Shield it will replace the Mirror Shield. This enables Link to change between the Hero's and Mirror Shields respectively (though not quite so easily).

Ocarina Sounds Like Guitar

In Zora Hall, talk to the sound-check Zora on the stage as Zora Link and have him change the volume of Link's guitar three times. Then take off the Zora Mask and play the ocarina. It should sound like the guitar.

Over 5,000 Rupees

First, get between a 4501 and 4999 Rupee balance in the Clock Town Bank. Then deposit an amount that will cause the total bank balance of Rupees in Link's account to exceed 5000 and the Banker will accept every last one, despite the normal maximum amount in the policy, though the banker will still not accept any subsequent deposits unless the balance reaches back below 5000, so the max amount of Rupees Link can deposit using this trick is 5499, by getting the balance to 4999 and depositing 500 rupees, assuming he has collected the Giant's Wallet.

Potion Urn Glitch

Climb to the top of Kotake's potion shop in the Southern Swamp. There are several urns full of bubbling green and blue liquid on the ground below, which Link cannot climb into. Look the opposite direction of one of the open ones, as some have a wooden lid, and perform a backflip. If Link was the correct distance away, he will land in the urn. Link cannot do anything in it, and even the slightest tilt of the control stick will launch him out of the side of the urn. Although the liquid appears to be a potion, Link cannot obtain any from the urns, he will have to buy some from the overhead shop.

Ride Epona Anywhere

Equip the Ocarina of Time, activate the Save Glitch, and reload the game. While riding Epona, soar to whichever destination desired except for Ikana Canyon. The best places to ride are Clock Town, Mountain Village, and Zora Hall. If Link rides Epona to the room of the Goron Elder's Son in the Goron Shrine, Epona will disappear and the game will freeze. Exiting any location after dismounting Epona will also make her disappear, but doing this does not harm the game in any way.

If Link soars to Ikana Canyon, the game will freeze.

(this glitch doesn't appear to work in the virtual console)

Save Glitch

Have the Goron Mask (or Zora Mask) assigned to a C-button and call Epona. Ride to Southern Swamp or Milk Road and find the Owl Statue. Save while still on Epona. Start the game again and Link should still be on Epona. Link will now be able to use the C-Buttons while riding Epona. If the Elegy of Emptiness is played while riding Epona, the game may freeze.

CAUTION: On the Virtual Console, after the first time this is performed the glitch will fix itself. Any time it is tried, when the game loads, Link will be standing on the ground right in front of Epona.

Ride Epona in an Alternate Form

Using the Save Glitch, press the C-Button the Goron Mask, Zora Mask, or Deku Mask was equipped to. Link should change into Goron, Deku, or Zora form and not able to fit on Epona. Press the analog stick forward to find that Epona can be used without having Link on her. If the A Button is pressed, it will say that he can't fit on Epona, but he will actually be riding in mid-air above her. Go to any new area and he will be riding her in the correct spot as Goron, Deku, or Zora Link. Although the models for Goron and Zora Link will be in the correct place on Epona, Deku Link will appear inside Epona because he is smaller. Link can also do this in Clock Town if the Ride Epona Anywhere Glitch is used. It is interesting to note that the three character models have their own horse riding animations.

CAUTION: If the bow is brought out as Goron Link, the game will freeze.

Freeze Everything but Epona

After using the Save Glitch, put on the Giant's Mask. The player will be playing as Epona while Link is stuck mid-air in the Giant's Mask transformation animation. All enemies in that area will freeze, time will freeze, Link cannot leave the area, and none of the buttons work except for the control stick. Some NPCs however may not freeze. The only way out is to reset the game.

Sheathed Deity

If the third Fierce Deity glitch is activated, hold the Fierce Deity Sword in defensive position and run to a grassy area occupied by a ChuChu. While defending, grab the grass and wait for the ChuChu to bounce at Link in order to move freely. Fierce Deity Link will put away the sword, but he can still walk, run, roll, and use his hand as a shield. Note that Fierce Deity Link will be unable to use B or any of the C-Buttons and he will not be able to use A to read signs or speak to the Part-time Employee. The glitch can be deactivated by jumping, submerging in water and returning to shore, or entering another area. This glitch is exactly like the Ground Jump, but easier.

Shield Trap

Where there is a spiked pole blocking Links path, shield (Without Z-targeting) near the wall, and Link will be dragged by the pole until the game is reset. There is absolutely nothing that can be done but resetting the game.

