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Template:Future game Template:Game The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D is a Nintendo 3DS remake of the Nintendo 64 game, Majora's Mask. It was officially announced during a Nintendo Direct on November 5, 2014[1], and is directly comparable to Template:OOT3D. The game's launch in both North America and Europe coincides with the launch of the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL systems, and it is the first game to feature New 3DS-exclusive features.

Changes and Additions


Much like Ocarina of Time 3D, the 3DS version of Majora's Mask is an remake of the original Nintendo 64 game, taking advantage of the more powerful hardware and fitting modern standards. It is the first version of the game that is not an emulation, as the GameCube and Wii versions are. As such, most textures are significantly more detailed, and many models consist of more polygons than the original. Character designs have been updated to reflect their Ocarina of Time 3D counterparts. The frame rate has also been increased from the original game's 20FPS.

Revamped Item System

Much like in Ocarina of Time 3D, the item system is revamped. Items can be assigned to the X and Y buttons, while two extra item slots were added to the two right corners of the touch screen. The Template:It is permanently assigned to bottom left corner of the touch screen, while the Pictograph Box is permanently assigned to the top left corner once obtained.


File:MM3D Clock.png
The redesigned clock

Most of the original HUD has been moved down to the touch screen, leaving the upper screen mostly clear of graphic overlays. Only the A button prompt and clock still appear in the top screen. The clock was redesigned as a bar that displays the full three day cycle, which now also shows the minutes. The bottom screen displays the item inventory and map. It also displays Link's Heart Containers, Magic Meter, and Rupees.

Owl Statues can be activated by just checking them and are now used to permanently save the game. Some Owl Statues were relocated and a new type of statues, called Feather Statues, were also added.[2] The "Song of Double Time" lets Link to jump to a specific hour of the current day.[3]

Link's mask transformations were also altered. When performing Deku Link's Spin Attack, the tip of his hat transforms into a root. Hopping farther on water now requires extra speed before performing a Spin Attack. When shooting a Bubble Blast, a sight appears when going into first person perspective. Also, the bubble does not burst if charged for too long. Goron Link's attacks are executed faster. Zora Link now swims at a slower speed, making navigation of tight underwater corridors easier. The original swimming mechanics are merged with the Electric Aura attack, which drains the Magic Meter when executed. All bosses feature a new weak point in the form of an eye. Some of them are fought in a different manner, with boss rooms also featuring several new elements.[4]

When playing on a New Nintendo 3DS or with the Circle Pad Pro, the extra Stick allows full camera control.

Sheikah Stones and Visions

Main articles: Sheikah Stone and Vision

Sheikah Stones make a return from Ocarina of Time 3D. They are big Gossip Stones that allow Link to see short gameplay clips called visions. These visions can be used to figure out puzzles or where to go next if stuck.

Other Changes

Event Notes from the Bombers' Notebook
  • South Clock Town has been expanded with a larger plaza and symmetrical staircases leading up to the Clock Tower balcony.
  • The Clock Town Bank is now located in South Clock Town, embedded into the back of the Clock Tower.
  • Two fishing ponds were added, one in the path to the Southern Swamp and the other in Great Bay.[5]
  • The poisonous water in the Southern Swamp has different coloration.
  • The Secret Grotto with the Bean Seller was redesigned, now having an exit to the soil east of the palace.
  • The entrance to the Snowhead Temple features a gate which bounces Goron Link inside the temple.
  • The "Song of Time" no longer saves the game. The permanent save feature was added instead to Owl and Feather Statues.
  • The "Song of Soaring" is learnt in the Southern Swamp entrance rather than Woodfall's entrance.
  • The Bombers' Notebook is received from the Happy Mask Salesman rather than Jim. It now includes entries for every character that gives Link an item and for ongoing and rumored events. Link can also set an alarm to an specific time so Tatl remembers him of any given event.
  • The Pictograph Box now takes full color pictographs, which are saved on the 3DS.
  • A new item called Fishing Hole Pass was added, which let's Link fish for free.
  • The Ice Arrows can only freeze certain paths of sparkling water.
  • The scrapped Ocarina transformation icons seen in early versions of Majora's Mask are now used.
  • The Circus Leader's Mask is renamed Troupe Leader's Mask.
  • Garo's Mask now resembles the Garo Master rather than a Garo Ninja.
  • Sun Blocks feature an eye instead of a face.
  • Bases that lead to the exit of Secret Grottos are redesigned.
  • The Business Scrub cutscene in South Clock Town is shortened after the first time it is seen.
  • Captain Keeta now speaks to Link before their battle in the Ikana Graveyard.[6] He also moves at a slower speed.
  • The camera follows Link after going through a loading zone.


Eiji Aonuma, producer of the Zelda series, had previously discussed if Majora's Mask should be remade for the Nintendo 3DS, taking into consideration the positive reception of Ocarina of Time 3D.[7] Fans in response had created a campaign named "Operation Moonfall" aiming to convince Nintendo to create the 3D remake.[8] On November 4, 2011, he announced that the remake is already in consideration.[9] On October 11, 2013, he hinted at the possibility of a 3DS remake at the New York Comic Con, stating that fans may get an answer as to whether one will be released by playing A Link Between Worlds.[10] On November 5, 2014, Nintendo confirmed via their Nintendo Direct that Majora's Mask 3D would be scheduled for a spring 2015 release.

On Miiverse, Eiji Aonuma stated that Majora's Mask 3D had been in development since 2011, shortly after finishing Ocarina of Time 3D.[11]

Special Editions

MM3D New 3DS XL.png

In both North America and Europe, a limited special edition of the game will be released. The North American version of the game includes a copy of the game plus a Skull Kid figurine. The European version includes a copy of the game, a steelbook case, a pin badge, and a double-sided poster. By pre-ordering the game in the English retailer GAME, a Majora's Mask paperweight is also included. Other retailers through Europe offer a Majora's Mask necklace and a black sack with the game's logo on it when pre-ordering the standard edition. When pre-ordering Code Name S.T.E.A.M. on the American retailer GameStop, a Majora's Mask pin from the European special edition is also included. A set of 24-postcards is also included when pre-ordering the game in Amazon Japan.

A special edition New Nintendo 3DS XL featuring a black console with a gold top with Majora's Mask and the four transformation masks is also set be released on launch day of both the game and the new console. In Europe and Japan, it includes a digital copy of the game pre-installed into the system. The Skull Kid figurine is also included when buying the console in the official Nintendo UK store.[12]


Box Art

Special Editions

Special Editions Contents and Pre-order Gifts



Nintendo Direct (November 5th, 2014)

Nintendo Direct (January 14th, 2015)


Video Gallery

Announcement trailer
"Is that…your true face?" trailer
Majora's Mask 3D trailer

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