Sniper Scrub

Equip the Deku Mask and activate the Save glitch. Reload the game and put it on while riding Epona. Press A to control both Deku Link and Epona. Now press and hold B and Deku Link will be able to spit arrows. However, there will be a sound constantly playing in the background. Z-Target to quiet the sound. If Z and B are held, Deku Link's head will move.

CAUTION: When riding Epona in an alternate form, do not pause the game or else the screen will become glitch-like and barely show anything while Link is riding Epona. This can slow down the game or even crash it.

Somersault Out of the Water

When swimming toward an inclined shore, press and release A, and hold B while swimming. Zora Link will now jump out of the water as if he rolled off of a ledge. This allows him to perform attacks very easily. The best places to practice this are in Woodfall Temple and Pirates' Cove.

Stuck on the Moon With Link

In the Great Bay Moon Dungeon, go to a stranded area and activate the Fierce Deity Glitch in the water. Then go back to the entrance and exit the dungeon through the portal. After this, Link will roam the moon and be stuck as the Fierce Deity, which will require a reset for deactivation of the glitch since the Lunar Children will not associate with Link in an alternate form.

Super Jump

Z-Shield while Z-Targeting a ChuChu and try to sidehop or backflip into a ChuChu as it jumps. Link will quickly jump back very far like the Megaflip from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but it will cover a slightly shorter distance.


Roll into a bomb right before it explodes while Z-shielding and press A while rolling and Link will slide back very far. An alternative is to roll into a ChuChu or a bomb while Z-Shielding and grab a patch of grass simultaneously as the bomb explodes or as Link takes recoil from rolling into the ChuChu. This method can be used by Fierce Deity Link.

Super Speed Link

This glitch can be performed on Day 1 or 2, but only once in the 3 day cycle. Go to the Milk Bar from 10pm to 5am and talk to Toto. Say yes when he asks Link to perform. Do the first three parts of the performance as Deku, Goron, and Zora Link. Then have human Link put on a regular mask before he performs and wait until Gorman gives Link the Circus Leader's Mask. After that, Link can run at double speed. He runs even faster with the Bunny Hood. He can run around the bar at super speed until 5am when he gets kicked out or if he transforms into a Deku, Goron, or Zora. Doing this glitch increases the chance of an eventual game freeze though, so do not use it if Link is in the middle of an important quest.

Super Torch

Go to the Bombers' Hideout. There should be a torch floating on a platform in the water. If Link goes to this platform and slashes the torch with his sword, he will get launched back.

Go to the Woodfall Temple . In the main room with the giant wooden flower head to the 2nd floor. On a tree branch there will be a torch and a button. Approch the the torch and slash it with Links Sword , he will get launched back.

This only works with these specific torches.

Swordless Link

Activate the "save glitch" shown above and instead of dismounting Epona, ride to the pool to the far side of the fence blocking Great Bay Coast. Now, dismount Epona, swim in the pool, and take off the Zora Mask. While afloat, the B-Button will display the Hero's Bow, but when Link returns to shore, it goes blank as if he did not have a sword. Unlike the glitch in Ocarina of Time, mounting Epona will automatically deactivate the glitch instead of allowing Link to use other items while riding her and Link is automatically able to use his sword again when he gets off of her.

An alternative to this glitch can be done by activating the Downgrade glitch with the Deku Mask, but instead of being able to re-use the Kokiri Sword, Link will be able to throw Deku Nuts with the B-Button, but since he is in his normal form, he cannot throw them while jumping, just as if he was using Deku Nuts with the C-Buttons. This glitch can be reversed the same way to reverse the Downgrade glitch. However, unlike being robbed by the Takkuri, Link will still be able to throw Deku Nuts with B instead of being able to use his sword after buying it from the Curiosity Shop. However, if Link never obtained Deku Nuts, the Deku Nut is still displayed in the B-Button icon. This glitch functions in a similar manner to the glitch in Ocarina of Time as Link would be able to use an item other than his sword with B.

These two glitches and the Downgrade glitch can still be reversed after Link returns to the Dawn of the First Day.

There is not a known reason for why Link's weapons change depending on what form he was in when he was riding Epona. Fierce Deity Link cannot ride Epona at all since he cannot sheathe his weapon, so he perpetually holds onto the Hero's Bow and aims it forward. The only form of Link unable to attack while riding Epona is Goron Link, but if the B-Button is pressed rapidly prior to dismounting Epona, Goron Link will fire an arrow with his fist. This may freeze the game.

Take a Pictograph of Link

It is actually possible to snap a pictograph of Link with the Pictograph Box. By having Link face toward the player, taking out the Pictograph Box, and very quickly snapping a picture, Link can be captured in the image.

Throw Deku Nuts in Other Forms

This glitch will not work with Fierce Deity Link since he is unable to ride Epona. It enables Goron Link and Zora Link the ability to throw Deku Nuts with B. Unlike using this glitch as normal Link, the "Punch" command will still be displayed in the B-Button icon instead of the Deku Nut. To activate this glitch as Goron Link, equip the Goron Mask and the Deku Mask, then activate the Save Glitch twice: once as normal Link, and again as Goron Link. Now Goron Link is able to use the C-Buttons on Epona. While riding Epona, put on the Deku Mask, dismount her, and put on the Goron Mask. To activate this with Zora Link, do the same thing, but use the Zora Mask instead of the Goron Mask. Now their original B-Button moves are replaced by throwing Deku Nuts, much like the Swordless Link glitch. Players can restore the original B Button abilities by activating the save glitch twice in each form and dismounting Epona. However, using this on Zora Link will lead to a permanent "Zora Evolution", which can never be deactivated unless the game is reset without saving. Only normal Link, Goron Link, and Zora Link will be able to throw Deku Nuts with B. Deku Link is unable to throw Deku Nuts with B because he is unable to use items on Epona.

Reviving Sign Glitch

This glitch only works on the Romani Ranch sign, outside Epona's corral. To activate the glitch, Link should cut down the sign with his sword and then run away from it, preferably in a wide circle, until the Romani house is off the screen. Then, hit the 'Z' button to switch the camera around, back towards the sign, and the sign will be whole again.

Weird Lighting

In West Clock Town, near the bank, slightly higher up the slope is a small bit with a wooden pole. Link can climb it, then use the Bunny Hood to jump to the Clock Town Bank. If the pole is slashed with his sword, the lighting will change.

NOTE: It is possible that this glitch will not work in the daytime.

Infinite Days

If Link tries to do the third "Fierce Deity Anywhere" glitch, he can repeat any day infinitely. Put the Zora Mask on, stand in the water, and turn the "B" and "A" buttons blank. At this point, time is still moving, but most animations will be frozen. Equip the Ocarina, then, when "night" starts to turn into "day", play "Song of Soaring". If Link does this glitch on day one, once "Night of the First Day" goes back to day, it would be "Dawn of the First Day" again. However, if you put the mask back on instead of warping, the "Dawn of the Second Day" cut-scene will be played, but if Link plays "Song of Soaring" and then warp, the cut-scene will be skipped and the day will be repeated, Link will also be returned to human form. Also, if Link shield-drops a powder keg while animations are frozen and then warp, the keg will be warped with him.

Fierce Deity Anywhere (3DS)

Link must assign to items to the "X" and "Y" buttons: one should be the Fierce Deity's Mask and the other should be an item or mask that can be used anywhere. All Link needs to do is go into camera view and swap out the two items assigned to the "X" and "Y" buttons. The Fierce Deity's Mask should appear to be usable while the other item appears to be unusable. From here, all Link needs to do is exit the camera view, and then click on the button the Fierce Deity's Mask is assigned to and he will put on the mask.

This glitch can be used on other restricted items, such as using a powder when Link is not in Goron form or using the Giant's Mask, but this will crash the game.

If Link is in this form at the Milk Bar, if he talks to Toto, asking if he'll perform a song, Toto will say "In that case, take me to another spot." while grunting like Dampe. None of the spotlights will work however. Not even the spotlight meant for regular Link.

Swim on land

Link can go to Great Bay Coast and, as Zora Link, into the water about half Zora Link's torso. He can take off the mask and dive down. While mid-dive, he can put back on the Zora Mask by mashing "B" until the B-Button essentially becomes blank. Then by repeatedly spamming "A" while moving forward or turning, and as long as "A" is spammed, Zora Link will swim on land and can even swim "on" the water if Link goes back into the water.

Small title screen

During the time when the screen is shrinking between night and day save at an owl statue. When the game finishes saving the title screen will be shrunk to the same size as the game. This resets when going to the file select screen then back to the title screen. The intro video is the correct size. Tested on the N64 gold cart.

NOTE: After performing this glitch, Link will no longer be able to use his sword, it is recommended not to save after this glitch or during a important quest, or side-quest.

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